Machi Yoko

Machi Yoko


Personal Information
Aliases Dreameye
Gender Female
Species Human
Age 10 (Monster Kid)
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Affiliations Magic Ninja Force

Planet Warriors

Occupation Student

Magic Ninja


Homeworld Earth
Residence Diamond City, Virginia
Parents Hino Yoko/Phantom Scorpion (father)

Sawaya Yoko/Phantom Moon (mother)

Pet(s) Pewa (cat)
Production Information

Machi Yoko aka Dreameye is a Japanese girl and a major character in the Monster Kid franchise. She appears as a major protagonist in Monster Kid, Monster Kid: Master of Monsters and Return of Monster Kid.

In the original Monster Kid series, she is voiced by Tania Gunadi.

In Master of Monsters, she is Karen Fukuhara.

Machi is a childhood friend of Max and Dennis, latter's love interest and eventually his wife.



Machi is very serious about ninjutsu and magic.


Early Life

Machi was born in a village outside of Tokyo and was trained by her parents to become a Mystic Ninja, a ninja who utilizes ninjutsu and magic.


Powers and Abilities

  • Magic Manipulation - Machi can control magic as she must speak her spells in Japanese.
    • Magic Generation - Machi can generate magic.
    • Magic Attacks - Machi can use magic to various attacks.
    • Magic Detection - Machi can sense the presence of magic.
    • Magic Aura - Machi can surround herself in any type of magic.
    • Magic Healing - Machi can heal anyone via magic.
    • Magic Portal Creation - Machi can magically create portals.
    • Magic Invisibility - Machi can turn herself invisible via magic.
    • Magical Energy Manipulation - Machi has the power to manipulate magical energies.
  • Ninjutsu - Machi uses the historical style of martial arts.
    • Silent Movement - Machi can move with complete silence.
    • Escape Artistry - Machi can wiggle out of any form of captivity.
    • Climbing - Machi can climb on step and narrow surfaces.
    • Wall Running - Machi can run on walls.
    • Adaptive Muscle Memory - Machi can replicate movement from observation.
  • Peak Human Condition -
    • Peak Human Agility -
    • Peak Human Speed -
    • Peak Human Combat -
    • Peak Human Endurance -
    • Peak Human Strength -
    • Peak Human Flexibility -
    • Peak Human Stamina -
    • Peak Human Reflexes -
    • Peak Human Intelligence -
    • Peak Human Accuracy -
    • Peak Human Durability -
    • Peak Human Balance -
    • Peak Human Sensory System -
  • Pressure Point Intuition -
    • Paralysis Inducement -




  • In Monster Kid, Machi talks exactly like Miko from Transformers: Prime.
  • In Master of Monsters, Machi talks exactly like Glimmer from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.
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