The Face Paint World Life is an American animated series created by Diana Uhlman. This page shows the episodes for the series.

Series Overview

Season Episodes Season premiere Season finale
1 26 November 17, 2001 ("A Walk in a Park") May 3, 2002 ("Collin's Farewell?")
2 26 November 22, 2002 ("Controlled by a Show") April 26, 2003 ("The Artistic One")
3 26 October 31, 2003 ("It's a Spooky Night") April 10, 2004 ("It's a Wild Road Trip!")
4 26 May 29, 2004 ("Summerheart City Race")

March 11, 2005 ("TBD")

5 26 May 6, 2005 ("Bad Maddie") January 28, 2006 ("Maddie Crowell: Unprofessional Detective")
6 26 September 29, 2006 ("TBD") March 17, 2007 ("Summerheart City Got Talent")



  • The Boy and The Face Paint - 1998 - a teenage boy, after moving to the Face Paint World City (which became Summerheart City), meets a teenage Face Paint girl.

Season 1 (2001-2002)

(NOTE: This is the only season to air during the 1999-2002 Disney Channel era, as the rest would air during the next era)

  1. A Walk in the Park / How to Wash Your Cat - 11/17/01 - In the series opener, Collin and Maddie takes Matthew for a walk. / Matthew gets dirty, so Collin and Maddie must bathe him, but he is scared of water since he is a cat, so they must find a way to bathe him.
  2. Un-amusement ParkDinosaur Situation - 11/17/01 - Collin and Maddie learns that everything is slowing down at the amusement park, so they investigate why so. / Dinosaurs escape from their habitats in the Dinosaur Zoo, wrecking havoc in the Summerheart City, so Collin, Maddie and Matthew must round them up.
  3. Alexis Doll is in the House! / Spark the Dragon - 11/24/01 - Maddie introduces Collin to her BFF named Alexis Doll, however she is pretty dumb. / Spark is harassing everyone in the Summerheart City, so our friends must stop him.
  4. A Pig-tastic Day / A Petty Peeve - 12/01/01 - A random pig somehow enters Maddie's house and decides to take care of it until his parents find him. / Matthew decides to get a relaxing day off while Collin is away, but he keeps getting disturbed.
  5. Kaitlyn / Face Paint SCAMMED! - 12/08/01 - Collin befriends a Face Paint girl who TBD, and decides to help her. However, Spark has dirty tricks up his "sleeve". / A Face Paint con artist is scamming almost everyone in Summerheart City, so Collin, Maddie, Alexis and Matthew must stop him.
  6. The Bunny House / Enter the Dragons - 12/15/01 - Collin accidentally angers a family of bunnies after wrecking his home, and now they are planning to return the favor by wrecking havoc in his apartment. / Collin, Maddie and Matthew go on an adventure to find a legendary Dragon Cave, where the dragons reside, however, Spark wants to stop them.
  7. One Feisty Cockroach / Galaxy - 12/21/01 - A feisty and trash-talking cockroach has been harassing Collin, Maddie, Alexis and Matthew, so they must make a plan to stop him. / Collin and Maddie meets a Face Paint named Galaxy, and decides to help her with TBD.
  8. Unwanted Visitor / Tail Cursed - 12/29/01 - Collin's apartment gets raided by a childish and annoying ferret who tells dumb jokes, so he and Matthew must get rid of him... however, there might be a reason why he raided his apartment in the first place. / Matthew accidentally angers a Stinkfrog magician, turning his tail into a snake, so without having Collin nor Maddie knowing, he must find a way to reverse the curse..
  9. Under the Bed / Sleeper - 01/04/02 - Collin befriends a monster that lived under the bed, which turns out he was hiding in the bed to hide from a big vulture. / Collin does not get any sleep due to him being extremely busy, resulting him to become extremely sleepy, becoming a problem when Maddie loses her favorite doll and wants Collin to find it.
  10. [Jaidyn's debut] / Magnolia's Boutique - 01/12/02 - Collin decides to help a Face Paint named Jaidyn to prepare for her show. / Collin meets Magnolia who is struggling on the first day of her being the runner of the boutique, so he helps her.
  11. I Think A Face Paint Has a Crush on Me / TBD - 01/19/02 - Collin befriends a Face Paint girl named Ocean in a mall. Little does he know, is that his new friend... has a huge crush on him / TBD
  12. Zoo Days / Lillyan - 01/26/02 - Maddie wants to go to the zoo with Collin, so they have a Zoo Day. / Maddie's childhood best friend Lillyan visits Collin and his friends, so they decide to make her feel welcome.
  13. Galaxy and Sisters / Them Pesky Moles! - 02/01/02 - Galaxy introduces her sisters named Gaia and Lake to Collin and his friends. However, they learn that Gaia is sensitive when Gerrett TBD. / The groups of moles is wrecking havoc in Summerheart City, stealing all kinds of various stuff, so Collin and his gang must stop them.
  14. Matthew's CrushHome Improvement - 02/09/02 - Matthew falls in love with a new dog that Alexis got, and been sneaking off to see her. / Gerrett's new home gets in a mess due to a storm, so Matthew, being the only one who can fit in the hole, must fix his house and Collin and Maddie make plans for the fixup.
  15. Tumblers / Waffles - 02/16/02 - Matthew gets his tumblers collection stolen by a thief, so Collin and Maddie must retrieve them back. / All of the waffles suddenly go missing in Summerheart City, so Collin, Maddie and Matthew must find and retrieve the missing waffles back.
  16. Schooled / Fashion Gals - 02/23/02 - Collin watches over a class of rowdy young Face Paints in a school. / Maddie and Ocean decide to participate in a fashion show.
  17. The Gerrett Show / A Triceratops in the City - 03/02/02 - Bored, Gerrett decides to host his own show. / Collin and his friends befriends a triceratops named Carlos.
  18. [Brynlee's debut] / Tornados and Volcanos - 03/09/02 - TBD/A severe thunderstorm has been happening at Summerheart City, as it ends up spawning a huge tornado, and to make things worse, the nearest volcano has erupted at the same time. Can Collin and the others deal with this madness?
  19. Doctor Matthew / Let's Make a Movie! - 03/16/02 - Collin wakes up sick, so Matthew must cure him, and it worries Maddie and Alexis. / Collin and his friends make a movie with Matthew directing, but Matthew is becoming harsh when people mess up.
  20. [Gerrett-centered] / TBD - 03/23/02 - TBD. / TBD.
  21. Rude Maddie / TBD - 03/30/02 - Maddie, after eating a bad pizza, becomes extremely rude as Collin has to hold her back before she causes harm./TBD
  22. Virtual Collin / Cheezey King - 04/06/02 - Collin gets accidentally sent to a computer after a certain computer virus hits him, so with Maddie assisting him by clicking (with funny results on him), he must escape the computer. / A new cheese sandwich shop opens up and Collin is ready to grab a lunch there on the first day, but when Spark steals some ingredients, Collin must stop him.
  23. Collin the Babysitter / A Mole Invasion - 04/13/02 - Having nothing to do, Collin decides to earn some money by babysitting a Face Paint woman's child, but it becomes a problem when the child would constantly attempt to escape his house and walk into the city. / A group of moles have been digging holes all around Summerheart City, so Collin and his gang must stop them.
  24. TBD/TBD - 04/20/02 - TBD/TBD
  25. TBD / Spark the Mutant - 04/27/02 - TBD. / Spark makes a deal with a gangster as he is given a potion to drink, which ends up turning into a giant mutant "killer" dragon, as Collin, Matthew, Maddie, Ocean, and Gerrett try to find something to stop him.
  26. Worst of LuckCollin's Farewell? - 05/03/02 - Collin finds a red, shiny mushroom, but accidentally steps on it. Things get worse when he suddenly starts to suffer from bad luck later on. / Rumors are spreading that Collin is leaving Summerheart City, leaving him confused, so he must convince the Face Paints he is not leaving for now.

Season 2 (2002-2003)

(NOTE: While the new DC Originals (at the time) was used, this is the last season to use the Walt Disney Television logo, as the third season used the Walt Disney Television Animation logo instead)

  1. Controlled by a Show / [Lillyan centered] - 11/22/02 - Collin gets attracted to a game show named The Cost is Correct. However, Collin's friends learn that someone mysteriously put a hypno-chip on a camera, so they must save Collin and get the chip off with the help of the show's host. / TBD.
  2. The Jemmings / One Sneakoff - 11/22/02 - Collin meets the Jemmings while TBD. / Matthew sneaks off to explore a forest he is puzzled about, but when Collin and his friends find out, he must find and save Matthew.
  3. Be Afraid! / [Alexis centered] - 11/29/02 - After watching a horror movie, Maddie starts hiding in Collin's closet, never to come out (fearing monsters might get her), Collin must convince her to get out and calm down. / TBD
  4. The Maddie Blues / The Haunted House - 12/07/02 - Collin notices that Maddie has been sad and been crying all day, so he investigates why she is that. / Collin and his friends go through a haunted house thanks to a dare by Gerrett, but problem? Gaia has a fear of haunted houses.
  5. The Strange Dimension / Catcher with a Pie - 12/13/02 - Matthew, Luna and Gerrett travel to a strange new dimension, resided by fish Face Paint people. / Collin's baked pie keeps getting stolen by various people, so Collin needs to retrieve them back.
  6. Home Alone / Lemme Tell You a Gerrett Story - 12/20/03 - Collin puts Matthew in charge of making sure his apartment is safe, but he has to face pack of mischievous, food-stealing mice. / Gerrett decides to tell goofy stories to Collin and his friends.
  7. Bees are Scary... Not! Fizzy, Fizzy! - 12/28/02 - After being stung in the leg by a bee, Maddie develops a fear of bees, so Collin must get her to conqure it. / Fizz accidentally creates a beloved soda while messing with Collin's new soda-making kit, and it becomes a sensation. However, it attracts raccoons, so he must stop them from stealing the stock.
  8. [Nova's debut] / Big Bad Bear - 01/04/03 - TBD / A mean bear beating random people up in Summerheart City, so Collin and Maddie must stop them.
  9. Hideoustoys / Boogie Woogie - 01/11/03 - TBD / A disco ball is hosted as Collin and his gang participate for fun.
  10. The Hottest Day in Summerheart City / Under Collin-struction - 01/17/03 - Today is the hottest day in Summerheart City, and our friends find a way to make themselves cool. / TBD [related to Keziah]
  11. Very Caffeine Day / Stormy Night in Summerheart City - 01/24/03 - Gerrett challenges Ocean to NOT drink coffee for a day, however, Collin and his gang learns that Ocean would become a maniacal girl if she doesn't drink coffee once, so they must give her a coffee before she wrecks one Summerheart City building to find one. / TBD
  12. A Rare Face Paint Ahead! Muddy Maddie - 01/31/03 - Collin befriends a Face Paint girl who turns out to be a rare version of a Face Paint, however, a greedy Face Paint billionare wants to kidnap her for money. / Maddie falls in love with playing on mud in a newly built Muddy Playground, as she would go there everyday. This turns into a problem when Spark ruins the place, so Maddie must save the Muddy Playground.
  13. Bow-tastic! / Secret Cupid - 02/01/03 - Collin must obtain a special bow (that Spark stole) belonging to a cutesy Face Paint, who she is refusing to leave her room until she gets it back. / Collin gets a love letter for Feelings Day, so Collin investigates who sent it.
  14. Rock Star Ocean / Hoo Are You? - 02/08/03 - After listening to rock music, Ocean turns herself into a rock-star-like person, but becomes very harsh and hateful in the process. So its up to Collin to convince her to become the Ocean he knows and love. / Maddie finds a owl named Hootus somehow in her house. When she learns that he is trying to navigate, but he ended up getting his winged injured, she decides to take care of him until he feels better.
  15. Who Kidnapped Matthew? / Penguin in Summerheart City - 02/15/03 - A villain kidnaps Matthew, so Collin must find him. / TBD.
  16. TBD/TBD - 02/212/03 - TBD/TBD
  17. Spicing Things Up! / Gerrett's Turtle - 02/28/03 - To prove Collin that she is very manly, Maddie decides to participate in The Phoenix Angel's [spicy pepper, has to be the hottest, ideas?] of Doom Challenge, but it proves to be extremely hard for her. / Gerrett is gifted a turtle, while being a ferret. However, they grow a very close bond.
  18. TBD/TBD - 03/01/03 - TBD/TBD
  19. TBD / Gerrett vs. the Scratcher - 03/08/03 - TBD / A parrot villain named the Scratcher has broke into various places and damaged things by scratching them, including one of Gerrett's personal items, as Gerrett gets mad and goes out to find and beat the Scratcher up. Meanwhile, Collin, Ocean, Alexis, and Matthew try to clean up the apartment after the Scratcher has scratched everything in it.
  20. Look on the Brrrrrr-ight Side / Tumbler Problem - 03/14/03 - Collin's apartment suddenly becomes like a winter wonderland after his air conditioner malfunctions. / Matthew loses his collection of tumblers again, so Collin must retrieve all of them.
  21. TBD/TBD - 03/21/03 - TBD/TBD
  22. Ocean and Fizz / The Ugly Duckling and The Pretty Face Paint - 03/29/03 - Ocean meets Fizz and decides to help him on TBD. / Ocean finds a duckling who ran away from home because his siblings kept calling him ugly, so Ocean decides to keep it, but things go wrong when Gerrett and a few others start picking on him.
  23. Carl / TBD - 04/05/03 - Maddie falls in love with a Face Paint boy named Carlston, but he has no interest in her, so he tries to find a way to stay away from her. Meanwhile, Collin helps a Face Paint girl on getting her pet cat down. / TBD.
  24. Ocean's Sister / The Crush of Kaitlyn - 04/11/03 - Ocean decides to introduce her sister Pearl Starshine to Collin, but she ends up falling in love with her, which annoys Ocean. / Kaitlyn meets and falls in love with a Face Paint boy named Mike.
  25. Ferret and The Clown / The Saurus - 04/18/03 - TBD. / A dinosaur named The Saurus has been annoying Ocean as Collin heads to figure out why.
  26. Rad the Rapping Famboo The Artistic One - 04/26/03 - Gerrett encounters a rapping Famboo named Rad who is doing cool tricks, as Gerrett decides to prank him as he causes him to mess up, ticking Rad off as he wants to try cool tricks without messing up, but Gerrett doesn't want to stop pranking him. / Collin signs up for an art contest, but is struggling to make a good work of art, as he soon encounters a Face Paint girl named Ashley, who is very artistic and has agreed to help Collin out.

Season 3 (2003-2004)

(This is the first season to have 22 minute special episodes, as well as the only season to have a new episode a day after a new episode)

  1. It's A Spooky Night Part 1 - 10/31/2003 - In the third season opener, Collin and his friends tell scary stories.
  2. It's A Spooky Night Part 2 - 10/31/2003 - The characters continue telling their scary stories.
  3. Aquatic / The Snapperclaw Pack - 11/01/2003 - Collin and his friends decide to go to the aquarium, but Gerrett accidentally brings out the fish, so they must return the fish to its respective tank. / Gerrett accidentally (and kinda purposely as well) ticks off a pack of Snapperclaws, so Collin and his gang must find a way to get them to scat.
  4. [Lapis and Lazuli's debut] / A Doozie of a Pickle - 11/07/2003 - TBD / Learning that the famous pickles are all gone somehow, Collin and his friends must investigate where all of the pickles went.
  5. Happy Seal Day / Jaidyn and Collin - 11/15/2003 - Alexis finds and takes care of a lost baby seal. When her parents find out about their baby seal, Alexis must return her to her parents. / Collin helps on Jaidyn on TBD.
  6. Taco-ver Maddie's Fear / Spark and The Goat - 11/22/2003 - Maddie's fear of tacos is accidentally discovered when TBD. / Spark stumbles across and teams up with a goat with his attitude to humuliate Collin and his friends BIG TIME.
  7. [Ocean related] / That Muffin, Man! - 11/28/2004 - TBD / Maddie's freshly baked muffins meant for her friends goes missing, it's up to Collin and his friends to find them.
  8. Lobsters Situation / Atomic Kaitlyn - 12/06/2004 - Gerrett angers the lobsters by unknowingly destroying their homes, and they are about to return the favor by wrecking Gerrett's home, so the gang must stop them. / Inspired by the comics she has been reading while bored, Kaitlyn decides to write her own comic.
  9. Happy Wintermas! - 12/13/2003 - After being put on a naughty list due to his harshness, Spark decides to try to get to the nice list... by doing nice things with the help of Collin and Maddie.
  10. The Jungle and Arctic Gang / Picture Perfect - 12/20/2003 - Ocean gets very excited when she learns that her favorite show, The Jungle and Arctic Gang, came to Summerheart City, but Spearice and Dunkley teamed up with Spark to stop them, she and her friends team up with the characters to stop them. / Collin decides to put his painting skills to a test, but it keeps going awry from various interruptions.
  11. Fest of Paint / [a hypno-show episode] - 01/26/2003 - Today is the Fest of Paint, and Collin has no idea what it is, so Maddie and her friends introduce him how it works. / TBD.
  12. Ocean Lotion Potion - 01/03/2004 - Ocean buys the new Lotion Potion with Berry scent, but she accidentally loses it when Spark throws it to the cave. In order to obtain her lotion back, she has to deal with a giant spider that gives her three riddles and puzzles. (Note: This is the first episode where none of the main characters appear)
  13. The Summerheart City Show / The Aliens Are Here! - 01/10/2004 - Collin decides to make a video about life in Summerheart City, however, he experiences tons of interruptions, whether it involves Maddie talking to him, Gerrett pranking him, or even Spark interrupting his recording. / Thinking the aliens are coming after overhearing an alien film, Maddie tries to get Collin and her friends safe.
  14. Pet Escape / A Sasquatch in Summerheart City - 01/16/2004 - A Face Paint pet collector kidnaps Matthew and Luna, they make a plan to escape with the help of the other pets. / A sasquatch that has been living in the Summerheart City caves has been popping out at night, stealing all of the foods and items, so Collin and his gang must find and convince him to stop.
  15. Gerrett the Smart Ferret / Jellybeans Situation - 01/23/2004 - After getting hit by a rock, Gerrett suddenly becomes an extremely smart ferret, solving problems he has never solved. / Jellybeans start falling everywhere like rain during a day in Summerheart City, so Collin, Maddie, Alexis, Ocean, Matthew, Luna, Fizz and Gerrett must solve where the jellybeans are coming from.
  16. Ocean Shines / GIVE ME A BREAK! - 01/31/2004 - Collin gives Ocean a shiny necklace as a celebration of their friendship, and Ocean loves it, wearing it every day lately. However, Gerrett breaks the necklace, breaking Ocean's heart, so Gerrett must find a way to find a new, exact necklace before Collin finds out. / Gerrett tries to take a break from pranking people by the request of Collin. However, it goes awry when he unknowingly angers a pack of TBD.
  17. Chipmunk'd Up! (crossover with Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers) - 02/06/2004 - Collin and his friends teams up with Chip and Dale (and the Rescue Rangers) when Fat Cat, without the authorities of Summerheart City, builds up his new fort and wrecks havoc by making robots. So they must stop him.
  18. Ant-Sized / Dream Maddies - 02/14/2004 - Collin gets shrunk into ant-sized, so Maddie and her friends must get him back to normal sized. / Maddie decide to enter dreams of her friends. 
  19. Catnapped / Pass... - 02/21/2004 - Matthew gets kidnapped by Spark, so Collin must save him. / A bored Collin and his friends try to decide on an activity to get rid of their boredom, but it is proving to be difficult.
  20. Summerheart City: The Musical - 02/27/2004 - Collin and his friends sing songs while having adventures in Summerheart City in this musical episode. (musical episode)
  21. Lucky City - 03/06/2004 - After Matthew finds a letter related to a newly built city named Lucky City, Collin, Ocean, Maddie and their friends decide to check out Lucky City. However, the major seems to be a suspicious person. (NOTE: Collin x Ocean becomes canon starting with the end of this episode)
  22. The Return of The Scammer / [Crystal episode] - 03/13/2004 - The scammer of Summerheart City is at it again, so Collin must stop him again. / TBD.
  23. The Scientist in Summerheart City / Rage of the Needle Ants - 03/19/2004 - Collin accidentally stumbles across a mad scientist. / Needle Ants, led by Hank, have been infesting Collin's apartment, and now he, along with Matthew, Gerrett, and Maddie, must get rid of them without getting themselves stung.
  24. Jealous of An Another Face Paint Girl / The Diamond Snake - 03/26/2004 - Ever since Collin and Ocean started dating since the events of Lucky City, Maddie believes that she's feeling left out, becoming jealous, causing her to attempt to break them up. Matthew, believing that it is a horrible idea, tries to stop her. / Hearing legends of the Diamond Snake, Alexis stays up all day and night to search for the Diamond Snake.
  25. Three Little Dogs / A Wooly Mammoth in Summerheart City - 04/02/2004 - Three dog children get lost in Summerheart City and meets Ocean. She decides to watch them over. / Cloud accidentally brings a wooly mammoth back to life, so Collin and his friends decide to make him feel welcome.
  26. It's a Wild Road Trip! - 04/10/2004 - After many adventures in Summerheart City, Collin, Ocean and their friends decide to have a relaxing vacation to a beach, but... the road trip there turns into an adventure.

Season 4 (2004-2005)

(NOTE: This and the fifth seasons are the only seasons that not only opened in the summer, but had mid-season hiatuses)

  1. Summerheart City Race / Gerrett in Charge - 05/29/2004 - In the fourth season opener, Gerrett and Matthew participate in the annual Summerheart City Race. / Gerrett is put in charge to watch over Collin's apartment, but TBD.
  2. Different MatthewSecret Telling - 05/29/2004 - Collin is noticing that Matthew has been acting aggressive lately, later learning that those trash-talking bugs have been bothering him lately, so he must stop them. / Stuck in the park during a buffalo raid, Collin and Maddie decide to tell secret stories to each other.
  3. The Gummy Queen / The Childhood Rival - 06/11/2004 - Maddie somehow wakes up in a world where the gummy people live, but decides to become a gummy queen. However, when the real Gummy Queen was kidnapped prior to Maddie's arrival, she decides to team up with her new gummy friends to save her. / Ocean's old childhood rival named Abigail Paintson moves in to Summerheart City, making Ocean feel uncomfortable, causing them to have a continuous fight. However, the situation gets worse when Spark decides to TBD, she and Abigail has to team up to stop him.
  4. Meet and Greets / [Gaia centered] - 06/19/2004 - Maddie goes on a meet and greet convention, where she ends up meeting her idol. However, something fishy is going on about him. / TBD. (NOTE: Meet and Greets is the first time that only Maddie appeared as a main character, while Collin is absent, though he is mentioned only)
  5. AUGH! PEE-EWEY! / Feelings Day - 06/26/2004 - Collin gets sprayed by a skunk, as a result, he is starting to stink. Becoming a problem for him, he must find a way to get rid of the stench that the skunk caused. / Collin wants to give something to both Maddie and Ocean for Feelings Day, but doesn't know what.
  6. The Canadian Face Paint / Balooney Toons - 07/02/2004 - A Canadian Face Paint plane pilot crashlands in Summerheart City, so Collin decides to make him feel welcome while Matthew attempts to fix his plane. / Collin and his friends meets the most beloved Balooney Tunes, but when TBD decides to wreck havoc, they team up to stop him.
  7. SCAT CAT! / What's the Message? - 07/09/2004 - An anthropomorphic cat named Catherine has been harassing people in Summerheart City, so Collin and his gang must stop her. / [reserved for Green]
  8. My Sweet Sister / Collin's Fit - 07/17/2004 - Alexis's sister Skye Doll decides to come along with Alexis this time, they learn that she is dumb like Alexis (but not as dumb as her). However, when Gerrett makes an unwelcoming joke, they try to make her welcome again. / Collin is in a rather unsettling mood, so Maddie and her friends including Ocean must figure out why.
  9. Summerheart City Life-Mania - 07/24/2004 - Excitement for a show based on Collin and his friends turns into very insulting when the show with them is insulting to themselves, even Spark the Dragon is insulted.
  10. Fake News! / [Mario parody] - 07/31/2004 - Fake news is spreading around Summerheart City, so Collin and his friends must investigate how it happened. / TBD.
  11. Jokes On You! / Club Joyee - 08/07/2004 - Gerrett's joke on Collin goes wrong when he accidentally turns Collin into a chicken, so he must revert Collin back without Maddie's knowledge. / Maddie and her friends have fun in the Summerheart City club, Club Joyee.
  12. [Keziah and Brynlee related] / A Gumbo Cook Off - 08/13/2004 - TBD / Today is the annual Summerheart City Gumbo Coof Off festival, and people of Summerheart City, especially Collin and Spark, are trying to win an award of Best Spicy Gumbo.
  13. Tears Situation / Special Delivery - 08/21/2004 - A day goes disasterious wrong when Gerrett accidentally disturbs and angers a pack of Tears, vowing to ruin Collin's day. So he, Ocean and Maddie try to stop them. / Collin gets assigned by a sick Face Paint mailman to deliver a package throughout various bizarre situations.
  14. Fun-Gal Parasite / It's A Tomato Storm! - 12/18/2004 - a fun-loving parasite that turns girls into fun-loving girls hits on Maddie and the other girls, making the male Face Paints hide. So Ocean (the only one not affected) must find a way to cure them. / Professor Cloud's latest invention that is supposed to collect tomatoes, known as T.O.M.A.T.O, goes haywire, instead throwing and spreading tomatoes everywhere, so Collin and his friends and Cloud must find a way to stop it.
  15. Cave-mit Crab / The Typhoon Cave - 12/24/2004 - TBD / Collin and his friends, as a reward for solving various situation, decide to have fun in the newly opened water park named The Typhoon Cave.
  16. The Annual Summerheart City Marathon - 12/31/2004 - Today is the Annual Summerheart City marathon and both Collin and Spark are participating. However, a participant (not Spark) decides to cheat by dropping obstacles, they are forced to team up to dodge the obstacles, but one of them will win.
  17. Escape of the Impolotl / Happy Brynlee Day! - 01/08/2005 - When one of Professor Cloud's experiments, the Impolotl, escapes from his laboratory, he sends Collin, Matthew and Maddie to chase after it, contain it and return it to the laboratory. / TBD.
  18. The Friend There's a Ghost in My Apartment! - 01/15/2005 - Ocean attempts to befriend a new Face Paint girln named Christina. / Collin and Matthew were sleeping when they soon encounter and befriend a ghost in their apartment who was just wandering around Summerheart City at night, minding his own business.
  19. A Niece's Welcome / TBD - 08/26/2005 - Professor Cloud's niece, Chaney Cloud, visits Summerheart City to spend a week with him, so he decides to have Collin and his friends feel welcome. However, a familiar bad guy wants to ruin her visit. / TBD.
  20. Let's Make a Cartoon! - 01/21/2005 - Spark forces Collin, Matthew, Luna, Ocean and Maddie to produce a cartoon based off him, however, we then learn he is actually participating in the Best Cartoon contest, so they decide to TBD.
  21. A Snorey Day / What Memory? - 01/28/2005 - Collin and his friends must find a way to stop an extremely loud snore that is disturbing many people of Summerheart City. / Collin suddenly loses his memories after getting hit by a plank.
  22. TBD / Gerrett the Emperor - 02/11/2005 - TBD / Collin was sent to Cloud's laboratory to watch over his inventions when he unintentionally starts up one of his inventions and ends up in an alternate universe where Gerrett is evil and has taken over Summerheart City, so he teams up with the alternate version of Maddie to stop him and get him to change the ways in order to return to the main universe.
  23. Maroon Man, Maroon Man, Come to Life! / Locked Out - 02/19/2005 - Maddie accidentally brings the classic Maroon Man to life, but when Spark and The One (Maroon Man's nemesis) decides to team up and kidnap him, Maddie must save her favorite character. / Collin and Spark both get locked out in a closed down grocery store after an accident knocks both of them out, so they must find a way to leave the locked down grocery store.
  24. Good Girls / Collin vs. The Skeletons - 02/25/2005 - TBD. / Collin faces a group of jazz-playing skeletons that use their jazz-playing music to lure people so they can trap them in deep burrows forever, as Collin soon finds out about that and confronts them while also trying to get the others out.
  25. The Return of The Scratcher / TBD - 03/05/2005 - TBD/TBD
  26. TBD/TBD - 03/11/2005 - TBD

Season 5 (2005-2006)

(NOTE: This and the fourth seasons are the only seasons that not only opened in the summer, but had mid-season hiatuses)

  1. Bad Maddie Quit Monkeying Around! - 05/06/2005 - Spark, by stealing a potion that Cloud was working on, turns Maddie into a bad girl to cause chaos. / Collin, Matthew, Maddie, Gerrett, and Ocean were taking a nice stroll when they encounter two monkeys causing chaos just for the fun of it as they (except Gerrett) try to get away from them.
  2. TBD/TBD - 05/06/2005 - TBD/TBD
  3. TBD/TBD - 05/14/2005 - TBD
  4. Here Today, Hiding Tomorrow / TBD - 05/20/2005 - TBD/TBD
  5. Picture Day at Summerheart City / TBD - 05/28/2005 - Today's Picture Day at Summerheart City, and our friends are ready to take a big picture... however, things go downhill when Maddie's look is ruined by Gerrett's stupidity, so her friends must fix her in time. / TBD
  6. Scat, You Coyote! / TBD - 06/03/2005 - The Summerheart City citizens are getting very irritated, including Collin. After investigating that an annoying coyote appeared, trying to attack Collin and claiming that Ocean sent him, Ocean and her friends must stop him and save Collin. / TBD
  7. Alexis Fairy / The Good, The Bad and The Kaitlyn - 06/10/2005 - Alexis decides to pretend to be a tooth fairy, with disastrous results. / Kaitlyn is acting very grumpy lately, so Collin and Maddie must find out how she got grumpy.
  8. [Brynlee centered] / TBD - 06/17/2005 - TBD/TBD
  9. Pet Party / Any Minute Now... - 06/25/2005 - Matthew and Luna are taken to a pet party when Collin and Maddie decide to go hang out by themselves. / TBD
  10. TBD/TBD - 07/02/2005 - TBD/TBD
  11. TBD/TBD - 07/09/2005 - TBD/TBD
  12. The Animal Kids / TBD - 07/15/2005 - The Animal Kids get kidnapped by TBD, so Maddie must save her favorite animal characters. / TBD
  13. TBD/TBD - 07/22/2005 - TBD/TBD
  14. Informeri-OOPS! / TBD - 11/04/2005 - Collin's accident while making waffles with Gerrett recording goes viral, with him ending up getting an Informercial job after it impressed a informercial guy. / TBD
  15. TBD/TBD - 11/12/2005 - TBD/TBD
  16. TBD/TBD - 11/19/2005 - TBD/TBD
  17. TBD/TBD - 11/25/2005 - TBD/TBD
  18. Summerheart City: The Musical 2: Yes, Another One - 12/02/2005 - TBD. (musical episode)
  19. TBD/TBD - 12/09/2005 - TBD/TBD
  20. TBD/TBD - 12/16/2005 - TBD.
  21. TBD/TBD - 12/24/2005 - TBD/TBD
  22. TBD/TBD - 12/31/2005 - TBD/TBD
  23. Ferrett Eater / TBD - 01/07/2006 - Gerrett stumbles across an insane chameleon who claims to eat ferrets, but Collin and his friends are having a busy day, so he must get him to scat himself. / TBD
  24. TBD/TBD - 01/13/2006 - TBD/TBD
  25. Mind Clothes Opposition - 01/21/2006 - An evil fashionista has created mind controlling clothes as Matthew and Gerrett have to work together to free everyone from these hypnotic clothes. / A lab machine from the distance goes wrong and shoots lighting all over Summerheart City, which ends up giving everyone opposite personalities (like Collin is now completely selfish and grumpy, Maddie now adores tacos and Gerrett now is an intelligent being).
  26. TBD / Maddie Crowell: Unprofessional Detective - 01/28/2006 - TBD / TBD

Season 6 (2006-2007)

(within eight months without any new episodes between the fifth and sixth seasons, this marked the longest series break to date)

  1. [parody of Wheel of Fortune] / Maddie's Closet - 09/29/2006 - TBD. / Maddie decides to become a cloth-changing fashionista after an accident that caused her to develop her obsessions with changing clothes every day..
  2. DoppleOcean / TBD - 09/29/2006 - Ocean stumbles across a doppleganger of Ocean who wants to wreck havoc and huliminate Collin, but she then learns that she is actually from an alternate dimension, so Ocean must find a way to send her back. / TBD
  3. TBD/TBD - 10/06/2006 - TBD/TBD
  4. American Dragon at Summerheart - 10/14/2006 - Jake Long goes to Summerheart City and teams up with Collin and his friends to stop a mysterious person from turning the city into a millionaire city. (crossover episode with American Dragon: Jake Long)
  5. A Doll Teaparty / Yodel NO! - 10/21/2006 - Alexis and Skye invite Collin to a tea party. / A random Face Paint yodeler gets lost on Summerheart City, so Collin and his friends must get him home.
  6. TBD/TBD - 10/27/2006 - TBD/TBD
  7. Outback Face Paints - 11/04/2006 - Maddie, Alexis, Skye, Magnolia, Ocean and Pearl take a vacation to Downundia, turning into an adventure when they team up with Sara and her friends to prevent a bank robbery. (crossover with The Outback Snake)
  8. [Gaia centered] / [Magnolia centered] - 11/10/2006 - TBD/TBD
  9. TBD/TBD - 11/18/2006 - TBD/TBD
  10. Return to Gummyland - 11/24/2006 - Maddie returns to Gummyland when an evil gummy plots to take over the world.
  11. TBD/TBD - 12/02/2006 - TBD/TBD
  12. Enter the Firefly / Drackus Returns - 12/08/2006 - Collin must return a jar of fireflies lost in the middle of the city to their mother. / Drackus has arrived to get revenge on Fizz and Collin, but now not only does he want to snatch Fizz, but Collin and everyone that they love too, and he appears to be more powerful than before.
  13. TBD/TBD - 12/15/2006 - TBD/TBD
  14. TBD/TBD - 12/23/2006 - TBD/TBD
  15. Con-skirt / Collin the Dino-Human?! - 12/29/2006 - [reserved for Green] / Professor Cloud's accident turns Collin into a dinosaur-like human, so while Alexis decides to teach him to live like a friendly dino, Cloud and Ocean must find a way to turn him back.
  16. TBD / A Little Bird Told Me... - 01/05/2007 - TBD/Collin, Matthew, Maddie and the others have found out that people are talking about their deepest darkest secrets for some reason, but they soon discover that there is a little bird flying to those people and telling them their secrets, so they must stop it.
  17. Crybaby Ocean / Stark the Dragon - 01/12/2007 - [reserved for Green] / Professor Cloud creates a clone of Spark that is meant to be a nicer version of him, but he turns out to be more mean than Spark himself and wanting to destroy Summerheart City and all of its people, so Cloud has to team up with Spark to stop him. (NOTE: Stark the Dragon is the TBDth time where none of the main characters appeared)
  18. TBD/TBD - 01/19/2007 - TBD/TBD
  19. Ocean's World - 01/27/2007 - Ocean decides to embark on her own adventure in her very own imagination world.
  20. TBD/TBD - 02/02/2007 - TBD/TBD
  21. TBD/TBD - 02/10/2007 - TBD/TBD
  22. TBD/TBD - 02/16/2007 - TBD/TBD
  23. Ocean-Dora / TBD - 02/23/2007 - Dora the Spider steals an invention from Professor Cloud, and switches brains with Ocean, wrecking havoc. / TBD
  24. TBD/TBD - 03/03/2007 - TBD/TBD
  25. TBD/TBD - 03/10/2007 - TBD/TBD
  26. Summerheart City Got Talent - 03/17/2007 - [reserved for Green]. (Series finale, possible cliffhanger)

Season 7 (2021)

In contrast to the six seasons, it is confirmed that seventh and eighth seasons will last for 20 episodes.


Lost episodes

This list shows the episodes that never released in public, considered as Lost Media and mythical. However, prior to the The Complete Adventures release, only TBD lost episodes were found. However, the rest of the lost episodes were eventually released on the TFPWL: The Complete Adventures DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital releases.

  • The Gender-bent World Life - Collin and his friends goes across the alternate Summerheart City where he meets their genderbent version of themselves. (this episode was supposed to air on January 29th, 2005, but was replaced by Meet and Greets.
  • [reserved for Green]
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