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Episodes of War of Games. 

Season 1 (Ballad of Escapees and Immigrants)

  1. A Way Out - Leo Caruso, after killing Vincent Moretti, has moved to Liberty City to start a new life. This new life turns out to be another life of crime when he meets the Serbian, Niko Bellic and is hunted down by a group of people known as the Payday Gang who claim they were hired by a ghost from Leo's past.
  2. Payday - Leo and Niko breaks into the Payday Gang's hideout, being out to figure out who wanted Leo dead and why.
  3. Gat Out of Hell - After the Payday Gang revealed they have no idea who there employer was, Niko introduces Leo to someone else he met before meeting him that might help them locate the mystery man, Johnny Gat.
  4. Retribution - In order for Gat to help Leo and Niko figure out who the mystery man is, he hires them to hunt down Jake Conway who has murdered Gat's old friend Caesar.
  5. Watch Dogs - TBD

Season 2 (The Witcher)

  1. The Wild Hunt - TBD

Season 3 (Samus)

  1. Metroid - TBD

Season 4 (Apocalypse)

  1. The Last of Us - The world has ended due to a zombie apocalypse as a former member of the military group S.T.A.R.S., Joel, befriends a teenage girl named Ellie.
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