These are the episodes for YouTube-A-Rama.

Season 1

  1. Celebrity Hell's Kitchen/I Am Batman/Beavis, Butt-Head and James Bond - Gordon Ramsay decides to host a special edition of Hell's Kitchen where the red and blue teams are exclusively celebs./Batman wakes up during an apocalypse as he discovers that the world he knew was turned into a toxic wasteland by the Joker./When Butt-Head gets kidnapped by Dr. No, James Bond reluctantly helps Beavis to TBD.
  2. Collin vs. Sonic: Dawn of Heroes/The Lost Office/Mission: Spongepossible - Michael Bay envisions his take on TBD./TBD/Kitrina wakes up in a theme park as TBD.
  3. Everybody Loves Steve Urkel/My Littlest Pet Pony Shop/The Jurassic Princess - Steve Urkel moves with TBD./Blythe Baxter discovers she has the ability to talk with animals and forms a special bond with the Mane Six./TBD
  4. How to Find Your National Treasure/Termirama/Looney Feud - Hiccup finds out TBD./After Skynet unleashed a powerful cyborg in the name of T-800, Fry learns that he's the chosen one to lead the resistance against it, even though Bender TBD./TBD
  5. Kill Mrs. Frizzle/Cookie Psycho/The Nightmare on Elm Street Before Christmas on Friday the 13th - The Bride heads after Mrs. Frizzle due to her TBD./TBD/Jason Voorhees has to protect himself from Jack Skellington TBD.
  6. Spider-Man's Overboard/Ace Ventura: Mouse Detective/Celebrity Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? - After Peter Parker losing his memory thanks to Doctor Octopus, Gwen Stacy takes advantage of it by making him believe he's normal and married to her./TBD/Chris Harrison hosts a special edition of Millionaire where TBD.
  7. Mad Guy/The Matrixpuff Girls/The Piggyorcist - Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Guy Fieri heads up to find out TBD./The Powerpuff Girls discover that TBD./TBD
  8. The Shining Kardashians/Man vs. Wild: Joe Rogan Edition/Teenage Mutant Kaiju - TBD
  9. Five Nights Everyday Bro/Star to the Future/[Scooby-Doo/Cuphead] - Logan and Jake Paul are employed as night guards in a haunted pizza parlor where monsters exist and try to kill them./Star and Marco discover TBD./Scooby and Shaggy TBD.
  10. American Idol: Game of Thrones Edition/The Bachelor: Archie Edition/Mr. Bean Goes to Community - TBD
  11. Mario's Odyssey/Garfield Down/[Modern Family/Kingsman] - TBD

Season 2

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