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Goodbye home. I'll miss you.
~ Lorcan's last words and leave home for his new adventure

Lorcan, you're not Ellie's clone, you're her half-brother
~ Mayor Wilson to Lorcan that Ellie's his half-sister

So this is me, Lorcan Darcy... and this is the end of my final chapter.
~ Lorcan Darcy said his final lines of the show


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Lorcan Darcy
Background information
Feature films
Television programs Lorcan Darcy's Adventures
Video games
Books and Comics
Park attractions
Portrayed by Jake Pratt (Season 1-6)
Tom Holland (Cillian to (LDA: Season 7 Part 1)
Portrayed by Shannon Flynn (The Medieval Journey)
China Anne McClain (LDA: Season 7 Part 2)
Chloë Grace Mortez (The Lorcan Darcy Story)
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names The Darcy-Wolf of the Forest
The Grim Reaper
Rebel Darcy
The Guardian of the United Kingdom
Cillian Darcy (Movie)
Ellie Darcy
The Successor of the Purple Man
The Purple Man
The Purple Woman
Personality Kind-Hearted, Friendly, Adventurous,
Goal Kill himself (formerly)
Gain revenge on Farley Flavor, The Queen of Time and Space and Snake and help the Power Rangers destroy her permanently (Success)
seek Revenge on Alexander Darcy for making him killing all Disobedient Girls. (Success)
Save the World from the Apocalypse (Success)
Save his hometown (Success)
Seek Revenge on DC Super Hero Girls for killing him
Relatives Real Family

Molly Williams (Step mother)
Mike Darcy (father)
Maisie Darcy (biological mother)
Jack Darcy (Brother)
Max (Ex husband)
Molly Mayne (Wife)
Callie Darcy (Daughter)

Other Dimension Family

Eddy's Brother (Half-Brother)
Cillian Darcy (Brother)
Lilly Darcy (Sister)
Ed Edd n Eddy (Half-Brothers)
Sarah (Half-Sister)
Lucy Quinzel (Half-Sister)
Megan Quinzel (Half-Sister)

Enemies Constance Carlton
The Guardians of the Gate
Alexander Darcy Senior
Likes Fighting, Playing Video Games, Having Adventures
Dislikes Carnivals, Being Bullied, Betrayal, School
Powers and abilities Original Powers

Power Absorption
Gender Transformation
Neon Manipulation
Game Over
Regenerative Healing Factor
Color Manipulation

New Powers

Immense superhuman speed
Data Manipulation
Blood Manipulation
Technology Manipulation
Virtual Reality Lordship
Water Manipulation
electronic-media jumping
story manipulation
Wormhole Creation
Video Manipulation
Techno-Screen Teleportation
Weather Manipulation
Bone Manipulation
Sword Arm

Weapons The Clock Staff
Fate Crowned as a Hero after saved his hometown and Leave America for a new adventure

Lorcan Darcy is the tritagonist of The Darcy Triplets serial and the main protagonist of Cillian television film, and Lorcan Darcy's Adventures. She didn't appeared in Lilly Darcy's Destiny because of her in college for two years.  She discovered that she's the soul of the second dimension's Cillian Darcy who committed suicide after her former best friend, Snake, opened the tomb of darkness and release the demons.

In the final episode of the first part of the first season of Lorcan Darcy's Adventures, Goodbye Lorcan Darcy, Lorcan transformed into his purple man form for the first time against Agent 43 in the battle. When he gets sucked into the portal to the third dimension with Cillian. He gets transformed into a girl that leaves to the events of The Medieval Journey.

She returned to the second dimension in The End of the Line  and The Last Result to help the Power Rangers and get her revenge on the people who've been using her for sacrifice. She made her final appearance in The Lorcan Darcy Story as the deuteragonist  where she and Max got a divorce very politely. She reveals that she come out gay and fell in love with her new neighbour, Molly Mayne. She became a mother of Callie Darcy.

When she was a boy, she was protrayed by Jake Pratt in season 1 to 6 and Tom Holland in the first half of season 7. When she's a girl, she was protrayed by India Eisley in The Medieval Journey, China Anne McCain in the second half of season 7, Chloe Grace Moretz in The Lorcan Darcy Story and will be protrayed by Bailee Madison in Young Darcy and will shows how a 13 years old Lorcan becomes Cillian. 


Lorcan Darcy's Adventures

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Oh, hi guys, I see you have arrived back for the final chapter. It has been one year since the fight in northern Ireland and I've heard about some school is to be merged with Havelock High. I've arrived to Greenock Scotland to find out why and I've seen Cillian's adopted parents.
~ Lorcan narrating the final season

Season 7

Six months have passed, but I have lost my immortality. My powers has lost its effect on me, yet the suffering continues. The final demon was too impossible to fight through time and space. All hope is lost. My name is Lorcan. Lorcan Darcy and this is the continue of my story.
~ Lorcan, in the opening sequence
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