These are the episodes for Toonsburg.


Season 1

  1. The First Case of Toonsburg - Mike and Garrett head out on a case of the missing toons that disappeared out of Toonsburg 9 years ago.
  2. Murders of Los Angeles - TBA
  3. Rise of Hitler - TBA
  4. Life and Times of Julie McAnderson - Mike and Garrett meet a juvenile named Julie, who tries her act and then they ask her to join their detective agency.
  5. Hottie Jocky - Jocky (the henchman for Dr.Claw) makes a machine to make Julie and Princess Nella fall in love with him, and they soon fight against each other for his attention.
  6. Case of the Missing Mouse and Rabbit - Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny has been abducted by a mysterious kidnapper, and it's up to Mike and Princess Nella to solve the mystery and find out who kidnapped them and why.
  7. Toon In for Action! - TBA
  8. Back in the Old Days - TBA
  9. Spider-Man - TBA
  10. Trust Issues - TBA
  11. Lorcan Appears - Mike encounters his frenemy, Lorcan Darcy during his investigation of the orphanage.
  12. The Imposter, Part 1 - TBA
  13. The Imposter, Part 2 - TBA
  14. Dr. Claw's Hired Bounty Hunter - TBA
  15. Sabotaged and Run - TBA
  16. The Big Hero 6 Files - TBA
  17. Spider-Man Returns - TBA
  18. Mystery of the Temple - TBA
  19. Unaware Enemies Surround - TBA
  20. Lorcan and Lucy's Date - TBA
  21. Pokémon Files - TBA
  22. Scooby-Doo Framed - TBA
  23. AntitoonLand - TBA
  24. Stolen Legacy, Part 1 - TBA
  25. Stolen Legacy, Part 2 - TBA
  26. Camping Trip - TBA
  27. A Case in Japan - TBA
  28. A Innocent Man - TBA
  29. Mike's Tangled Case - TBA
  30. Power Of The Incredible Super Rangers - TBA
  31. Legends and Myths - TBA
  32. Thor's Stolen Hammer - TBA
  33. Monkey's Uncle - TBA
  34. Power Of Rock And Roll - TBA
  35. A Missing Clue - TBA
  36. Framed, Part 1 - TBA
  37. Framed, Part 2 - TBA
  38. Miku Returns - Miku breaks out of prison and she's out to get revenge on Mike and his agency.
  39. Defenders of the World - TBA
  40. Antitoon Strikes! - TBA

Season 2

  1. An Person Who's Having Fun - TBA
  2. Riddle This! - TBA
  3. Girls' Night Out - TBA
  4. Looney Beats - TBA
  5. Dragons from Outer Space - TBA
  6. Invasion of Berk - TBA
  7. Rugrats Foundation - TBA
  8. Toon-napped! - TBA
  9. Ultimate Stunt - TBA
  10. Godzilla Strikes - TBA
  11. Claw's Revenge - TBA
  12. Antitoon Live! - TBA
  13. Milo Murphy's Law of Kidnapping - TBA
  14. Beached - TBA
  15. Back To Our Future - TBA
  16. Goblins and Nuts - TBA
  17. Phantom of the Opera - TBA
  18. Date Night - Mike is getting ready for his date, while Garret, Julie, and Nella trying to solve the case of murdered boyfriends.
  19. One Piece to Go - TBA
  20. Lorcan vs the Headmaster - The Headmaster strikes again, and Mike and Lorcan has to put their differences aside and work together to stop him.
  21. Clash of the Detectives, Part 1- TBA
  22. Clash of the Detectives, Part 2 - TBA
  23. Clash of the Detectives, Part 3 - TBA
  24. Animal Rangers to the Rescue - TBA
  25. The Australian Murders - TBA
  26. Mixes and Messes - TBA
  27. Barney's Framed Situation - TBA
  28. Save the Day, Dude! - TBA
  29. Learning About Memes - TBA
  30. A Crime Boss for a Day, Part 1 - TBA
  31. A Crime Boss for a Day, Part 2 - TBA
  32. The Mr. Peabody and Sherman Files - TBA
  33. The Korra Files - TBA
  34. Power of the Musical Rails - TBA
  35. Opposite Attraction, Part 1 - TBA
  36. Opposite Attraction, Part 2 - TBA
  37. Opposite Attraction, Part 3 - TBA
  38. Save the Last Date - TBA
  39. Toonsburg Musical - TBA
  40. A Parting of Ways - TBA

Season 3

  1. Who Again? - TBA
  2. Time is With Us - TBA
  3. Crossover Mayhem - TBA
  4. Day's Off - TBA
  5. Nightmare Before Halloween - TBA
  6. The Human Factor - TBA
  7. Pulled at Every Direction - TBA
  8. Zoo Rock And Roll Power!!! - TBA
  9. Childish Things - TBA
  10. School Daze - TBA
  11. Lorcan Darcy's Childhood, Part 1 - Mike gets warped into Lorcan's memories and has to find a way out of there.
  12. Lorcan Darcy's Childhood, Part 2 - Mike discovers that Lorcan and his mother were abused by his own father.
  13. Lorcan Darcy's Childhood, Part 3 - Lorcan encounters the Headmaster and killed his mother.
  14. Lorcan Darcy's Childhood, Part 4 - TBA
  15. Lorcan Darcy's Childhood, Part 5 - TBA
  16. Hunting Season, Part 1 - TBA
  17. Hunting Season, Part 2 - TBA
  18. Armed and Dangerous - TBA
  19. Missing Sonic - TBA
  20. Switched, Part 1 - TBA
  21. Switched, Part 2 - TBA
  22. Christmas Time Murders in Toonsburg - TBA
  23. Movie Madness, Part 1 - TBA
  24. Movie Madness, Part 2 - TBA
  25. The Place of Inuyasha - TBA
  26. Where's Mike?, Part 1 - TBA
  27. Where's Mike?, Part 2 - TBA
  28. Rivals, Part 1 - TBA
  29. Rivals, Part 2 - TBA
  30. Rivals, Part 3 - TBA
  31. The Breakout, Part 1 - TBA
  32. The Breakout, Part 2 - TBA
  33. The Breakout, Part 3 - TBA
  34. The Breakout, Part 4 - TBA
  35. Outnumbered - TBA
  36. Memory Loss - Mike lost his memory, and now Lorcan and Garrett has to restore his memories, before Mike will have amnesia forever.
  37. Fails or Wins - TBA
  38. The Bubble Guppies Mystery - TBA
  39. The Reunion, Part 1 - TBA
  40. The Reunion, Part 2 - TBA

Season 4

  1. Lorcan's Revenge - Lorcan and the Headmaster are engaged in their final battle and Mike tries to talk to him out of killing him but he won't listen.
  2. A Sticky Situation - TBA
  3. The Return of Antitoon - TBA
  4. Ladies First - TBA
  5. Survive of the Fittest, Part 1 - TBA
  6. Survive of the Fittest, Part 2 - TBA
  7. Survive of the Fittest, Part 3 - TBA
  8. Tough Love - TBA
  9. To Be Ogre Not To Be - Shrek is being accused for leading an ogre army to the city, and it's up to Mike and Princess Nella to find out who really lead the ogre army and prove Shrek innocent.
  10. Drawn to Life - TBA
  11. Trial by Fire, Part 1 - TBA
  12. Trial by Fire, Part 2 - TBA
  13. Atlantis, the Lost City - TBA
  14. Comedian Murders - The comedian are targeted and the agency has to protect them from the murder who targets them.
  15. The Cartgangsters Rises - TBA
  16. World War's Cartoon-War - TBA
  17. House Arrest - TBA
  18. It Came from the Secret Basement! - TBA
  19. Hunting Season, Part 1 - TBA
  20. Hunting Season, Part 2 - TBA
  21. The Ben 10 Files - TBA
  22. Curse of the Egyptians - TBA
  23. A Solving Chase - TBA
  24. Cartoon's Way Out - TBA
  25. The Rise of Android 21 - TBA
  26. Hitler Returns - TBA
  27. The Disappearance of Garfield and Odie - Mike and Garrett heard that Garfield and Odie have been captured by the animal-nappers, so they go out to save them before they are going to be burnt alive.
  28. Fishes the Gambler - TBA
  29. Care Bears Go Wild - The Care Bears are going wild, and it's up to Mike and Garrett to stop them.
  30. The Haunted Rumors - Mike and Garrett go to a haunted house to stay in for the night, but are haunted by ghosts. Mike and Garrett have to defeat the ghosts by dressing as Ghostbusters to defeat them.
  31. My Next Door Neighbor is a Criminal!, Part 1 - TBA
  32. My Next Door Neighbor is a Criminal!, Part 2 - TBA
  33. Family Guy vs. Cats - A picture of the Griffin Family and cats battling each other is created by Mike and Garrett, but when the picture comes to life, it starts attacking Toonsburg, so Mike and Garrett come up with a plan to defeat the picture by sucking it into a picture book and set it on fire.
  34. The Android's Return - TBA
  35. What the Hex is Going On? - TBA
  36. Sonic Can Fly? - Mike and Garrett watch an episode of Sonic the Hedgehog and realize that Sonic is flying instead of running, but can it be true that a hedgehog like Sonic have an ability to fly, or not because he doesn't have wings?
  37. Open Sesame Street - The Sesame Street gang help Mike and Garrett find a missing human who was learning about stories.
  38. The Anime Cartoon War, Part 1 - TBA
  39. The Anime Cartoon War, Part 2 - TBA
  40. The Anime Cartoon War, Part 3 - TBA

Season 5

  1. Magic Mystery - TBA
  2. 101 Lorcans - Lorcan buys a clone machine and makes 100 clones of himself to stop the Headmaster from the destruction of the bank.
  3. Father's Day - It's Father's Day and Mike look for someone for King Dad while struggling of helping the gang of solving a mystery when several fathers begins mysterious disappears. 
  4. Pigs in Space - After watching a Muppet segment called "Pigs in Space", Mike and Garrett have to get to the Muppet theater to appear as guest stars, so that people and the Muppets will like it.
  5. The Rise of Antitoon, Part 1 - TBA
  6. The Rise of Antitoon, Part 2 - TBA
  7. The Rise of Antitoon, Part 3 - TBA
  8. The Rise of Antitoon, Part 4 - TBA
  9. Gumball and Darwin vs. the Justice League - After Mike and Garrett find the Justice League under control by Francis, Gumball and Darwin were hired by Mike and Garrett to save the Justice League by fighting them off.
  10. The Pokémon Club - After a nightclub full of Pokémon has opened, Mike and Garrett have to go there and have fun.
  11. The Simpsons in Danger - The Simpson family gets lost in the forest, and are in danger by the wolf monsters, so Mike and Garrett have to get them back home before they get killed.
  12. Nicompoop Island - A group of idiots in Toonsburg becomes a clan.
  13. Nightmare on Toonsburg - In a twist on "Nightmare on Elm Street", Freddy Krueger arrives in Toonsburg and plans to kill everyone, and it's up to Mike and Garrett to stop Freddy from killing them.
  14. The Black Hole - When a black hole appears and sucks everyone into it, it's up to Mike, Garrett, Julie, Princess Nella and Mavis to save them all from the hole.
  15. The Alternative Toon Universe, Part 1: Solving The Case - TBA
  16. The Alternative Toon Universe, Part 2: A Union of Five - TBA
  17. The Alternative Toon Universe, Part 3: Cased Closed - TBA
  18. Unikitty Goes Super Saiyan - Mike and Garrett teach Unikitty to go Super Saiyan in order to defeat Master Frown.
  19. The Mystery of the Supernatural - TBA
  20. War of the Batmen, Part 1 - TBA
  21. War of the Batmen, Part 2 - TBA
  22. War of the Batmen, Part 3 - TBA
  23. Saturday Killin’ Cartoons - TBA
  24. Target: Princess Nella! - Nella is been targeted for assassination, so Mike, Garrett, and Julie has to protect Nella at all costs.
  25. Lorcan vs. Lorcan? - In this three-part story, some evil mad scientist creates a evil clone of Lorcan and is sent to do a few minor crimes, thus framing the real Lorcan in the process. Garrett find himself seeking to prove Lorcan is innocent while Mike team-ups with Batman, Spiderman, and the Scooby Gang and learn of how the Lorcan clone was created and stop the same evil mad scientist before it's too late. 
  26. Days of Thundercats - The Thundercats are ambushed by Francis, and it's up to Mike, Garrett and Princess Nella to save them.
  27. The Engagement Ring - TBA
  28. The Arctic Woods - Mark, Garrett and Princess Nella go to the Arctic Woods to have fun, but two polar bears are abducted by Francis, so the three have to save them before they get turned into ice statues.
  29. World War's Cartoon-War - TBA
  30. The Cartgangsters' Revenge Part 1: The Beginning - TBA
  31. The Cartgangsters' Revenge Part 2: The Epic Event - TBA
  32. Mario the Spy - Mario becomes a spy to help Mike and Garrett defeat Bowser before he is defeated.
  33. Medieval Mania - TBA
  34. The Case of the Stolen Powers! - In this two-part story, Spider-Man, the Powerpuff Girls, the Incredibles, Superman, and Sonic the Hedgehog find themselves mysterious losing each of their powers. So, Mike and Garrett are sent to look into their case with the helps from Batman and the Scooby Gang of who stole their powers.
  35. The SpongeBob Case - TBA
  36. Save the Musical!, Part 1 - TBA
  37. Save the Musical!, Part 2 - TBA
  38. Split Personalities - TBA
  39. The Things with Riddles - TBA
  40. Planet Power of the Animals - TBA

Season 6

  1. The Last Airbender Files - TBA
  2. Uncover Cops, Part 1 - TBA
  3. Uncover Cops, Part 2 - TBA
  4. Medieval Mania - TBA
  5. The Vanishing Island - When an island vanishes, it's up to Mike and Garrett to bring it back.
  6. The Stormy Weather - It is a stormy day in Toonsburg, and Mike, Garrett and the toons must stay indoors to wait for the sun to come back.
  7. Attack of the 50-Foot Krabby Patties - SpongeBob accidentally makes giant Krabby Patties, and are transformed into monsters to take over Toonsburg. So Mike, Garrett and Princess Nella have to defeat them by burning them with a fire-blaster.
  8. The Disappearance of Bugs and Daffy - Bugs and Daffy are captured by Francis, and it's up to Mike, Garrett and Princess Nella to save them before Francis hires Elmer Fudd to kill them.
  9. Fight Club, Part 1 - TBA
  10. Fight Club, Part 2 - TBA
  11. Beach Day - TBA
  12. The Detectives, the Spider, and the Ninja Turtles! - In this three-part story, Mike, Garrett, and Lorcan find themselves teaming up with Spiderman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when Hammerhead formed in an alliance with the Purple Dragons, who seek to rule Toonsburg together as an united army. 
  13. I Am Wea— A Spy! 2: Technical Toon - TBA
  14. The Rugrats Take Over the World - The Rugrats accidently drink a potion which turns them evil, and they take over Earth, so Mike and Garrett have to stop them by having them drink another potion to turn them back to normal without hurting them.
  15. Reality Check, Part 1 - TBA
  16. Reality Check, Part 2 - TBA
  17. It Follows - After learning of a dreadful and fatal, yet pruly demonic curse, Henry find himself struggling of surviving from this demonic entity who it never stop follows him anywhere he goes while Mike, Garrett, Marvis, Nella, Julie, Demencia, Lorcan, Katie, and Spider-Man set out of saving him from the demonic entity. 
  18. Toonsburg Gets Frozen - Mike, Garrett and Princess Nella meet Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf after realizing that Toonsburg is covered in eternal winter, and must try to bring back summer in Toonsburg before all the toons are all frozen solid.
  19. Finn and Jake vs. the Decepticons - Mike and Garrett have to help Finn and Jake defeat the Decepticons and save the Autobots for good.
  20. Game's Night, Part 1 - TBA
  21. Game's Night, Part 2 - TBA
  22. Snack to the Future - Mike and Garrett have to get a snack from the refrigerator, which is revealed to be a time machine and they end up going back in time to the 1960s, so they will have to go back to the present before they are stuck there forever.
  23. Yogi Goes Wild - Yogi Bear goes wild after not getting food in picnic baskets by campers, so Mike and Garrett have to get food in picnic baskets for Yogi without the campers noticing.
  24. Detectives in Space, Part 1 - TBA
  25. Detectives in Space, Part 2 - TBA
  26. Detectives in Space, Part 3 - TBA
  27. Detectives in Space, Part 4 - TBA
  28. Detectives in Space, Part 5- TBA
  29. Detectives in Space, Part 6 - TBA
  30. Detectives in Space, Part 7 - TBA
  31. Cookies and Mayhem - TBA
  32. Dumbo Goes Wild - Dumbo goes wild after getting made fun of by the circus crowd, so Mike and Garrett have to stop Dumbo and make him feel better.
  33. Good Grief, Princess Nella - Princess Nella meets the Peanuts Gang, and together, they will have to find a dog treat for Snoopy before it's too late.
  34. Captain Underpants Saves the Day...Kinda - Captain Underpants can't fly because his cape doesn't have an ability to fly, so Mike and Garrett, with the help of George and Harold, they will have to say anything to Captain Underpants to have his cape get an ability to fly again.
  35. SWAT Kat of Doom - Mike and Garrett investigates a mysterious new SWAT Kat, who has been robbing banks in Toonsburg with help with the real SWAT Kats.
  36. Total Recall on Mars - TBA
  37. The Race, Part 1: Race for Glory - TBA
  38. The Race, Part 2: Race for Nothing - TBA
  39. The Race, Part 3: Semi-Finals
  40. The Race, Part 4: The Last Race

Season 7

  1. Just Valentine's Day to Me, Part 1 - TBA
  2. Just Valentine's Day to Me, Part 2 - TBA
  3. Clash of the Hitlers - Silence Arnoldo's last defeat, another Hitler has broken him out of prison and they cause a havoc around the United States.
  4. Team Henry - TBA
  5. The Trouble with Fancy - TBA
  6. Homecoming, Part 1 - TBA
  7. Homecoming, Part 2 - TBA
  8. Homecoming, Part 3 - TBA
  9. Homecoming, Part 4 - TBA
  10. Mike's Date?! - TBA
  11. Toonburg's Curse - TBA
  12. Where There's Smoke, There's Fire! - TBA
  13. Game On! - TBA
  14. Halloween Madness, Part 1 - TBA
  15. Halloween Madness, Part 2 - TBA
  16. Halloween Madness, Part 3 - TBA
  17. Halloween Madness, Part 4 - TBA
  18. Harm of the Century - TBA
  19. The Mysterious Island - TBA
  20. Marvis' Day Off - TBA
  21. The Trouble with Fancy - TBA
  22. The Case of Lost Souls - TBA
  23. The Forests - TBA
  24. Vampire vs. Vampire, Part 1 - TBA
  25. Vampire vs. Vampire, Part 2 - TBA
  26. Vampire vs. Vampire, Part 3 - TBA
  27. Cases from the Past - TBA
  28. Makers of Fate - TBA
  29. Imaginary Friend Nappers - When his friend, Bloo has been kidnapped, Mac hires Mike to investigate his disappearance.
  30. The Top-Secret Origins of Dr. Claw!, Part 1 - TBA
  31. The Top-Secret Origins of Dr. Claw!, Part 2 - TBA
  32. The Top-Secret Origins of Dr. Claw!, Part 3 - TBA
  33. The Top-Secret Origins of Dr. Claw!, Part 4 - TBA
  34. The Top-Secret Origins of Dr. Claw!, Part 5 - TBA
  35. Street Fighting, Part 1 - TBA
  36. Street Fighting, Part 2 - TBA
  37. Street Fighting, Part 3 - TBA
  38. Street Fighting, Part 4 - TBA

Season 8

  1. Land of Toys - TBA
  2. An Very, Very, VERY Totally Wild Goose Chase! - TBA
  3. The One Who We Trusted the Most, Part 1 - TBA
  4. The One Who We Trusted the Most, Part 2 - TBA
  5. The Mystery of the Missing YouTubers!, Part 1 - When popular YouTubers goes mysterious disappears, Mike, Garrett, Princess Nella, Marvis, and Julie goes investigates while trying to help lesser-known YouTubers and up-and-coming YouTubers as well from the mysterious YouTuber Kidnapper. 
  6. The Mystery of the Missing YouTubers!, Part 2 - As more fellow YouTubers go missing, the gang find themselves having trouble of solving this missing while Mike, Garrett, and Marvis struggle going deeper. Meanwhile, Julie and Nella slowly begin to learn that one of the lesser-known YouTubers is the cause of this, but have trouble of finding out who that is until the YouTuber Kidnapper strikes and start hunting down some of the lesser-known ones, along with an few of the up-and-coming YouTubers as well. 
  7. The Mystery of the Missing YouTubers!, Part 3 - With the case nearly solve, the gang gain help from Batman of stopping the YouTuber Kidnapper and save all of the missing YouTubers. But, what they learn may shocked them more than ever when they soon learn the YouTuber Kidnapper is none other than... Lorcan?! 
  8. The Mystery of the Missing YouTubers!, Part 4 - After seeking Lorcan may be the YouTuber Kidnapper, but learn that he was kidnap brainwash by the real YouTuber Kidnapper. Having enough of the YouTuber Kidnapper, Mike decide to be a YouTuber himself, which worked, and the gang follow the kidnapper to an abandoned warehouse where they learn of who's the YouTuber Kidnapper is... 
  9. Dr. Claw's Strikes Once Again!, Part 1 - TBA
  10. Dr. Claw's Strikes Once Again!, Part 2 - TBA
  11. Dr. Claw's Strikes Once Again!, Part 3 - TBA
  12. Future Unknown, Part 1 - TBA
  13. Future Unknown, Part 2 - TBA
  14. Future Unknown, Part 3 - TBA
  15. An Broken Family, Part, 1 - TBA
  16. An Broken Family, Part, 2 - TBA

Season 9

  1. Home Invasion - TBA
  2. The Darcy Triplets and the Lizard King, Part 1 - Lorcan's studying Dragon biology and genetics until his brother and sister arrived in the city to see him.
  3. The Darcy Triplets and the Lizard King, Part 2 -
  4. The Darcy Triplets and the Lizard King, Part 3 -
  5. The Darcy Triplets and the Lizard King, Part 4 - The Darcy Triplets' battle against the Lizard King has come to an end when Mike and Garrett appeared to help. After the Lizard King's defeated, Cillian and Lilly offers Lorcan to rejoin their group but he kindly refuse.
  6. The Criminal Entity - TBA
  7. Send In The Clones, Part 1 - TBA
  8. Send In The Clones, Part 2 - TBA
  9. Send In The Clones, Part 3 - TBA
  10. Send In The Clones, Part 4 - TBA
  11. Send In The Clones, Part 5 - TBA
  12. Send In The Clones, Part 6 - TBA
  13. The Return of the YouTuber Kidnapper! - The YouTuber Kidnapper returns and this time, he fellow most YouTubers and put them in a game where they must work together of survive while Mike and the Gang trying to find out where they are and track down the YouTuber Kidnapper with helps from Spider-Man, Batman, Sonic, and the Mario Bros.
  14. A Simple Mistake, Part 1 - TBA
  15. A Simple Mistake, Part 2 - TBA

Season 10

  1. Magical Misfire - TBA
  2. Invasion, Part 1 - TBA
  3. Invasion, Part 2 - TBA
  4. Invasion, Part 3 - TBA
  5. Invasion, Part 4 - TBA
  6. Invasion, Part 5 - TBA
  7. Android 21 Strikes Back - Android 21 returns and seek to eat anyone alive. Mike call in the Incredibles, Spider-Man, Superman, and Batman to deal with her. 
  8. Karate Schooled - TBA
  9. The Wedding, Part 1 - TBA
  10. The Wedding, Part 2 - TBA
  11. The Wedding, Part 3 - TBA
  12. One Strange Gift - Enjoying an normal and peaceful day off, Mike, Garrett, Marvis, Julie, and Nella find a strange gift, which start to strangely enough distrubting and struggling of find out who sent the strange gift and why making them feel distrbuted,
  13. The Day the World Stand Evil, Part 1 - TBA
  14. The Day the World Stand Evil, Part 2 - TBA
  15. The Day the World Stand Evil, Part 3 - TBA
  16. Allies - Mike and Lorcan figured out that they have something in common, they love the same movies, have the same enemy and love the same band. They both deicde to became friends.

Season 11

  1. Spider-Lorcan Begins, Part 1 - Lorcan gets bitten by a Spider and gains spider powers, like Peter Parker has.
  2. Spider-Lorcan Begins, Part 2 - Peter teaches Lorcan how to be Spider-Man and how to control his powers.
  3. Spider-Lorcan Begins, Part 3 - Lorcan design his own suit and a jacket with a help from Mike and Peter.
  4. Spider-Lorcan Begins, Part 4 -  Lorcan, now Spider-Lorcan, taken on Android 21 for the first time.
  5. Lorcan's Dreams - When Lorcan begin having strange dreams about himself, Mike and Garrett sent of looking into it while Antitoon begin unleashed his new plan by kidnapping the cartoon characters and trap in a virtual reality where their most worst nightmares come to live.
  6. Challenge of the Knights - When Nella and Garrett find themselves entering the Challenge of the Knights contest, Mike and the gang goes in anyway. But, they soon learn that it a trap created by the Cartgangsters and create their own twisted version of the contest itself where the gang are forced to fight each other to DEATH! Now, it's all up to Henry, King Dad, and Spider-Lorcan to rescue them. 
  7. Wedding - Lorcan and Lucy are getting married and he asked Mike to be his best man because he's his best friend.
  8. Red Leader Revenge, Part 1 - TBA
  9. Red Leader Revenge, Part 2 - TBA
  10. Red Leader Revenge, Part 3 - TBA
  11. Red Leader Revenge, Part 4 - TBA
  12. Red Leader Revenge, Part 5 - TBA
  13. Red Leader Revenge, Part 6 - TBA
  14. Red Leader Revenge, Part 7 - TBA
  15. Red Leader Revenge, Part 8 - TBA
  16. Red Leader Revenge, Part 9 - TBA
  17. Red Leader Revenge, Part 10 - TBA
  18. 65 Minutes to Countdown, Part 1 - TBA
  19. 65 Minutes to Countdown, Part 2 - TBA
  20. 65 Minutes to Countdown, Part 3 - TBA
  21. Humansburg, Part 1 - While hunting down Dr. Claw after nearly foiling his newest plan, Mike, Garrett, Nella, Marvis, Julie, Willow, and She-Ra find themselves arriving in an world where humans rules an town called Humansburg. And they may think that they must help them of finding their home universe and liking cartoons, right? Wrong! The citizens of this town really, really, REALLY hate cartoons and start hunting down Garrett, Nella, Marvis, Willow, and She-Ra, even trying to kill them as well, and even see both Mike and Julie as traitors. Will our heroes survive this cartoon-hating universe and find a way back home in time?
  22. Humansburg, Part 2 - As Mike and the gang struggling of surviving this switch world when cartoon-hating humans start hunting them down. Spider-Lorcan, Spider-Man, Number 1, Jack, Diana, King Dad, and Kevin struggling of stopping Dr. Claw while trying to find a way of how to get them back home. But however, if things wasn't bad enough, a few of Humansburg citizens travel to Toonsburg and begin killing cartoons as well!
  23. Humansburg, Part 3 - While hiding from the cartoon-hating citizens of Humansburg, Mike and the gang learn the dark history of this city and later learn about their plan of travelling their home world. Mike than encounter Humansburg's mayor who than reveal to be a dark, twisted, and yet evil version of himself!
  24. Humansburg, Part 4 - Arriving home, Sir Garrett help led the resistance of defeating the toon-hating human army while Mike continues his evil counterpart, whom start helping a very dangerous game of cat and mouse.
  25. Spider-Lorcan and the Dark Gem, Part 1 - TBA
  26. Spider-Lorcan and the Dark Gem, Part 2 - TBA

Season 12

  1. Spider-Lorcan No More, Part 1 - TBA
  2. Spider-Lorcan No.More, Part 2 - TBA
  3. Spider-Lorcan No.More, Part 3​​​​​​​ - TBA
  4. Something Pruly Wicked Something This Way..., Part 1 - TBA
  5. Something Pruly Wicked Something This Way..., Part 2 - TBA
  6. Something Pruly Wicked Something This Way..., Part 3 - TBA
  7. Lorcan's Origin - Lorcan discovers his true origin of his family from the letter of his grandparents. Lorcan discovers that his mother was a criminal who fell in love with his father. Mike offers Lorcan to see his father again after a long time which he agrees.
  8. Reality Check, Part 1 - TBA
  9. Reality Check, Part 2 - TBA
  10. Spider-Gear - Peter and Lorcan found some new Spider technology and agree to use them as gear to fight crime. Lorcan decided to give his new gear as a test drive.
  11. Lorcan vs. The Headmaster: The Final Round -
  12. Spider-Lorcan vs Kingpin - Spider-Lorcan taking on the underworld kingpin named Tim Jones which Mike discovers it can be a huge thing for Lorcan to fight.
  13. The End of Android 21 - Mike and Garrett take on Android 21 in their final battle. Their friends join the battle to take on her army of robots. In the end of the episodes, Android 21 dies in the explosion. Garret tells them that they will take on Dr. Claw next.
  14. Lorcan's Real Dad -  On the same day as the previous episode, Lorcan reunites with his father after a long time and meets his younger half-sister. After having a great bond, His father offers him an alliance to take on Dr. Claw with the resistance which Lorcan accepts.
  15. The Final Case of Toonsburg - In the series finale, Jerryson Detective Agency team up Lorcan's group of rebels to take down Dr. Claw and his army of villains once and for all with a help from their friends and rivals.
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