Revolution Studios

They also owns Middle-Earth Enterprises, which is a holding company for the rights for J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy, with the film rights still licensed to WarnerMedia through New Line Cinema.

Revolution Studios also operates Revolution Television, which is an unscripted television producer. They also own a scripted television producer Morgan Creek Television.

  • Revolution Television
  • Morgan Creek Television
    • Morgan Creek UK - headquartered in London
    • Voltage Pictures - Los Angeles

Revolution Studios International

They are responsible for international sales and distribution of their film library, as well as foreign films and films from third-party film studios they have distribution agreements with; including United International Pictures, A24, Neon and Amblin Partners.

  • FilmNation Entertainment - Los Angeles and New York City
    • PalmStar Studios - located in New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles; formerly PalmStar
    • FilmNation Television - joint venture between Vuori Media (soon ViacomCBS Nordic) and FilmNation Entertainment
  • Australian Filmgroup - Australian distributor
    • AFG/Roadshow Films Distribution LP - a joint venture with Roadshow Films to distribute select films
  • Capelight - merger between Capelight Pictures and SquareOne Entertainment
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