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**Hello Media Network:
**Hello Media Network:
***Hello X - formerly Dentsu X
***Hello X - formerly Dentsu X
***Hello Communications - formed out of a merger between former FCB subsidiaries/offices: Cread, AJL Park, FCB Afirma, FCB Insight, FCB Bitopi, FCB Palmares, FCB Happiness, Admark, FCB Interface, BACK, FCB Crea, FCB Markez, FCB Change, FCB Neuwien, FCB Bridge2Fun, Publicidad Comercial, FCB Faltman & Malmen, FCB Goodcom, FCB Intuition and FCB Admedia
***Hello Communications - formed out of a merger between FCB Cread and FCB Insight
***Hello Experimental - formerly IPG Media Lab
***Hello Experimental - formerly IPG Media Lab
*McCann Worldgroup
*McCann Worldgroup
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**McCann Health
**McCann Health
**Mullenlowe Lintas - includes Golinopinion
**Mullenlowe Lintas - includes Golinopinion

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See also: List of Styhon Entertainment assets

Styhon Battersea Distribution

Styhon Battersea Distribution is a film and television distribution joint venture between Battersea Group and Styhon Entertainment. They handle all distribution operations, from syndication and ad sales to home entertainment distribution.

  • Styhon Media Sales & Syndication - an ad sales and syndication department
  • Styhon Battersea Home Entertainment - headquartered in Los Angeles with international satellite offices in Paris, and US satellite offices in Minnetonka; formed out of a merger between Relativity Media Home Entertainment, Mill Creek Entertainment, The Friedkin Group and Kinology
  • Brooklyn & Vine Partners LLC - formerly operated as Styhon Independent Pictures, operates similarly to Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Group; formerly Oscilloscope Laboratories
    • Hightop Releasing - theatrical booking services for indie filmmakers located in Los Angeles, acquired from Focus Features/FilmDistrict
    • Rogue Entertainment - a genre film distribution division formerly owned by Relativity Media and Universal Pictures
    • Styhon Faith - formerly Excel Entertainment Group, integrated with former assets of Fox Faith
  • Battersea Cinema Advertising - formerly Styhon Cinema Advertising, formed out of a merger between ELAN Media's cinema advertising division and Screenvision; headquartered in Doha with offices in Rochester and New York City, operates in Middle East and the United States
    • Popcorn Digital Cinema Advertising - South Africa
  • Styhon VOD & Archival Operations - media distribution arm that specializes in Movies Anywhere and TV Everywhere-based services, also archives and distributes older titles on demand
    • BritBox streaming service - minority stake

Styhon Battersea Distribution also operates Beethoven Releasing, which was founded by Northern, Wiley and Styhon Independent Pictures, to distribute Northern-Wiley's films and act as an international sales agent, working under a similar model to Steven Sodenburgh's Fingerprint Releasing. They also own Styhon Classics, a reissue and arthouse film distribution arm, who in turn owns Kenyagoat Pictures.

Styhon Entertainment also transferred all rights to the Unkrich-Anderson Studios library to Styhon Battersea Distribution in November 2020.

Regency Enterprises

​:Main article: Regency Enterprises


Styhon Entertainment acquired Regency Enterprises at the end of 2020, before Styhon and Battersea finished their merger. Ever since, some films were distributed through Regency International, a joint venture set up under Regency Enterprises.

  • Regency International
  • New Regency Productions - 80/20 joint venture with 20th Century Studios
  • Regency Television - 50/50 joint venture with Touchstone Television
  • Regency Image Nation - a joint venture with Image Nation Abu Dhabi to finance 7-12 films a year
  • Regency China Creative - a joint venture with China International Capital Corporation to finance 15-32 films a year

Styhon Battersea Broadcasting

Styhon Battersea Broadcasting was formed via Styhon Battersea's purchase of Telefonica, AMC Networks International, Blue Ant International, Discovery Inc's international operations (including Discovery Asia-Pacific and Discovery EMEA).

As part of the merger, Styhon Battersea Broadcasting bought out Nexstar Media Group's stake in Television Food Network G.P., which then formed SBB's United States channels group, through merger with Univision Communications, Univision Television Group, and Styhon Entertainment's Styhon Media Networks.

The unit's networks are as follows:


  • Creek+
    • Creek+ Romance
    • Creek+ Classics
    • Creek+ Comedy
    • Creek+ Kids and Family - formerly Qubo
    • Creek+ Telenovelas - formerly Univision Tlnovelas
    • Creek+ Dark - horror and suspense films
    • Creek+ Docs
    • Creek+ Europa - European films

SBB Ireland

Formerly Virgin Media Ireland Television.

  • Virgin Media One - Ireland
    • Virgin Media Two
    • Virgin Media Three
      • Virgin Media Kids - a children's programming block

SBB Canada

SBB Canada was formed out of a merger between Rogers Media's cable television assets, as well as TSN channels and the CTV network.

  • CTV - TV network and O&O stations; inherited from BCE acquisition
  • YTV - sale pending
  • OLN
  • TSC
  • TSN Inc. - formed out of a corporate spin-off of RDS/TSN channels inherited from the BCE acquisition; 80/20 joint venture with ESPN Inc.
    • ESPN Classic Canada
    • Réseau des sports (RDS)
      • RDS2
      • RDS Info
    • The Sports Network (TSN)
      • TSN1
      • TSN2
      • TSN3
      • TSN4
      • TSN5
  • WWE Network - distribution only

Other channels run by SBB

Joint ventures

  • Platforma Canal+ (17%) - Poland
  • Peanuts Worldwide (41%) - joint venture with Sony Music Entertainment Japan and Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates

Styhon Battersea Publishing & Printing Group

Styhon Battersea Publishing & Printing Group is the publishing and printing division. It's rivals include Bertlesmann and Hearst Corporation.

Styhon Battersea Real Estate, Consumer Products & Live Experiences

Styhon Battersea Real Estate, Consumer Products & Live Experiences is a theatrical, amusement park, hotels and resorts, licensing & merchandising and live entertainment division of Styhon Battersea, born out of a merger between Battersea Live Experiences and Styhon Consumer Products & Experiences in December 2020.

Styhon Battersea Cinemas Group

Styhon Battersea Cinemas Group owns Fathom Events.

Access Comfort Group

Access Comfort Group is a hospitality, food services and facilities management conglomerate owned by Styhon Battersea Parks and Resorts and has dual headquarters in Singapore and Hyvinkää, Finland. It is formed from a merger between Radisson Hotel Group, Marriott International, Choice Hotels International, and Accor Hotels.

Other real estate holdings

  • Styhon Battersea Studios Group - formerly Styhon Studio Facilities; formed out of merger between Raleigh Enterprises and Facility Prince
    • Styhon Studios - formerly The Burbank Studios and Warner Bros. Ranch
    • Styhon Studios Hollywood - formerly Raleigh Studios (now South Lot), Red Studios Hollywood (now Central Lot), Line 204 Studios (now North Lot) and Sunset Las Palmas Studios (now West Lot)
    • Styhon Studio Services - formerly Zio Studio Services, now headquartered at Styhon Studios Hollywood's North Lot
    • Central New York Film Hub - upcoming

Styhon Battersea Telecommunications

Styhon Battersea Telecommunications is the telecommunications division, not to be confused with the Digital Entertainment division.

Styhon Battersea Airlines Group

  • Cathay Pacific - 45% stake
  • Styhon Battersea Airlines Group Latin America - Argentina, Peru and Ecuador; formed out of acquisitions and merger of LATAM Argentina, Avianca Perú, One Airlines and TAME
  • Styhon Battersea Airlines Group Europe - Sweden, Italy, UK, Hungary, France, Austria and Germany; formed out of acquisitions and merger of BRA Braathens Regional Airlines, Air Italy, Flybe/Connect Airways, Wizz Air and Wizz Air UK, Ernest Airways, La Compagnie, Level Europe, German Airways and SunExpress Deutschland
  • Styhon Battersea Airlines Middle East & Africa - UAE; acquired Wizz Air Abu Dhabi
  • Styhon Battersea Airlines India - acquired TruJet
  • Styhon Battersea Airlines USA - formed out of acquisitions and mergers of Trans States Airlines and Compass Airlines
  • HAECO - aircraft engineering and maintenance
    • HAECO Taiwan - merger between Taiwan Aerospace Corporation and Air Asia (Taiwan)
    • HAECO Americas
      • Friedkin Aviation - inherited from Friedkin Group acquisition
    • XAECO (Xiamen HAECO) Holdings - Mainland Chinese operations with headquarters in Xiamen and satellite offices in Jinjiang, Shanghai, Sichuan and Jinan; a 50/50 joint venture with HNA Group
      • XAECO (Xiamen HAECO) Limited - merger between Taikoo (Xiamen) Aircraft Engineering Company Limited (HAECO Xiamen), Honeywell TAECO Aerospace (Xiamen) Company Limited, Taikoo Engine Services (Xiamen) Company Limited (TEXL), HAECO Component Overhaul (Xiamen) Limited, Taikoo (Xiamen) Landing Gear Services Company Limited (HAECO Landing Gear Services) and Goodrich TAECO Aeronautical Systems (Xiamen) Company Limited
      • XAECO (Jinjiang) Limited - merger between HAECO Composite Structures (Jinjiang) Co., Ltd. (HAECO Composite Services) and Dunlop Taikoo (Jinjiang) Aircraft Tyres Company Limited
      • XAECO (Shanghai) Limited - formerly Shanghai Taikoo Aircraft Engineering Services Company Limited
      • XAECO (Sichuan) Limited - formerly Sichuan Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Company Limited (SMECO)
      • XAECO (Jinan) Limited - formerly Taikoo (Shandong) Aircraft Engineering Company Limited (STAECO)
    • Hong Kong Aero Engine Services Limited (HAESL)
    • HAECO ITM Limited
    • Goodrich Asia-Pacific Limited - 50/50 joint venture with Collins Aerospace

Styhon Battersea Digital Entertainment

Styhon Battersea Digital Entertainment is the games, technology and internet division. They're headquartered in New York City, with satellite offices in London, Los Angeles, Berlin, Vancouver, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki and Toronto. It was formed from two companies: Styhon Games & Interactive Ventures and Battersea Interactive.

They also hold a minority stake in Naspers.

Viridian Group

Viridian Group (legally known as Styhon Advertising) is an advertising, management consulting, branding and PR conglomerate, formed out of a merger between Dentsu, Omnicom Group and Interpublic Group of Companies. It consists of Hello Media, McCann Worldgroup, R/GA, Mullenlowe Group, DDB, BBDO, TWBA, Isobar and CARAT. It's home to known advertising agencies such as TWBA, BBDO, CARAT, Mullenlowe, Goodby Silverstein & Partners and McCann. Their expertise and history crosses generations and borders; and has affected people's lifestyles positively - from having people sing on the top of the hill with Coke bottles in their hands to raising awareness about benefits of milk with quirky short films. They're one of four world-leading advertising companies, next to WPP, Havas and Publicis.

In 2020, Viridian Group will merge into Salovaara Watson.

  • Hello Media 
    • Hello Media USA
      • St. Louis, San Jose, Philadelphia, Detroit, Evanston, Fort Worth, San Diego, Raleigh, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Houston, Buffalo, Dallas, Greenville, Austin, Bend, Charlottesville, Columbia (SC), Little Rock, Hagerstown, Salt Lake City, Skaneatles, Cincinnati, Westport, Downers Grove, Conway, Aliso Viejo, Plano, Bentonville, Columbia (MD), Greenwood Village, Somers, Schaumburg, Orlando, Wilton (CT), Des Moines
    • Hello Media UK: Bristol, Leeds, Newcastle, Stafford, Glasgow, Belfast, Aberdeen, Birmingham, Sunderland, Normanton, Guildford
    • Hello Media Europe - Lyon
    • Hello Media Asia Pacific - Shanghai
    • Hello Media Network:
      • Hello X - formerly Dentsu X
      • Hello Communications - formed out of a merger between FCB Cread and FCB Insight
      • Hello Experimental - formerly IPG Media Lab
  • McCann Worldgroup
    • McCann Worldwide
      • Casanova McCann
    • Futurebrand
    • MRM
    • Momentum Worldwide
    • McCann Health
    • Craft
  • Mullenlowe
    • Mullenlowe Lintas - includes Golinopinion
    • Mullenlowe Open
  • Isobar
  • BBDO
  • Doyle Dane & Bernbach
  • TWBA

Sales pending

  • Telenet/BASE - inherited from Liberty Global acquisition; buyer TBD
  • Virgin Media & Virgin Mobile UK - inherited from Liberty Global acquisition; sale pending to Crown Cellular plc, if merger with O2 UK unsuccessful, sell to Hoot
  • AS Roma - inherited from Friedkin Group acquisition; buyer TBD
  • Assets to be transferred to Battersea Group:
    • Styhon On Demand (working title) - upcoming American VOD streaming service; formed out of a merger between MotorTrend On Demand, ​Qubo​ VOD service, Discovery GO, Kabillion and Kabillion Girls Rule, and AMC Premiere
      • Novoo - Canadian AVOD service, inherited from BCE acquisition

Former divisions

  • Styhon International Television - an international distribution arm of Styhon Television (now Styhon Television Studios), filed for bankruptcy in 2018.
  • Bel-Air Entertainment - founded as a joint venture with Canal+, Steven Reuther and Warner Bros. in 1998, integrated back into Styhon Entertainment around 2002.
  • Dentsu - After Veridian Group was formed, their Japanese operations were spun off - they kept the Dentsu name
    • Daiko, formerly part of FCB, was integrated into Dentsu
  • Creek+ Western - merged into Creek+ Classics in 2020
  • Qubo Kids Corner - during acquisition of Ion Media in 2020, the programming block was closed in favor of Creek+ Kids & Family becoming a 24/7 channel
  • GluSports - Glu Mobile's sports games label, became defunct after Krafton Pearl Abyss formed NC Plarium
  • MultiChoice - acquired and merged into Styhon Entertainment in 2020
  • Dark Horse Indie - an independent label of Dark Horse Entertainment, discontinued during the spinoff of Graphiro
  • Styhon Books - a former 85/15 joint venture with ​Bertlesmann​, which was closed during the spin off of Graphiro
  • Eclair AG/Ymagis Deutschland GmbH - Reuchlinstraße and Alboinplatz, Berlin, Germany; the offices were closed down in 2020 in favor of expansion of Eclair Studios in Berlin
  • AngeleFine Productions - BUF Compagnie's production arm in Paris; the company was closed in 2020 with employees being moved to Krafton Pearl Abyss's Redshirt Paris studios
  • The Saul Zaentz Company - absorbed into Revolution Studios in November 2020
  • Horsemen Flight Team - inherited from The Friedkin Group acquisition; spun off with Project Recover as part of the Air Force Heritage Flight Foundation, in turn becoming part of The Friedkin Foundation (Friedkin Conservation Fund also became part of TFF)
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