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These are episodes of The Baker Siblings and the Unordinary Girls.

Series overview

Season Episodes Season premiere Season finale
Pilot October 24, 2020
1 TBA April 16, 2021 ("Just Some Mischief") TBA ("TBD")

Season 0 (2020)

  1. The Ice Cream Truck - 10/24/2020 - Two teenage siblings, Danny and Nikki, are staying in their neighbor's mansion to watch over three little girls, only to soon discover that they are not ordinary little girls, but a trio of a ghost girl, alien girl, and robot girl. Things get even more awry when the siblings discover the girls chasing after an ice cream truck to get ice cream, leaving it up to them to get them back.

Season 1 (2021)

  1. Just Some Mischief - 04/16/2021 - Danny and Nikki, as well as the Unordinary Girls, find their homes vandalized with graffiti, as they soon find out that it was caused by a mischievous teen who is infamous for vandalizing random houses.
  2. The Werecougar - 04/17/2021 - A werecougar has been terrorizing people as the Baker Siblings have to protect the girls from him.
  3. House of Terror - 04/18/2021 - Grace gets lured to a house of terror as Danny and Nikki have to get her back from the terrifying mansion.
  4. Danny the Sponge - 04/24/2021 - A strange illness turns Danny into a sponge as Nikki and the kids have to turn him back.
  5. That's Sweet! - 05/01/2021 - Danny and Grace find a group of tiny cute candy-like creatures who claimed to be part of an experiment and decide to become friends, yet Nikki and Rose end up finding them annoying and wants them to leave.
  6. Cooking Challenge - 05/08/2021 - A celebrity chef challenges Danny and Nikki Baker to a cooking challenge as the Bakers have to beat the chef in a cooking challenge. Meanwhile, Grace, Alina, and Rose decide to pull a massive prank on the chef once the competition starts.
  7. Amazing Grace - 05/15/2021 - Grace finds a potion that makes everyone worship her as soon she has to find a way to stop it.
  8. Stranger Danger - 05/22/2021 - Danny and Nikki have to worry about a mysterious stranger who wants to kidnap the kids.
  9. Nikki Isn't Here - 05/29/2021 - A ghost has possessed Nikki and decides to harm the kids as Danny has to exorcise her, yet it becomes a bigger problem when he has no idea how to do so.
  10. Deal With a Demon - 05/31/2021 - Rose makes a deal with a man named Mr. Opportunity for some candy as Danny and Nikki must cancel the deal.
  11. Sick Grace - 06/05/2021 - Grace is forced to stay home after getting sick with a stomach flu. However, when she's soon left all alone in Mr. Wheeler's mansion, she tries to do things on her own, but her illness ends up making it harder for her to focus on doing so.
  12. Lost in the Garden - 06/12/2021 - The Bakers and the girls find a weird garden-like land as they go inside, only for all of them to get separated from each other and lost, as the garden-like land turns out to have some sort of magical powers.
  13. Pens - 06/19/2021 - Danny finds a man who calls himself the Pen Man as he soon gets obsessed with buying them, much to Nikki and the Unordinary Girls' annoyance.
  14. Escape from the Silver House - 06/26/2021 - The Baker Siblings and the girls find a silver house and enter it out of curiosity, only to end up getting trapped while dealing with the chaos that happens within it, so they must escape.
  15. Rose Hates Ants - 07/02/2021 - A bunch of ants has been pestering Rose as she has to prove her superiority over them.
  16. One Talking Dog - 07/09/2021 - The Baker Siblings stumble across a talking dog named Fred.
  17. The Dark Staircase - 07/23/2021 - The Baker Siblings, Stacy, and Kayla decide to take Grace, Alina, and Rose to Jacob's house to hang out over the weekend. They all wanted to do something as they decide to go to the basement to see if they can find something, but it gets awry when they keep hearing strange noises beyond the dark staircase to that basement, leading them to believe that something is in there.
  18. Lockdown - 07/26/2021 - The City gets locked down when a giant fish monster is attacking it as Danny and Nikki have to keep the kids safe.
  19. Rose the Petsitter - 07/27/2021 - Wanting to prove to her siblings and the Bakers that she can be responsible, she decides to start petsitting some pets in an animal shelter, yet it doesn't turn out so well for her.
  20. It Came From the Kiddie Pool - 07/28/2021 - TBD
  21. Danny's Gone! - 07/29/2021 - Recently after a huge argument, Nikki notices that Danny has been missing ever since. Believing that it's her fault, she, with help from Grace, Alina, and Rose, head out to find where Danny ran off to.
  22. Doctor Grace - 07/30/2021 - TBD
  23. The Unordinary Girls in New York - 09/06/2021 - TBD
  24. Going Crazy - 09/10/2021 - Nikki eats a strange berry as she starts acting insane.
  25. Nikki's Hiding Something - 09/17/2021 - Suspecting that Nikki is hiding something she is too embarrassed to show to the girls, Grace, Alina, and Rose decide to sneak into the Bakers' house and find what Nikki is hiding.
  26. Breakfast Chaos - 09/24/2021 - TBD
  27. Toy Trucks - 10/16/2021 - Grace has been strangely obsessed with toy trucks as Rose decides to figure out why.
  28. The More of Us, The Better - 10/23/2021 - TBD
  29. The Screecherman - 10/30/2021 - TBD
  30. Sibling Rivalry - 11/27/2021 - TBD
  31. The Baker Siblings and The Missing Girls - 12/04/2021 - The Baker Siblings learn that the girls are missing. They must find them before Mr. Wheeler gets home.
  32. The Christmas Bee - 12/11/2021 - TBD

Season 2 (2022)

  1. Danny and the Elder Sword - 01/17/2022 - TBD
  2. The Moon People - 01/22/2022 - TBD
  3. Your Mind is Mine - 01/29/2022 - TBD
  4. Mr. Wheeler's New Hat - 02/05/2022 - TBD
  5. Sugar Rush - 02/12/2022 - TBD
  6. The Medicine - 02/19/2022 - Danny gets very sick with a strange disease as Nikki and the Unordinary Girls must find a cure for it.
  7. Welcome to H.P. Carnum's Circus - TBD
  8. I Love You - Danny tries to get Nikki to say she loves him as a brother as things soon get chaotic.
  9. Where's the Celery Sticks? - TBD
  10. A Piece of the Pie - TBD

Shorts (2021)

  1. Special Delivery - 01/29/2021 - TBD
  2. Love? - 02/14/2021 - Grace is confused about the idea of Valentine's Day as she tries to figure out what it is.
  3. Grace's Sleepfloating! - 03/19/2021 - Alina and Rose happen to find Grace floating around in her sleep as she soon flies outside of Mr. Wheeler's mansion, causing a bunch of shenanigans.
  4. Little Lies - 04/09/2021 - TBD
  5. TBD - 07/16/2021 - TBD
  6. TBD - 08/06/2021 - TBD