These are episodes of Wishing Star Industries.

Season 1

  1. When You Wish Upon A Star - Leon signs up for Wishing Star Industries as he slowly meets everyone and are employed to help a scientist contain an experiment known as Flubber.
  2. Race To What Mountain? - Leon and Kayla get assigned to bring valuable supplies to Witch Mountain. The problem is they have no idea where it is. Meanwhile, Jim, Janice and Matthew are competing for the last slice of pizza.
  3. Oh Canoe! - Hip surfer Canoe Henderson becomes an employee to Wishing Star Industries as both Janice and Kayla grow madly in love with him. As a result, Leon and Jim work together to find a way to fire him.
  4. Sick Day - Janice catches a rare fairy illness as she is forced to be at home. As a result, Matthew hires a substitute named Belle. Meanwhile, Leon and Kaylia are assigned by Peter Pan to find the missing Tinkerbell.
  5. Nationally Treasure - A treasure hunter named Ben Gates arrives and asks two people to accompany him on an adventure, so Kayla and Jim decide to help him. Meanwhile, Leon decides to bond with Janice due to knowing nothing about her.
  6. Not So Pleasure Island - Matthew, Leon and Kayla go on vacation to Pleasure Island only to find out it's dark secret. Meanwhile, Janice and Jim have to deal with an annoying customer.
  7. Dark Demise in Devil's Bayou - Matthew decides to get his head back in the game by taking Leon and Jim on a guy's only fishing trip in Devil's Bayou which is owned by the evil Madame Medusa. Meanwhile, Janice and Kayla try to do their work while they are gone.
  8. Father's Day - Matthew's father visits the Industries as Matthew tries his best to impress his dad having the rest of the Industries help him.
  9. The Singing Wish - When someone apparently wishes for all of Wishing Star Industries' employees to sing, Matthew launches an investigation to figure out who.
  10. We're All Mad Here - Janice finally gets a chance to leave her office and go on a sale with Jim. However they end up in Wonderland and have to help the Mad Hatter who begins hitting on her. Meanwhile, Matthew and Leon attempt to have the woodsman Gepetto make Kayla a puppet dog.
  11. Wrong Amore - When Matthew and the gang help hitching up couples it turns out Kayla accidentally gets the wrong couples fall in love with each other as they must fix this.
  12. TBD
  13. TBD
  14. Diary of a Wannabe Princess - Leon accidentlly stumbles upon a wannabe diary written by Kayla as a kid about wanting to be a princess when she grew up So Leon tries to see what he can do to try and make Kayla feel like a princess. Meanwhile, Matthew and Jim have to make the best birthday party for Janice after they forgot it was her birthday.

Season 2

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