Cure Peach 2

Love Momozono (or Lauren Peachtree in the international crossover; name given by Kimberly AJ) is one of the main characters in Fresh Pretty Cure.


"With this pink heart of mine, I can make your life sweeter like the peaches in America."


Love has short, hazel colored hair and pink eyes. She wears her hair up in two pigtails held up by pink scrunchies with two strands hanging from them. As a civilian, she is often seen wearing a light pink sleeve-less jacket with a pale pink long sleeve shirt underneath, matching shoes with dark pink socks, blue shorts and a brown belt on top.

When she is practicing her dancing, she is seen wearing a pink sweat jacket with white sections on the side and a popped collar. The cuffs and edge of the jacket have matching stripped pink and white patterns. She wears a light pink shirt underneath with a darker pink collar. Her sweat pants match her top and she wears pink and white sneakers.

Cure Peach poses with sparkles
As Cure Peach, her hair becomes longer and turns to a light blonde, which is worn up into two pigtails, held up by two heart-shaped scrunchies. Love has a pair of pink heart-shaped earrings that hang upside down from her ears and a pink choker. On her wrists, she wears light pink and pink wristbands with little bows. She wears a white and pink dress with puffy short sleeves. Her skirt has a top layer of frilly pink with layers of white underneath it and small pink bows on each side, on top of it. She wears the Fresh Pretty Cure clover on the left side of her shirt. On the other side of her hip hangs her Linkrun. She wears thigh high black dark pink socks and a pair of pink knee high boots.


Love is a hyperactive, sympathetic and emotional girl who tries her best at matchmaking but often fails. Her feelings for others overflows to the point that she may feel more pain or sorrow than they do. She adores dancing and is a big fan of the dancing unit "Trinity". She also dislikes studying and sports, except for dancing. Despite caring for people around her and being very passionate, Love has a very short temper and is easily hurt or angered.


  • Pink Linkrun
  • Peach Rod/Baton


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