NOTE: These episodes are now scrapped because Wordgirl got cancelled on August 7, 2015, and Soup2Nuts, the company that produce the show closed down on March 31, 2015.

  • Gone with the Wind/What Do you Know about Music?: WordGirl meets a new villain named Windy McCloud; Seymour Smooth creates a game show about music.
  • Raging Bully/Gone Quackers: A new classmate (and villain) named Mike picks on Becky and later joins forces with Tobey, Eileen, and Victoria Best; Becky and her family visit a new restaurant. Trivia: Raging Bully is a parody of the film, "Raging Bull".
  • Beach Blanket Best/Water Park WHAMpage: Victoria Best interrupts Becky's day at the beach; the Whammer causes trouble at a water park. Trivia: Beach Blanket Best is a parody of the film, "Beach Blanket Bingo".
  • Becky in Villainsland (2-part episode): WordGirl finds herself in a place called Villainsland. Trivia: The episode is based on "Alice in Wonderland".
  • An Electric Evening/Where Did all he Color Go? The Energy Monster causes a blackout during a party, Miss Power causes everything in the city to lose its color.
  • Birthday Party of Doom/A Slippery Situation: Eileen (The Birthday Girl) attacks during Becky's birthday; Becky has to stay home and rest after slipping on a wet floor.
  • The Dark Knight/Plane Crazy Tobey: Becky and her family meet a villain at a medieval fair; the class visits an airfield.
  • Easy To Get Sneezy/Becky Makes Scents: Becky tries to find out what is making her sneeze so much; WordGirl meets 3 new villains, Gas Gal, Skunk Man, and Pickle Man.
  • The Framer/Becky Gets a Strike: A new villain visits the city; Becky competes against her classmate villains at the bowling lane.
  • The Legend of the Pumpkin Monster/Becky and the Beanstalk: WordGirl meets the Pumpkin Monster during a camping trip; Becky and her class rehearse the play "Jack and the Beanstalk". Trivia: It is revealed in this episode that the Pumpkin Monster is the Headless Horseman's brother.
  • Three Kids and A Monster/Claws: Becky, Violet, and Scoops create a monster called Birdzilla; a new villain named Dr. Claws visits the city.
  • Bomber Bill/Dr. Cluckenstein: A new villain attends Villain School; a villain escapes from a movie.
  • Tree Man and Mud Man/Frankenweenie: 2 villains cause trouble at the park; a dog comes back from the dead.
  • Mother Goose Rock N Rhyme (2-part episode): Becky and her class learn about Mother Goose and her nursery rhymes.
  • Out in the Wild/The Garbage Monster: Becky's class visits the zoo; the Garbage Monster lives at the dump.
  • The Maltese Becky/Dial WG for WordGirl: Becky has an Indiana Jones-like dream; WordGirl enters a Superhero convention. Trivia: The Maltese Becky has scenes that are similar to "The Maltese Falcon" and the Indiana Jones film series.
  • Princess Meets Villains/Rated B for Becky: Pretty Princess, Magic Pony and Count Cloudy escape from the television; Becky decides to make her own movie.
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