These are the episodes for Spider-Man: Unleashed.

Season 1

  1. Behold the Menagerie - Five C-level villains known as the Menagerie has started robbing banks as Spider-Man heads to stop him.
  2. Object of Desire - OsCorp has developed a new and rare form of energy as things get insane when a criminal known as Doctor Octopus attempts to harness it. As a result, Spider-Man must stop him.
  3. Stone Solid Crush - Peter has gained a crush on his classmate Mary Jane but things get worse when the mob enforcer known as Tombstone targets Spider-Man.
  4. Acts of Vengeance - Construction worker Flint Marko transforms into a monster made out of sand as he starts a rampage on New York. As a result, Spider-Man races to stop the newly christened Sandman before he destroys New York.
  5. Smile! - MJ's blog has been getting targeted by a criminal known as Screwball as she soon threatens to kill her as Spider-Man has to protect her.
  6. Wings of Fury - Corrupt businessman Adrien Toomes becomes the winged terrorist known as the Vulture as Spider-Man has to stop him before he destroys an OsCorp building.
  7. Beast Within - Dr. Curt Connors mutates into a lizard as he plans on turning all of New York into animal men as Spider-Man has to fight his former mentor.
  8. TBD - TBD
  9. The Cat and the Rhino - A Robin Hood-esque thief known as Black Cat has stolen from the Russian criminal known as the Rhino as Spider-Man has to get involved in this and avoid his wrath, unaware that she is actually someone in his school.
  10. Beach Chaos - Peter, MJ and Gwen go to the beach to relax and have fun after a rough school week. However, it becomes chaotic when a villain known as Hydro Man ruins it.
  11. Shock Value - Shock jock known as Max Dillon becomes an electric-controlling villain as his goal is to destroy and eliminate J. Jonah Jameson as Spider-Man must save him.
  12. TBD - TBD
  13. The Kingpin of Crime - Peter is hired to take photos of billionaire Wilson Fisk as he soon discovers he has a dark secret. One that Spider-Man decides to dig deeper in.
  14. TBD - TBD
  15. TBD - TBD
  16. Piece by Piece - OsCorp has announced the Spider Slayer project as Spider-Man has to stop them and the squad's leader, Mac Gargan.
  17. I Will Make You Perfect - Several friends of Peter have been acting strange, including MJ, as Peter learns that the super villain known as Mr. Negative is planning on making New York perfect.
  18. TBD
  19. Rejected - Herman Schultz has been rejected from Kingpin's mob as he goes on a massive rampage as Spider-Man has to stop him.
  20. When Should We Tell Her - Peter has been debating if he should tell Aunt May that he is Spider-Man, but things get more chaotic when the gang known as the Enforcers try to create chaos.
  21. TBD
  22. TBD
  23. Electric Dynamo - Electro has returned this time having hacked into various Stark Industry drones as Peter has to work with Happy Hogan to stop them.
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