Little Witch Pictures Cancún Inc. (commonly known as Little Witch Pictures and also known as EuropaCorp Animation Mexico in rebranded company) is a Mexican animation studio founded in 2017, to oversee the Little Witch Academia franchise, a subsidiary of the French conglomerate EuropaCorp since 2020.

Founding (2017)

In 2017, Zack Isaac Sanchez plans to open his first animation studio using four types of animation for each production.



In development

Direct-to-video films

Short films

Television films

Television series



LWP outsources their animated films' production to other studios, such as Mac Guff, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Reel FX Animation Studios, Mainframe Studios and Mikros Image.



Actor/actress Guardians (2020) The Prince of Egypt (2020) Cindy and the Four Malams (2020) Joseph (2021) Little Witch Academia: The Movie (TBA)
Luisito Comunica yes no no yes no
Aleks Syntek yes no no yes no
Carlos Rivera yes yes no no no
Ninel Conde yes no no no no
Mónica Huarte yes no no no no
Eugenio Derbez yes yes no no no
Omar Chaparro yes yes no no no
Maite Perroni no yes no no yes
Sandra Echeverría yes no no no yes
Martha Higareda no no no no yes
Zack Isaac Sanchez yes yes yes yes yes
Kazz no no no yes no
Jesús Ochoa no no no yes no
Fernanda Castillo yes no no yes no
Dulce María no no no yes no
Bruno Bichir yes no no no yes


  • Little Witch Pictures is inspired by Walt Disney Animation Studios, Warner Animation Group, Paramount Animation, Pixar, Illumination Entertainment, Sony Pictures Animation, DreamWorks Animation, DisneyToon Studios, Nickelodeon Movies, Blue Sky Studios, Allspark, Aardman Animations, Studio Trigger and Toei Animation.
  • every one of its feature-length films so far has been rated G, PG, PG-13, and R by the MPAA
  • The studio uses four types of animation
    • The hand-drawn animation is used for TV shows and some films
    • The computer animation is used for the films.
    • The traditional animation is used for some TV shows and a few films.
    • The flash animation is used for webseries.


  • In association with Little Witch Pictures which takes its name from the anime Little Witch Academia.


The company's name came from the anime Little Witch Academia from the Studio Trigger collection created by Yoh Yoshinari because of its universal appeal. As Zack Isaac, one of the founders.

1st (Only) Logo (August 21, 2021-present)

  • Background: Little Witch Pictures is a Mexican animation studio founded by Zack Isaac (which owns 350 at peaks now) in August 21, 2021. It's first movie released was The Galacticbots.
  • Nicknames: "Atsuko Kagari", "The Little Witch Academia Logo", "SpongeBob Parody", "Nickelodeon Movies Parody Logo"
  • Logo: Atsuko Kagari pulls the lever on a thing which contains electricity. After, the electricity comes zooming out with lighting. And then makes the light blue letters which read “Little Witch” are lit up. And then suddenly, the electricity makes the word “Pictures” and the logo is done.

FX/SFX: Everything is done in very nice CGI.

Sounds: A girl who speaking Japanese saids "Metamorphie Faciesse" and the electricity lights up.

Availability: Common on all their movies produced, most notably The Haunted Academy, A Day in Paris, Have Fun, ¿Qué pasó hoy?, and Shoplifters. Don't expect to find this on international releases of Privado and XXXX Rider. 

2nd logo (February 1, 2021-present)

  • Nicknames: "Extremely Logos", "Animated Logos", "Lighten Logos", "CGI Logos", "Sony Pictures Animation Parody"
  • Logo: In animated film version, On a black background, the current Little Witch Pictures logo emerges from the middle of the screen. The logo has "LITTLE WITCH" on top in a font similar to the 1st logo, and "PICTURES" in a large, bold, geometric font. They spread away from each other before cutting away.
  • FX/SFX: The extremely logos, the reveal of the animated logos. Great CGI from Sony Pictures Imageworks that still holds up more than twenty years later. It was directed by animation supervisor Bob Persichetti, and provided some of the resources for the logo.
  • Music/Sound Effects: The logo turn on the light

3rd logo (March 12, 2021-present)

  • Nicknames: "The Château Adventures Logo", "Chip", "Disney Television Animation Parody Logo" "Mickey Mouse Parody"
  • Logo: In television series version, On a white background, the Maria Elena and Fiorella Congedo design for Chip (as seen on the television series, the film adaptation and the based on Italian children's book series of the same name) is seen next to the text that reads "Little Witch Pictures", with "Little Witch" on top of "Pictures". Chip seems to be in a standing pose.

4th logo (April 4, 2021-present)

  • Nicknames: "Akko Sitting on the Crescent Moon", "DreamWorks Rip-Off", "The Fisherman Parody", "Atsuko Kagari"
  • Logo: In live-action film version, It starts out at night with a crescent-shape moon and some clouds in a reflection of water, then we see a bobber and fishing reel splash into the water. The camera then pans upwards through bunch of clouds to see a girl (Atsuko Kagari) replaced by the fisherman, sitting on top of a crescent-shape moon going fishing. Suddenly, a "L" appears, and as the camera pans to the right, letters such as "I", "T", "T" and the next proceeding letters follow, although parts of the letters are covered by the clouds. We then swoop past a whole bunch of several clouds, engulfing the screen. They then revolve away to reveal the text "Little Witch" with "Pictures" appearing underneath with lines on the left and right of it respectively, and the text is set by the dark of night with clouds to accompany it.
  • FX/SFX: The bobber dropping, the reveal of the letters. Great CGI from Sony Pictures Imageworks.
  • Music/Sounds: The composed music for the film with an orchestral performance, composed by Michiru Oshima.


  • The Ugly Duckling and Me! (2018-present)
  • Little Witch Academia (2018-present)
  • Cornelius (2018-present)
  • 24 Minutos (2019-present)
  • Guardians (2020-present)
  • The Prince of Egypt (2020-present)
  • The Galacticbots (2021-present)


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