These are the episodes for Samara: The Ultimate Sheriff.

Season 1

  1. The Return - Samara returns to Showdown Town and faces against Winston again.
  2. Back From the Dead - Neville Stone has cheated death again as he faces off against Samara for another time.
  3. Mind Taken - Dolores has been acting very strange as Samara learns that Jedediah has something to do with it.
  4. Team Up - Adam and Eve and Big Ben team up to rob a gigantic bank as Samara faces off against them.
  5. Mommy Dearest - Samara begins seeing her mother as she soon learns that it is not really her but instead it is her old shapeshifting nemesis who wants to mess with her head.
  6. The Wendigo Strikes Back - Various bodies have been heavily mutilated as Samara learns that the Wendigo is back and it has became way smarter.
  7. Undercover - Learning that Jedediah has created a strip club, Samara disguises herself as one of the strippers in order to see what he is planning.
  8. It Hurts - Samara gets injured as she is now forced to stay at home in order to make her body feel better.
  9. Day of Music - Samara goes to an Alice MacDonald concert as things get terrible when Adam and Eve are out to ruin it.
  10. Go To Jail, Sports Player! - A mysterious new vigilante has been capturing people who play sports and throws them in jail as Samara tries to figure out what the vigilante has against sports.
  11. You Are Wrong! - Samara gets into a heated debate as she soon refuses to admit that she is in the wrong.
  12. The Outfit - Samara gets offered to pose for a magazine but things get out of hands very quickly.
  13. Day at the Lake - Samara decides to take a vacation at the lake as her vacation soon gets cut short.
  14. The Last Overall - Samara competes in a contest as she tries to not get in the last place.
  15. I See the Signs - Samara has started seeing a lot of strange signs as she tries to find the truth behind them.
  16. Howdy Partner - Samara meets another cowgirl as she becomes quickly infatuated with her. However, Dolores learns that she holds a secret.
  17. TBD
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  21. TBD
  22. A Mindless Cowgirl - A sinister traveling hypnotist has enslaved Samara into becoming his enforcer as Dolores and Matt race to save her.
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