The Simons is a American adult animated TV series created by Michael Sullivan, debuted on September 14, 1999 on Fox network. The series centers on a dysfunctional family that consists of: Dave, Margareth, Craig and Stanley.

Series overview

Season Episodes
Season premiere Season finale
1 28 September 12, 1999 May 28, 2000
2 22 September 17, 2000 May 27, 2001
3 24 September 9, 2001 May 26, 2002
4 22 September 8, 2002 May 25, 2003
5 18 September 12, 2004 December 24, 2006
6 25 October 14, 2007 May 25, 2009
7 18 September 14, 2008 March 22, 2009
8 24 December 14, 2008 November 20, 2011
9 25 2013 2014
10 14 2015 2016
11 14 2016 2017
12 14 January 7, 2018 TBA
13 14 2018 TBA


First Season (1999-2000)

  • Showrunner: David Zuckerman.
  • Executive Producers: Jerry Bruckheimer, Patrick Johnson, Mike Sullivan and David Zuckerman.

No. in
Title Written By Directed By Prod. code
1 "Pilot" Story by: Ted Elliott & Terry Rossio
Teleplay by: Michael Sullivan & Patrick Johnson
Pete Michels 1ACE01
2 "Lucky Man" Jonathan Aibel & Glenn Berger Swinton O. Scott III 1ACE02
3 "Simoween" David Zuckerman Neil Affleck 1ACE03
4 "Dog Craig Afternoon" Alfred Gough & Miles Millar Jim Reardon 1ACE04
5 "The One That Got Away" Chris Sheridan Nancy Kruse 1ACE05
6 "The Company Man" Neil Goldman & Garrett Donovan Michael Dante DiMartino 1ACE06
7 "Any Given Sunday" Mike Barker & Matt Weitzman Monte Young 1ACE07
8 "To Kill a Mockingbird" Danny Smith Dominic Polcino 1ACE08
9 "Male Bonding" Gary Janetti Monte Young 1ACE09
10 "Ka-Blam!"

Joshua Sternin & Jeffrey Ventimilia

Neil Affleck 1ACE10
11 "Angel in Disguise" Jeff Westbrook Peter Avanzino 1ACE11
12 "Da Boom" Neil Goldman & Garrett Donovan Monte Young 1ACE12
13 "Bully for You" Joe Stillman Swinton O. Scott III 1ACE13
14 "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer Pete Michels 1ACE14
15 "Wasting Time" Michael Sullvan & Patrick Johnson Jim Reardon 1ACE15
16 "Any Way You Want It" Jonathan Collier Bret Haaland 1ACE16
17 "Wingnut" Ron Weiner Susie Dietter 1ACE17
18 "Who's the Boss?" Craig Hoffman Monte Young 1ACE18
19 "Double, Double Man in Trouble" Bill Odenkirk Pat Shinagawa 1ACE19
20 "A Hero's Story" Michael Rowe James Purdum 1ACE20
21 "It Takes a Thief" Aaron Ehasz Chuck Sheetz 1ACE21
22 "Booze Cruise" Richard Appel Peter Avanzino 1ACE22
23 "Stan Without Pity" Michael Rowe Jeffrey Lynch 1ACE23
24 "A Star Is Born" Ken Keeler Neil Affleck 1ACE24
25 "Fear of the Dark" Garrett Donovan & Neil Goldman Jim Reardon 1ACE25
26 "Forget Me-Self" Ken Keeler Wes Archer 1ACE26
27 "Time Tunnel" Jonathan Collier Pete Michels 1ACE27
28 "Hurricane" Michael Rowe James Purdum 1ACE28

Second Season (2000-01)

  • Showrunner: Mike Sullivan
  • Executive Producers: Jerry Bruckheimer, Patrick Johnson (episodes 1-7), Mike Sullivan and David Zuckerman

Note: This is the first season to have a new opening sequence, which was first seen on the pilot.

Note: "Take My Life, Please" and "My Fair Craig" both have a different theme song. The first was composed by Christopher Tyng, and the latter composed by Stephen Graziano, which was last used in "The Bluegrass is Always Greener" and "Fortune Cookie".

Note: "Bad Moon Rising" have a new theme song based on Yello's song, which was last used in episode 17 from the third season.

No. in
Title Written By Directed By Prod. code
1 "The Cold War" Chris Sheridan Wes Archer 2ACE06
2 "Take My Life, Please" Story by: Mike Barker & Matt Weitzman

Teleplay by: David Fury

Jim Reardon 2ACE01
3 "My Fair Craig" Steve Callaghan 2ACE02
4 "Bad Moon Rising" Ron Weiner Susie Dietter 2ACE05
5 "Stanley Be Not Proud" Garrett Donovan & Neil Goldman Rich Moore 2ACE03
6 "Freaky Camp-Off" Jon Vitti Jim Reardon 2ACE04
7 "Don't You Forget About Me" Mike Barker & Matt Weitzman Chuck Sheetz 2ACE07
8 "Everybody Needs a Bubby" Kevin Curran Mark Kirkland 2ACE08
9 "Stock Tip" Bill Oakley & Josh Weinstein Wes Archer 2ACE09
10 "The Lesser of Two Evils" ErIc Horsted Rich Moore 2ACE10
11 "The White Collar" Chris Sheridan Mark Kirkland 2ACE13
12 "In the Line of Townshend" Mike Barker & Matt Weitzman Peter Shin 2ACE11
13 "Stanley's Worst Nightmare" Jon Vitti Dan Povenmire 2ACE22
14 "A Bill Full of Dollars" Garrett Donovan & Neil Goldman John Holmquist 2ACE14
15 "Wheel of Fortune" Craig Hoffman Monte Young 2ACE17
16 "The Bubble Boy" Gary Janetti Jack Dyer 2ACE16
17 "Wasted Talent" Story by: Dave Collard & Ken Goin
Teleplay by: Mike Barker & Matt Weitzman
Rob Renzetti 2ACE18
18 "Airport '01" Michael Shipley & Jim Bernstein Chris Sauve & Rich Moore 2ACE15
19 "Night of the Comet" Mike Barker & Matt Weitzman Neil Affleck 2ACE12
20 "The Good Samaritan" Gregg Kavet & Andy Robin Pete Michels 2ACE20
21 "Not With My Dog" Alec Berg & Jeff Schaffer Lauren McMaullan 2ACE19
22 "Now Museum, Now You Don't" Jonathan Collier Chuck Sheetz 2ACE21

Third Season (2001-02)

Main article: The Simons (season 3)
  • Showrunner: Daniel Palladino
  • Executive Producers: Jerry Bruckheimer, Daniel Palladino and Mike Sullivan.

Note: Cold opens for this season has the "Gangreen Gang" being killed in many bizarre ways. The normal cold open gags were easy to write, but the death trap gags got more difficult to write, so they were abandoned.

Note: Episode 18 has the "How to Ruin a Picnic" sketch" after the cold open and opening sequence, as well as new theme song, which will be used on seasons 5-7.

No. in
Title Written By Directed By Prod. code
1 "Mommy Dearest" Michael Sullivan James Purdum 3ACE01
2 "All in the Family" Michael Shipley & Jim Bernstein Chuck Klein 3ACE02
3 "The Bluegrass is Always Greener" Alfred Gough & Miles Millar Jim Reardon 3ACE03
4 "Star Trek" Mark Hentemann Wes Archer 3ACE04
5 "My Brother the Carjacker" Jonathan Aibel & Glenn Berger Mark Kirkland 3ACE05
6 "Stressed for Sucess" John Altschuler & Dave Krinsky Klay Hall 3ACE06
7 "Master of Puppets" Steve Callaghan Bob Anderson 3ACE07
8 "Dealer's Choice" Tim Long 3ACE08
9 "Stanley Gets Busted" David Zuckerman Mark Kirkland 3ACE09
10 "Present Tense" Alan R. Cohen & Alan Freedland Raymond S. Persi 3ACE10
11 "That's Diaturb-tertainment" Michael Price Klay Hall 3ACE11
12 "Unfortunate Family" Jonathan Aibel & Glenn Berger Dan Povenmire 3ACE12
13 "Friday Night Lights" Mike Barker & Matt Weitzman Jim Reardon 3ACE13
14 "My Two Suns" J. Stewart Burns Jeffrey Lynch & Kevin O'Brien 3ACE14
15 "Maurice Goes Hollywood" Mike Barker & Matt Weitzman Susie Dietter 3ACE15
16 "Love... And So Does Art" Jennifer Crittenden Jeff Lynch 3ACE16
17 "A Passion of Simon" Story by: Phil Johnston

Teleplay by: David Sacks

Bob Anderson 3ACE17
18 "Home for the Holidays" Jonathan Aibel & Glenn Berger 3ACE18
19 "Tears of a Infamable Clown" Joshua Sternin & Jeffrey Ventimilia Rob Renzetti 3ACE19
20 "Flaming Dave" Robert Cohen Wesley Archer 3ACE20
21 "Dream Weaver" Brian Kelley Dominic Polcino 3ACE21
22 "The Candyman" Michael Shipley & Jim Bernstein Michael Polcino 3ACE22
23 "Virtual Insanity" Ken Keeler Mark Kirkland 3ACE23

Fourth Season (2002-03)

  • Showrunner: Mike Sullivan
  • Executive Producers: Jerry Bruckheimer and Mike Sullivan.
No. in
Title Written By Directed By Prod. code
1 "Joyride" David Zuckerman Michael Polcino 4ACE01
2 "How I Spent My Strummer Vacation" Brent Forrester Bob Anderson 4ACE02
3 "Saving Private Dave" Mark Hentemann Dan Povenmire 4ACE03
4 "Lethal Weapons" Chris Sheridan Susie Dietter 4ACE04
5 "Child's Play" Garrett Donovan & Neil Goldman Wes Archer 4ACE05
6 "4:00 a.m. - 5:00 a.m."

"The Slumber Party"

Alan R. Cohen & Alan Freedland Jim Reardon 4ACE06
7 "I Can't Afford Hyenas" Bob Kushell Jim Reardon 4ACE07
8 "Helter Shelter" Matt Warburton Nancy Kruse 4ACE08
9 "Misery Loves Company" Brent Forrester Mark Kirkland 4ACE09
10 "Camembert + Pheromones" Bill Odenkirk Raymond S. Persi 4ACE10
11 "Mr. Pete Goes to Washington" Michael Price Bob Anderson 4ACE11
12 "Maurice the Bachelor" Mark Hentemann Dan Povenmire 4ACE12
13 "Fifteen Minutes of Shame" Steve Callaghan Bret Haaland 4ACE13
14 "Blind Ambition" Jim Reardon 4ACE14
15 "Satellite on a Hot Dave's Roof" Dan Vebber Michael Polcino 4ACE15
16 "Batmobile" Michael Price Raymond S. Persi 4ACE16
17 "The Salmon Under the Clothes" Brent Forrester Bret Haaland 4ACE17
18 "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein" Bob Kushell Dan Povenmire 4ACE18
19 "Did You Check With the Captain of the Flying Monkeys?" Jonathan Collier Susie Dietter 4ACE19
20 "Viewer Mail #1" Gene Laufenberg

Michael Sullivan

Michael Shipley &

Jim Bernstein

Pete Michels

Scott Wood

Michael Dante DiMartino

21 "Bad News from the Clinic?" Ron Weiner Dominic Polcino 4ACE21
22 "Soldier of Misfortune" Mark Hentemann Mark Kirkland 4ACE22

Fifth Season (2004-06)

  • Showrunner(s): Mike Sullivan, David A. Goodman and Josh Weinstein
  • Executive Producers: Jerry Bruckheimer, David A. Goodman, Chris Sheridan, Mike Sullivan and Josh Weinstein
No. in
Title Written By Directed By Prod. code
1 "Founding Fruit" Daniel Chun Pete Michels 5ACE01
2 "Keila Bernstein's Lesbian Lover" Alan R. Cohen & Alan Freedland James Purdum 5ACE02
3 "Titanic" Jeff Westbrook Nancy Kruse 5ACE03
9 "I Take Thee Craig" Tom Maxwell, Don Woodard & Steve Callaghan Seth Kearsley 5ACE04
5 "Australia" Jonathan Aibel & Glenn Berger Jim Reardon 5ACE05
6 "Bewitched" Matt Warburton Nancy Kruse 5ACE06
7 "Roots" David A. Goodman Susie Dietter 5ACE07
8 "Bob 3000" Dana Gould Lance Kramer 5ACE08
9 "Idiocracy" Rick Wiener & Kenny Schwartz Mark Kirkland 5ACE09
10 "The Squirt and the Whale" Matt Warburton Mark Kirkland 5ACE10
11 "It's Good to Be the Queen" Chris Sheridan Raymond S. Persi 5ACE11
12 "High Anxiety" Steve Callaghan Pete Michels 5ACE12
13 "Dead Man on Campus" Neal Boushell & Sam O'Neal Caleb Meurer 5ACE13
14 "Midnight FX" Dan Vebber Jim Reardon 5ACE14
15 "Papa Don't Breech" Chris McKenna & Matt McKenna Dominic Polcino 5ACE15
16 "Growing Pains" Bob Kushell Zac Moncrief 5ACE16
17 "An Ridiculous Adventure" Matt Weitzman James Purdum 5ACE17
18 "Snow in California" Brent Forrester Nancy Kruse 5ACE18
19 "Everybody Hates Debra" Matt Fleckenstein Peter Shin 5ACE19
20 "Frankenstein and the Horny Villagers" Bob Kushell, Ned Goldreyer & Matt Warburton Mark Kirkland 5ACE20

Sixth Season (2006-08)

  • Showrunners: David A. Goodman and Josh Weinstein
  • Executive Producers: Jerry Bruckheimer, David A. Goodman, Chris Sheridan, Mike Sullivan and Josh Weinstein.

Note: Episodes 1-9 were the final episodes to use the 2004-07 Alliance Atlantis logo.

No. in
Title Written By Directed By Prod. code
1 "Cracked China" Mark Hentemann Brian Iles 6ACE01
2 "The Deep End" Brent Forrester Mark Kirkland 6ACE02
3 "Mother's Day" Mike Sullivan Nancy Kruse 6ACE04
4 "Rough Trade" David Zuckerman Wes Archer 6ACE05
5 "Where There's a Will, There's a Way" Josh Weinstein Dwayne Carey-Hill 6ACE03
6 "It Takes a Village" Michael Price 6ACE06
7 "Mr. Stanley Goes to Washington" Mark Hentemann 6ACE08
8 "Keila Park Wieners' Daze" Daniel Chun Jim Reardon 6ACE07
9 "Craig of Arabia: Part One" Carter Bays & Craig Thomas Susie Dietter 6ACE09
10 "Barely Illegal" Dan Vebber Jim Reardon 6ACE10
11 "Blue Harvest" David A. Goodman James Purdum 6ACE14
12 "Bummer Vacation" Matt Warburton Jim Reardon 6ACE11
13 "No Stan Left Behind" Chris Sheridan Brian Iles 6ACE15
14 "In Country... Club" Judah Miller & Murray Miller Nancy Kruse 6ACE12
15 "McStroke" Steve Marmel Raymond S. Persi 6ACE13
16 "In Limbo" Jeff Westbrook Jim Reardon 6ACE16
17 "The One About Friends" Ron Weiner Chuck Klein 6ACE17
18 "Hell Comes to Dogmouth" Danny Smith Dan Povenmire 6ACE19
19 "Deliver Us Evil" Chris McKenna & Matt McKenna Oreste Canestrelli 6ACE18
20 "No Country for Old Men" Patric M. Verrone Bret Haaland 6ACE20
21 "Stan of Arabia: Part 2" Nahnatchka Khan Peter Avanzino 6ACE22
22 "The Flirting Game" Jonathan Green & Gabe Miller Jim Reardon 6ACE21
23 "The Big Bang Theory" David A. Goodman James Purdum 6ACE25
24 "The Farm" Josh Weinstein, Ron Hauge, Dan Vebber, Matt Warburton, Michael Price & Brent Forrester Raymond S. Persi 6ACE24

Seventh Season (2008-09)

  • Showrunners: David A. Goodman and Josh Weinstein
  • Executive Producers: Jerry Bruckheimer, David A. Goodman, Chris Sheridan, Michael Sullivan and Josh Weinstein
No. in
Title Written By Directed By Prod. code
1 "If You Can't Stand the Heat" Josh Weinstein Peter Avanzino 7ACE03
2 "Viva Las Vegas" Aaron Ehasz Bret Haaland 7ACE04
3 "Cheap Football Gamer Cheater" Daniel Chun Nancy Kruse 7ACE01
4 "Late Show / Art Show" Spike Feresten & Steve O'Donnell Jim Reardon 7ACE02
5 "And the Wiener Is..." Ken Keeler Peter Shin 7ACE07
6 "Big Trouble in Little Langley" Rick Wiener & Kenny Schwartz Jim Reardon 7ACE06
7 "Le Petit Stanley" Steve Callaghan Raymond S. Persi 7ACE05
8 "Craig Lives His Life... in a Nutshell" Steve Callaghan Susie Dietter 7ACE08
9 "Breaking Out Is Hard to Do" Mark Hentemann Matthew Faughnan 7ACE09
10 "Hawaiian Nautical Nuts" David Zuckerman Raymond S. Persi 7ACE11
11 "Lost & Found" Matt Warburton Chris Clements 7ACE10
12 "Neighbors from Hell" Steve Callaghan Bret Haaland 7ACE13
13 "Midnight at Dogmouth" Ron Weiner Greg Colton 7ACE15
14 "Grim Campbell" Michael Shipley &

Jim Bernstein

Steven Dean Moore 7ACE12
15 "The Italian Job" Dan Vebber Bob Anderson 7ACE17
16 "Brothers & Sisters" Patric M. Verrone Michael Polcino 7ACE1
17 "The Black and the Grey" Rob LaZebnik Bob Anderson 7ACE18
18 "Kidney Trouble" Tim Long 7ACE19
19 "The Devil Wears Nada" Mike Barker & Matt Weitzman Bret Haaland 7ACE14

Eighth Season (2009-11)

  • Showrunners: Mark Hentemann and Steve Callaghan
  • Executive Producers: Jerry Bruckheimer, Steve Callaghan, David A. Goodman, Mark Hentemann, Chris Sheridan and Josh Weinstein.
No. in
Title Written By Directed By Prod. code
1 "100%" Lew Morton Jim Reardon 8ACE01
2 "Mo'Water Blues" Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi Steven Dean Moore 8ACE04
3 "Beyond Blunderdam" Steve Callaghan Raymond S. Persi 8ACE02
4 "The Late Craig M. Simon" Daniel Palladino Chris Clements 8ACE05
5 "Stanley Alone" Rick Wiener & Kenny Schwartz Mark Kirkland 8ACE03
6 "Gone Craig Gone" Mark Hentemann & Steve Callaghan Jim Reardon 8ACE08
7 "Dave Knows Worst" Nancy Kruse & Raymond S. Persi 8ACE12
8 "Stealing First Base" Brian Kelley Steven Dean Moore 8ACE07
9 "Eternal Sunshine of the Sheridan Mind" Mark Hentemann Chuck Sheetz 8ACE06
10 "Don't Tell Momma" J. Stewart Burns Chris Clements 8ACE09
11 "Prank Calls" Mike Roth & Kent Osborne Bob Anderson 8ACE11
12 "The Hounds Have Got to Go" Kevin Curran Steven Dean Moore 8ACE13
13 "Craig is Done" Mark Hentemann Nancy Kruse 8ACE14
14 "Children of a Lesser Wood" Michael Price Bob Anderson 8ACE16
18 "There's No Disgrace Like Home" Mitchell H. Glazer & Mike Sullivan Steven Dean Moore 8ACE15
19 "Dave's Stress" Ken Keeler Mark Kirkland 8ACE18
20 "Stranded" Richard Appel 8ACE20
21 "Brain Eraser" Josh Weinstein Chris Clements 8ACE17
22 "Viewer Mail #2" Mitchell H. Glazer. Josh Weinstein,
Michael Price & Ken Keeler
Peter Avanzino
Chris Clements
Steven Dean Moore
23 "Sugar Rush" Ken Keeler Bob Anderson 8ACE19
24 "That's How We Do It" Matt Warburton Lance Kramer 8ACE23

Ninth Season (2013-15)

  • Showrunners: Michael Sullivan, Mark Hentemann and Steve Callaghan
  • Executive Producers: Richard Appel, Jerry Bruckheimer, Steve Callaghan, Mark Hentemann, Chris Sheridan (Episodes 1-6), Michael Sullivan and Josh Weinstein

Note: This was the first season with Heinz 58 Productions logo.

Note: Episodes 1, 3-4, 10-25 have the "Heinz Down" logo, while the episode 26 has the "Heinz 58 in a Box" logo

Note: Episodes 5, 6, 7 and 9 have the Underdog Productions logo instead.

Note: Episodes 1-18 were the last episodes that TCFTV has the 1997 fanfare.

No. in
Title Written By Directed By Prod. code
1 "Fear of a Bloody Planet" Steve Callaghan Mark Kirkland 9ACE15
2 "Fortune Cookie" Chris Sheridan Bob Anderson 9ACE12
3 "Psychotic" Ken Keeler Steven Dean Moore 9ACE06
4 "A Horse With No Name" Michael Rowe Raymond S. Persi 9ACE04
5 "The Truce Hurts" Benton Connor & Mike Roth Chris Clements 9ACE08
6 "Buck the Stud"
"This Little Doggy"
Michael Price Matthew Faughnan 9ACE07
7 "Our Idiot Stanley" Chris Sheridan Peter Shin 9ACE03
8 "Infernal Vaporwave" Josh Weinstein Chuck Sheetz 9ACE01
9 "Disturbing Mediocrity" Ken Keeler Raymond S. Persi 8ACE10
10 "Moonshine River" Michael Price Bob Anderson 9ACE02
11 "Can You Spare a Dime?" Benton Connor & Calvin Wong Chris Clements 9ACE13
12 "Family Issues" Mark Hentemann & Steve Callaghan Raymond S. Persi 9ACE14
13 "Bye, Bye Birdy" Mike Sullivan James Purdum 9ACE16
14 "Friends with Benefit" Rob LaZebnik Michael Polcino 9ACE21
15 "Dungeons and Dragons" Mike Roth, Kent Osborne & Michael Price Dominic Polcino 9ACE23
16 "Easter Special" Mark Hentemann Peter Shin 9ACE05
17 "Propably..." Ken Keeler Matthew Faughnan 9ACE09
18 "Family BBQ" Matt Warburton Raymond S. Persi 9ACE25
19 "Don't Make Me Over" Gene Laufenberg James Purdum 9ACE10
20 "Encyclopedia Simon" Matt Weitzman Brian Iles 9ACE17
21 "A Fistful of Stanley" Danny Smith John Holmquist 9ACE18
22 "Finding Nemo" Daniel Palladino Raymond S. Persi 9ACE11
23 "Fool Me Twice" Gary Janetti Peter Shin 9ACE22
24 "Tiki Lounge" Douglas Goldstein Rayme Muzquiz 9ACE19
25 "Play Date" Tom Root & John Langley Mark Kirkland 9ACE20
26 "It's About Time" Bob Schooley & Mark McCorkle Raymond S. Persi 9ACE24

Tenth Season (2015-16)

  • Showrunner: Richard Appel
  • Executive Producers: Richard Appel, Jerry Bruckheimer, Steve Callaghan, Peter Shin, Michael Sullivan, Kara Vallow and Josh Weinstein

Note: This is the only season that have the new Heinz 58 Productions logo, nicknamed as "Ciaoie Ciao!".

Note: The first Heinz 58 logo has also appeared in the episodes 1-6, 13-18 and 20.

No. in
Title Written By Directed By Prod. code
1 "Back to the Futurama" Jonathan Green & Gabe Miller Mark Kirkland 9ACE26
2 "Heartbreak Hotel" Jonathan Aibel & Glenn Berger Chris Clements 10ACE03
3 "The Missing Ink" Mike Barker & Matt Weitzman Matthew Faughnan 10ACE01
4 "Hot Water" Nahnatchka Khan Bob Anderson 10ACE04
5 "Hurricane!" Steve Callaghan Mark Kirkland 10ACE02
6 "Emission Impossible" Michael Shipley Michael Polcino 10ACE06
7 "Three Heads Are Worse Than One" Rob LaZebnik Raymond S. Persi 10ACE05
8 "Merry Christmas, Townshend Sheridan" Michael Price Mark Kirkland 10ACE07
9 "Buried Pleasure" Lewis Morton Chuck Klein 10ACE08
10 "Field of Streams" Brian Scully Jim Reardon 10ACE09
11 "Hold Do You Solve a Problem Like Stanley?" Jonathan Green & Gabe Miller Raymond S. Persi 10ACE13
12 "All You Can Eat" Dave Jeser & Matt Silversein Chris Clements 10ACE11
13 "Taco 'N' Bros" Bill Oakley Jeff Myers 10ACE12
14 "A World Without Colours" Clarence Livingston Oreste Canestrelli 10ACE10
15 "The Play's the Thing" Mike Roth, Kent Osborne and Josh Weinstein Matthew Faughnan 10ACE15
16 "Ready, Willing and Disabled" Alex Barnow & Marc Firek Steven Fonti 10ACE14
17 "If You Can't Stand the Heat" Mark Hentemann Peter Shin 10ACE17
18 "Child Misbehavior" Patrick Meighan Greg Colton 10ACE16
19 "Love, Actually" Brian Scully Dominic Bianchi 10ACE19
20 "Tales of Third Grade Nothing" Richard Appel Pete Michels 10ACE21

Eleventh Season (2016-17)

  • Showrunners: Richard Appel & Steve Callaghan
  • Executive Producers: Richard Appel, Jerry Bruckheimer, Steve Callaghan, Michael Sullivan and Kara Vallow.
No. in
Title Written By Directed By Prod. code
1 "Life and Stuff" J. Stewart Burns Mark Kirkland 10ACE18
2 "Birthday Bashed" Rob LaZebnik Raymond S. Persi 10ACE20
3 "Cool Runnings" Jeff Westbrook John Holmquist 11ACE01
4 "Stanley Joins a Cult" Nahnatcha Khan Raymond S. Persi 11ACE02
5 "Nightmare on Jumbo St." Michael Price 11ACE05
6 "Langley Heavy Industries" Ethan Coen Jim Reardon 11ACE03
7 "Next of Pin" Steve Callaghan Bob Anderson 11ACE04
8 "Best Little Horror House in the Town" Ken Keeler Raymond S. Persi 11ACE07
9 "Here Comes the Neighborhood" Dan Vebber Matthew Faughnan 11ACE06
10 "Dope & Faith" Michael Shipley Caleb Meurer 11ACE08
11 "Craig 911" David Zuckerman Brent Woods 11ACE11
12 "Spring Breakup" Nahnatchka Khan Raymond S. Persi 11ACE10
13 "Escape from the Wacky Racing" Jim Bernstein Caleb Meurer 11ACE09
14 "Home Alone" Rob LaZebnik Jim Reardon 11ACE12
15 "Dave's Food Restaurant" Rick Wiener & Kenny Schwartz Chris Clements 11ACE13
16 "I Am the Walrus" Chris & Matt McKenna Lance Kramer 11ACE16
17 "The Man Aquatic" J. Stewart Burns Rob Oliver 11ACE15
18 "The Razor's Edge" Jeff Westbrook Michael Polcino 11ACE14
19 "Crook and Ladder" Michael Price Bob Anderson 11ACE17
20 "The Finale" J. Stewart Burns,
Michael Price,
Tim Long,
David Zuckerman,
Steve Callaghan,
Chris Sheridan,
Jeff Westbrook,
Benton Connor,
John Eisendrath,
Ken Keeler,
Dan Vebber,
Danny Smith &
Greg Daniels
Lance Kramer 11ACE18

Twelfth Season (2018-present)

    • Dan Castellaneta
    • Maurice LaMarche
    • Miranda Richardson
    • Mike Sullivan
  • Note: This season marks the return of the show, as well as the original cast and crew members (except Johnson, who left the show at the end of season 10 and Carolyn Lawrence, voice of Courtney)
  • Showrunners: Rich Appel and Steve Callaghan
  • Executive Producers: Rich Appel, Jerry Bruckheimer, Steve Callaghan, Michael Sullivan, Kara Vallow and David Zuckerman.
No. Title Written By Directed By Prod. code
1 "Cancelled" Original Story Material: Ted Elliott & Terry Rossio
Teleplay by: David Zuckerman & Michael Sullivan
Lance Kramer CACE01
2 "Members Only" Patric M. Verrone Matthew Faughnan CACE02
3 "Paths of Glory" Rob LaZebnik Bret Haaland CACE03
4 "Poltergasm" Tim Long Bob Anderson CACE04
5 "Survival of the Idiots" Jeff Westbrook Matthew Nastuk CACE05
6 "Bitchshow" Mike Sullivan Mark Kirkland CACE06
7 "Sleazy" Chris McKenna & Matt McKenna Matthew Faughnan

Lost Episodes

The show also contains the three "lost episodes", that were never aired on Fox. They were included on third, fourth and eleventh season DVD sets.

Title Written By Directed By Prod. code
"Things I Do For Love" Jeff Westbrook, Dan Vebber, Patrick Johnson, Alfred Millar, Pete Gough Bob Anderson 4ACE23
"The Naked Truth" Jonathan Aibel, Glenn Berger, Matt Warburton, Steve Callaghan Michael Polcino 3ACE24
"A Question of Death" Patric M. Verrone Crystal Chesney-Thompson 8ACE25
"California, Here We Come!" Michael Price, J. Stewart Burns, Ken Keeler Lance Kramer 11ACE19
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