Little Blossom is a song from The Powerpuff Babies that appeared as an in-between segment in the Season 1 episode "Toys Not for Us!/Rock-A-Bye Mojo". It is set to the tune of Yankee Doodle.


Little Blossom flew around,

Townsville, gorgeous city,

She put a flower on her bow,

And called it very pretty,


Little Blossom, keep it up,

Fighting all the villains,

Little Blossom, take me flying,

It will be so thrillin'!

Little Blossom flies around,

Doing bravest deeds,

Like saving troubled people,

And defeating the Gangreen!


Little Blossom, keep it up,

Saving various days,

So that the Townsville people,

Shout the biggest of Hoorays!

(same tune as the chorus)

Little Blossom, keep it up,

The bad guys never bilk,

Then go home to your sisters,

And enjoy some bottled milk!

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