Longisquama (SciiFii)
Longisquama sacramentii is a species of small lizard-like Archosauromorph reptile that originally lived approximately 235 million years ago during the Middle to Late Triassic Madygen Formation in Kyrgyzstan and was once extinct, but has since been brought back by SciiFii and now lives in the Triassic Dinosaurs section of Cretaceous Park located at Sacramento, California. Longisquama sacramentii is characterized by distinctive tall hockey stick-shaped integumentary structures along its back radiating in a fan-like pattern. These integumentary structures are green in color in most of its life, in order to hide the animal from predators in lush vegetation, but during seasons, they turn bright blue with "false eyes" on in order to attract mates. Longisquama sacramentii is a solitary insectivore that mainly feeds on insects, spiders, scorpions, pillbugs/woodlice, and worms, but can occasionally feed on carrion of larger animals to supplement its diet.
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