These are episodes of The Arachnid Friends.

Series overview

Season Episodes Season premiere Season finale
Pilot February 8, 2002
1 26 November 5, 2004 ("Bee-Napped") May 20, 2005 ("The Reign of King Awesome")
2 26 July 15, 2005 ("K.R. the Farmer") June 9, 2006 ("TBD")
3 26 August 19, 2006 ("Airships and Arachnids") March 2, 2007 ("The King's Imposter")
4 26 March 23, 2007 ("TBD") September 14, 2007 ("Last Stand")

Season 0 (2002)

  1. Pilot - 02/08/2002 - Kevin meets up with K.R., Miley, and Tashy during high school as they get themselves in various shenanigans. (NOTE: This aired as part of The Cartoon Cartoons Show)

Season 1 (2004-2005)

  1. Bee-Napped! - 11/05/2004 - Kevin and his gang has graduated from Bug City High School and are getting ready to begin a new stage of life. Soon, they see a news report about King Bee being kidnapped, so they decided to do something to save him.
  2. My Pasta - 11/12/2004 - Midder was making food for himself when he causes an accident with Ciller's items he'd use for his future plans. Ciller becomes mad at him, but suddenly comes up with an idea with a new plan: Make exploding pastas for King Bee's citizens to eat, which will end up making them explode. When the Arachnid Friends discover their plan, they must stop them.
  3. Firefly Frolics - 11/19/2004 - TBD
  4. Double Crawler - 11/26/2004 - TBD
  5. K.R.'s Evil Date - 12/03/2004 - K.R. has found another scorpion he is dating. However, the other members discover she works for Ciller and Midder.
  6. Day at the Zoo - 12/10/2004 - Kevin and his gang decide to go to the zoo since they had nothing to do. However, little did they know that the zoo is actually a trap made by Ciller and Midder.
  7. Aphid Show - 01/07/2005 - TBD
  8. Ants in the City - 01/14/2005 - TBD
  9. My Fair Tashy - 01/21/2005 - TBD
  10. Buzz! Buzz! Hooray! - 01/28/2005 - The Arachnid Friends are invited to King Bee's party to celebrate all of his accomplishments over the years, but they soon discover Ciller and Midder trying to sabotage the party, leaving it up to the Arachnid Friends to stop them.
  11. Commercial Star - 02/04/2005 - Miley gets hired to star in a commercial and becomes famous. (More coming soon...)
  12. The Arachnid Friends vs The Birds of Prey - 02/11/2005 - The Arachnid Friends come across four birds, who call themselves the Birds of Prey, who torment them for fun. Soon, when the Birds of Prey decide to challenge The Arachnid Friends, they must beat them.
  13. Girl Power - 02/18/2005 - When Kevin and K.R. get taken by a strange creature, it is up to Miley and Tashy to find the creature and save them.
  14. Kevinland - 02/25/2005 - An amusement park owner has developed an amusement park about Kevin. While K.R. and Tashy begin having fun their, Kevin and Tashy start to feel that something is fishy about the amusement park.
  15. Assassin Kissing Bug - 03/04/2005 - Ciller and Midder decide to hire an assassin kissing bug to take down various victims by kissing them with a special fluid that'll knock them out. When Kevin and his gang find out they are her target, they must work together to defeat her and to try to avoid her kisses.
  16. Escape from Cozy Shores - 03/11/2005 - Kevin and his friends have been invited to a beach called Cozy Shores, but things go awry when some monster starts kidnapping various insects and arachnids there, so they must escape before they're next.
  17. Land of the Tulips - 03/18/2005 - TBD
  18. Poof! - 03/25/2005 - Kevin and the others notice that various Bug City citizens have disappeared, but things get even worse when a figure comes and snatches Kevin's friends, leaving him to find them and the other citizens and see who this figure is.
  19. Stranded - 04/01/2005 - Kevin and his gang were on a vacation when a sudden tsunami hits their boat and leaves them on a deserted island... All separated. Now, Kevin has to find his friends while dealing with going through the dark jungle, K.R. ends up getting kidnapped by a beetle tribe, Miley finds herself trapped in a monster cave and must escape, and Tashy attempts to make herself a treehouse in order to survive until her friends come back.
  20. Rain, Rain... PLEASE, GO AWAY FOR PETE'S SAKE! - 04/08/2005 - TBD
  21. Twister Tashy - 04/15/2005 - TBD
  22. The Power Within the Magical Harp - 04/22/2005 - TBD
  23. Louse in the House - 04/29/2005 - A louse has recently trespassed into Tashy's house and starts making a mess and treating it like it's his house, so Tashy, with help from Kevin, K.R., and Miley, tries to get the louse to leave.
  24. K.R. and Dave - 05/06/2005 - K.R., after a long day from helping his friends defeat Ciller and Midder, decides to relax at a park, where he then meets a goliath beetle named Dave. (More coming soon...)
  25. The Big Chunk - 05/13/2005 - An experiment has gone wrong in a laboratory when a chunk of matter has escaped and is now expanding as it starts to engulf Bug City, so it's up to Kevin and his friends to get rid of it before it's too late.
  26. The Reign of King Awesome - 05/20/2005 - An insect ends up overthrowing King Bee and becoming king of Bug City, changing various things around it. Finding it extremely unfair, the Arachnid Friends must get King Awesome to leave and give King Bee his city back.

Season 2 (2005-2006)

  1. K.R. the Farmer - 07/15/2005 - Bored from having nothing to do, K.R. decides to talk a walk when a random, lazy farmer locust finds him and forces him to do all of his work, which stresses him out.
  2. Bite of the Were-Wolf Spider - 10/07/2005 - Kevin was heading to the gas station to buy some gummy beetles, when he suddenly got bitten by the Were-Wolf Spider. He starts transforming into one, so his gang must find a way to undo it.
  3. Something's Inside My House! - 10/14/2005 - TBD
  4. Termitis the Tick King - 10/21/2005 - TBD
  5. The Vampire - 10/28/2005 - The Arachnid Friends decide to explore an old castle, only to get taken by a vampire mosquito who threatens to suck their blood, so they must escape her before she gets to do so.
  6. A River Chase - 11/04/2005 - TBD
  7. Bug City Idol - 11/11/2005 - TBD
  8. TBD - 11/18/2005 - TBD
  9. Princess Bee - 11/25/2005 - King Bee introduces The Arachnid Friends, along with other various citizens, to his daughter for the very first time. However, things get out of hand when Ciller and Midder decide to spread gas to knock out everyone and kidnap Princess Bee, leaving it up to The Arachnid Friends to save her before King Bee wakes up to see her gone and defeat Ciller and Midder.
  10. National Honey Day - 12/02/2005 - Today is National Honey Day, where insects and arachnids celebrate by eating nothing but honey and honey-related food, attending honey festivals, etc, but Ciller and Midder decide to ruin the holiday with their latest invention.
  11. Merry Creep-Mas! - 12/23/2005 - TBD
  12. TBD - 01/27/2006 - TBD
  13. TBD - 02/03/2006 - TBD
  14. TBD - 02/10/2006 - TBD
  15. Terror Training - 02/17/2006 - TBD
  16. Miley and the Cave - 02/24/2006 - Kevin and his gang hear about a strange cave and urban legends surrounding it, being warned not to go in there, but problem? Miley, in extreme curiosity, wants to go inside it so bad, but when she did, she discovers a shocking secret.
  17. The Web House - 03/03/2006 - The Arachnid Friends enter a house full of webs, where they soon meet a gang of homeless spiders.
  18. Class Reunion Party - 03/10/2006 - TBD
  19. Personal Chef - 03/17/2006 - Ciller and Midder decide to hire a personal chef to cook "food" for Bug City citizens as part of their plan to knock everyone out, send them to the seas and take over Bug City, but Kevin and his friends soon discover what they're up to and try to stop them.
  20. Catch Up, Kevin! - 03/24/2006 - The Arachnid Friends were getting on a train to go to a concert of their favorite band. But after an accident, Kevin misses the train, leading him to go on a crazy adventure to catch up to it.
  21. Beauty and the Leech - 03/31/2006 - A leech has been jealous at other females around Bug City and decides to go on a sucking spree in attempt to make herself the most beautiful person in Bug City, leaving it up to Kevin and his gang to stop her.
  22. Sold Out - 04/07/2006 - After an evil rock band of insects and arachnids begin sabotaging Bug City, Kevin's gang along with some others decide to form a rock band of their own and participate in a rock battle against them.
  23. The Loch Gnats Monster - 04/14/2006 - Kevin, K.R., Miley, and Tashy decide to head out to Loch Gnats when they hear legends about a giant lake monster lurking in there. They were doubtful at first, but their minds were changed when strange occurrences begin to happen.
  24. Mite-y Miley - 04/21/2006 - Miley was watching TV when she discovers a sports show that interests her and gets her friends to sign her up for that show, but it soon doesn't go too well for her.
  25. The Katydid Horde - 04/28/2006 - TBD
  26. Untitled Season 2 Finale - 06/09/2006 - TBD

Season 3 (2006-2007)

  1. Airships and Arachnids - 08/19/2006 - TBD
  2. TBD - 08/25/2006 - TBD
  3. Spelling Bee - 09/01/2006 - TBD
  4. Kevin's Lost - 09/08/2006 - Kevin gets himself lost after an incident, as K.R., Miley, and Tashy have to find him.
  5. Miley and the Silverfish Crew - 09/15/2006 - TBD
  6. Tick Tock... - 09/22/2006 - TBD
  7. Good Times - 09/29/2006 - While finding something, Kevin comes across his yearbook and recalls memories he had with K.R., Miley, and Tashy while they were still in high school.
  8. The King's New Move - 10/06/2006 - The Arachnid Friends show King Bee an arcade game called C-Ant Ya Dance? and lets him play it, in which he enjoys it, but it soon becomes a problem when he gets addicted to it, distracting him from other important stuff, so Kevin and his friends, with help from Princess Bee, try to find a way to get him to stop.
  9. Feared - 10/13/2006 - TBD
  10. The Revenge of the Birds of Prey - 10/20/2006 - The Birds of Prey return once again to get their revenge on the Arachnid Friends, and to make things worse for them, the Birds of Prey have recently came across Ciller and Midder and decide to team up together to obliterate them.
  11. Invasion of the Cicadas - 10/27/2006 - TBD
  12. Young Menaces - 11/03/2006 - Ciller and Midder discover a group of young insect tweens and teens who are looking forward to cause crime, giving them the idea to train them how to destroy Kevin and his gang. When Kevin and his gang find out about this, they must stop Ciller and Midder while also dealing with the tweens and teens.
  13. Let Us Bed Bugs Bite! - 11/10/2006 - TBD
  14. Flying Tarantula?! - 11/17/2006 - Kevin decides to become a scientist butterfly's test monkey for her experiment, as the invention she made gave Kevin wings, making him amazed as he spends the rest of the day flying.
  15. Entomology: The Game - 11/24/2006 - The Arachnid Friends find a board game in the middle of the road and decide to play it, but it ends up sucking them into a dimension that is just like the world in that board game and must escape.
  16. Random Space - 12/01/2006 - Ciller and Midder trap the Arachnid Friends into a dimension where there's supposedly nothing as part of a new plan to take over Bug City. Soon, however, the Arachnid Friends discover random things appearing in the dimension and try to see if they can use them to find a way out.
  17. The Face Paint'nimal Gang and... The Arachnid Friends? - 12/29/2006 - The Arachnid Friends are accidentally sent to Artsburg and they team up with The Face Paint'nimal Gang and Anna and Abigail to escape, but... problem? Both Anna and Abigail has fear of arachnids.
  18. Punch Buggy - 01/05/2007 - TBD
  19. TBD - 01/12/2007 - TBD
  20. TBD - 01/19/2007 - TBD
  21. Castle Chores - 01/26/2007 - TBD
  22. A Tale of Two Ninnies - 02/02/2007 - TBD
  23. Brain Swapped - 02/09/2007 - Kevin and Miley were assigned to protect a rare device by Brianna while she's off to collect stuff when they accidentally press something on the device that causes Kevin and Miley's brains to be swapped.
  24. TBD - 02/16/2007 - TBD
  25. Empress Hornet Strikes! - 02/23/2007 - TBD
  26. The King's Imposter - 03/02/2007 - A wasp, who is obsessed with his own wishes of being king, decides to send King Bee off into the ocean while he was asleep and pretend to be him, but the Arachnid Friends, along with a few others, knows that something is wrong.

Season 4 (2007)

  1. Untitled Season 4 Premiere - 03/23/2007 - TBD
  2. Bootlegged - 03/30/2007 - Kevin and his gang become victims of an insane scientist's inventions when it hits them and makes "bootleg" versions of them, as they run off and cause chaos, so Kevin and his friends must stop them.
  3. TBD - 04/06/2007 - TBD
  4. The Spider City - 04/13/2007 - TBD
  5. TBD - 04/20/2007 - TBD
  6. TBD - 04/27/2007 - TBD
  7. Zombified Insects!? - 05/04/2007 - Kevin and the others notice something wrong with various Bug City citizens lately, but soon become terrified when it turns out there is something that is turning them into zombies, so they must try to survive and find what is causing this.
  8. The Centi-Party - 05/11/2007 - TBD
  9. TBD - 05/18/2007 - TBD
  10. It Came from Area 49 - 05/25/2007 - News has been spreading around Bug City that an alien has recently escaped Area 49 and is heading to the city. The Arachnid Friends thought of it of just a rumor at first, but when they see a strange insect-like alien, they figured that the rumors are true after all.
  11. TBD - 06/01/2007 - TBD
  12. Just Beelieve - 06/08/2007 - TBD
  13. Stranded... Again - 06/15/2007 - TBD
  14. TBD - 06/22/2007 - TBD
  15. TBD - 06/29/2007 - TBD
  16. TBD - 07/06/2007 - TBD
  17. K.R. in Danger - 07/13/2007 - TBD
  18. Monster Truck - 07/20/2007 - K.R. has recently bought a cool-looking truck he wanted since he was a child. However, when Ciller and Midder noticed, they decide to use their latest invention on it to turn it into a killer truck-like machine, as a way to ravage Bug City.
  19. The Great Flood of Bug City - 07/27/2007 - TBD
  20. Of Lice and Men - 08/03/2007 - TBD
  21. The Tiny Technician - 08/10/2007 - TBD
  22. Ancient Tales of an Ancient City - 08/17/2007 - Kevin and his friends discover a deserted city around the desert, where they soon learn that the city was once dominated by Megarachnes. (NOTE: This is the 100th episode)
  23. Gummified - 08/24/2007 - TBD
  24. Attack of the Flytrap - 08/31/2007 - A giant Venus Flytrap has rose and is out to eat every single insect and arachnid living in Bug City in order for him to take over it, so it's up to Kevin and his gang to stop him before he succeeds.
  25. TBD - 09/07/2007 - TBD
  26. Last Stand - 09/14/2007 - Kevin and his friends find out about Ciller and Midder's biggest plan yet and go on their biggest battle yet.

Special (2015)

  1. The Arachnid Friends in: Bugged Off! - 01/29/2015 - TBD
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