These are episodes of Ryker and the Cicada.

Series overview

Season Episodes Season premiere Season finale
Pilot May 6, 2018 ("Ryker")
1 TBA March 30, 2020 ("The Cicada") TBA

Pilot (2018)

  1. Ryker - 05/06/2018 - Ryker dares himself into climbing a large tree to impress Katie, but things go crazy when he gets taken by a big group of bugs. Not wanting to be where they took him, he tries to leave to go back where the tree was.

Season 1 (2020)

  1. The Cicada - 03/30/2020 - Ryker wanders into the forest as part of a Truth or Dare game, when he finds a strange cicada and befriends it. (NOTE: A sneak peek of it aired during a commercial break on March 20th)
  2. Rise of the Termite King - 03/30/2020 - Ryker discovers that before he met Cindy, she was being chased by the Termite King, but things get crazy when the Termite King breaks into Ryker's house to kidnap Cindy, leaving it up to Ryker to save her.
  3. Crushed - 03/31/2020 - Ryker tries to confess his true feelings to Katie, however Cindy finds a new threat that kidnaps Katie. It is up to the two to get her.
  4. The Show-Off Frog - 04/01/2020 - When a frog attempts to show off various times, it starts to bug Ryker and Cindy to the point of them trying to get it to leave the forest.
  5. Zombie Bees - 04/02/2020 - Ryker and Cindy find weird-acting bees invading the forest, only to learn that they are actually zombies.
  6. Locked Out! - 04/03/2020 - Ryker was minding his business outside when a mysterious being comes into Ryker's house and locks him out. Now, Ryker must find a way to get back inside with the help from Cindy.
  7. The Fortune Teller - 04/18/2020 - Ryker and Cindy encounter a fortune teller that tells them of their lives and how it's going to either accomplish or end up bad which makes Ryker paranoid.
  8. The Village - 04/25/2020 - After being chased by The Termite King and his termites, Ryker and Cindy find a village in the forest and decide to explore it.
  9. The Forest's Owlman - 05/02/2020 - Ryker decides to spend the night at Kyle's house for the weekend. Soon, he starts hearing strange screeching come from the forest that is nearby, so he, along with Cindy, decide to go investigate, but end up discovering a terrifying owlman.
  10. Cindy and Lindy - 05/09/2020 - Ryker encounters a green cicada named Lindy who wants to be his new best friend forever, but then, Ryker soon learns the shocking truth.
  11. School Spirit - 05/16/2020 - Ryker brings Cindy to his school for the first time, but things get crazy when there is a supposed spirit flying around the school.
  12. Cicada Eater - 05/23/2020 - When Ryker and Cindy find a strange creature eating up a bunch of cicadas, Ryker tries to get the creature to leave.
  13. Underground - 05/30/2020 - The Termite King kidnaps Ryker and Cindy and throws them underground. Things get worse for them when a big earthworm creature takes them and brings them deeper, leaving it up to them to find a way out.
  14. Hearsay - 06/06/2020 - Ryker starts receiving rumors about various people around his school that make them look bad, including Ryker himself, so he, along with Cindy, attempt to find out who is spreading these rumors and why.
  15. Rose - 06/13/2020 - Ryker decides to have Cindy meet his dog, Rose, for the first time, but Cindy is extremely frightened of her, so Ryker has to convince Cindy that Rose is a friendly dog that means no harm.
  16. Attack of the Locusts - 06/20/2020 - Ryker's neighborhood, for some odd reason, is getting attacked by locusts, so Ryker, with help from Cindy, tries to protect himself from them.
  17. The Beach - 07/13/2020 - Ryker and Cindy head to the beach and have fun there, but the fun is ruined when a colony of sand fleas start attacking them.
  18. Be-Leaf in Yourself! - 07/14/2020 - Ryker and Cindy get themselves trapped in a maze filled with poison ivy leaves while it looked like it's impossible to find a way out. Can they eventually find a way out even it means rashes on Ryker's body?
  19. Mosquitos and Venoms - 07/15/2020 - An odd-looking mosquito has bit Ryker, but Cindy soon discovers that the mosquito has injected venom into him that is turning Ryker's skin green, his eyes pink, and making him zombie-like, so Cindy must find a way to fix this.
  20. Ryker and the Iguana - 07/16/2020 - Ryker encounters a strange type of iguana who breaks into the house and attempts to eat Cindy, so Ryker must protect Cindy and get rid of the iguana.
  21. Bug Collector - 08/07/2020 - While flying outside, a random kid obsessed with collecting insects finds Cindy and tries to collect her, leaving it up to Ryker to protect her from this kid.
  22. The Challenges - 08/07/2020 - An odd figure takes both Ryker and Cindy into a certain part of the forest and forces them to do challenges in order to be able to leave.
  23. Squadron of Flies, Plus a Cicada - 10/05/2020 - Cindy finds a group of flies who want to protect other bugs when they mistake her for a large species of house fly and force her to join them.
  24. Cindy and Fast Food - 10/06/2020 - Cindy finds Ryker and his family entering a fast food restaurant and decides to follow them, only to become interested in the way the food looks, but ends up getting taken by a group of cockroaches who were wanting to take all of the food for themselves.
  25. The New You - 10/07/2020 - When Ryker gets confronted by a group of cool kids, Ryker tries to change how he acts in order to appeal them, but Kyle, Katie, and even Cindy don't like what he's doing.
  26. Pest Controller - 10/08/2020 - Cindy has accidentally flew into a random house, but things get worse when an old woman comes and sees her, seeing her as a pest and calling the exterminator to come to exterminate Cindy. When Ryker finds out about it, he enters to try to rescue her, although it may be risky.
  27. Mo Honey, Mo Problems - 10/09/2020 - Cindy finds some honey and after tasting it, develops an addiction to it, which begins to cause problems for herself and Ryker.
  28. That's One Big Boat - 10/12/2020 - TBD
  29. The Hornet Sting - 10/13/2020 - TBD
  30. Cindy and the Ant Hill - 10/14/2020 - Cindy stumbles across an ant hill and befriends a bunch of ants there.
  31. RoboShawn vs. The Squirminator - 10/15/2020 - TBD
  32. [Halloween special] - 10/16/2020 - TBD
  33. The Strange Portrait of Alistar McBee - ??/??/2020 - TBD
  34. Party in the Garden - ??/??/2020 - TBD

Season 2 (2021)

  1. Year of the Cicada - ?/??/21 - Cindy, Ryker and his family goes on a vacation trip to Asia.
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