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These are the episodes for RWBY: On the Move.

Season 1

  1. Welcome to Beacon Academy - 06/13/2020 - Ruby Rose is accepted to Beacon Academy as she is assigned a team to stop the vicious Grimm, Team RWBY.
  2. Learning Curve - 06/20/2020 - Team RWBY begins training under Ruby's adopted uncle and Yang's uncle Qrow as they have to learn how to work together if they want to be a team.
  3. The Greatest Thief - 06/27/2020 - Team RWBY deals with their first mission, taking down a thief known as Roman Torchwick who is robbing dust.
  4. May Cinders Fall - Ruby begins seeing a strange and mysterious woman known as Cinder Fall.
  5. Bee Problem - Bee-like Grimm known as Lancers have been assaulting Beacon Academy as Yang takes it upon herself to stop it.
  6. Family Reunion - Weiss reunited with her parents and her two siblings as soon she learns that her father is planning on sabotaging rival dust shipments and blaming it on the Grimm.
  7. Ghost of the Past - Blake encounters her old mentor, Adam, who has arrived and is secretly working with Cinder Fall.
  8. Black as Mercury - Ruby finds and gets infatuated with a mysterious mercenary named Mercury Black as Yang learns that he works for Cinder and is planning to kill her.
  9. Atlas - Team RWBY forms an alliance with the military group known as Atlas to combat a giant Grimm called the Nevermore.
  10. Sweet - Team RWBY deals with Cinder's mysterious second in command, Neopolitan who is leading an attack on Beacon Academy.
  11. Grand Theft Schnee - Weiss learns that someone is stealing dust as soon she gets surprised on who is responsible for it.
  12. Beach Fun - Team RWBY decides to have a vacation on the beach, however a pack of Grimm known as the Imps head to ruin it
  13. Stone Cold Heart - Weiss and her sister Winter have to team up when Grimms called Geists have kidnapped both Team RWBY and Atlas as they have to stop these monsters.
  14. Anger Will Only Consume - Blake has been letting her anger over Adam Taurus and her past in White Fang consume her as Ruby and the rest of Team RWBY has to stop her from facing vengeance.
  15. Zwei's Gone - Ruby and Yang find Zwei missing as they head out to find them, yet it becomes a problem when a type of Grimm is after them.
  16. Sisterly Rivalry - Weiss and Winter both get on edge when Team RWBY and Atlas' ends often keep meeting.
  17. Invaders in the Academy - The people at Beacon Academy notices that a small bit of Cinder's Faction are invading the Beacon Academy, so the Team RWBY must find these invaders and defeat them.
  18. Day Off - Team RWBY has a day off as they take the day to relax without having to deal with any menaces.
  19. Grimm Hunting - Team RWBY decides to focus on hunting after Grimms to make Remnant safer.
  20. Back on the Beach - Ruby and the others wake up to find themselves on the beach somehow as a mysterious person wants to take them down.
  21. Dying Hope - Cinder's faction is planning something big as Team RWBY heads to stop them.
  22. Seeds of Darkness - Cinder Fall and her faction, alongside a massive army of Grimm, assault Beacon Academy, with the aim of having the academy's downfall start a new age of darkness. As a result, Ruby Rose and all of the allies she has gathered have to stop this assault.

Season 2

  1. JNPR - Set five months after the defeat of Cinder Fall, Team RWBY befriends a new team at Beacon Academy called JNPR as they head to stop the remnants of Cinder's faction.
  2. The Hunter - Team RWBY is being hunted by a mysterious figure as they soon learn it is a figure who is similar to Cinder who specializes in slaying hunters.
  3. Watt Are You Thinking? - Team RWBY and Team JNPR discover a mysterious former member of the Atlas Foundation is targeting Atlas members.
  4. Lost in the Woods - Both Yang and Pyrrha get lost in the woods as they try to get back into society.
  5. Cursed - Blake suddenly catches a mysterious illness where she keeps coughing continuously and faints constantly, leaving up to the three Team RWBY gang to find a cure for it. However, things get difficult when one of the Grimm is guarding it for a project.
  6. Escape - Weiss hears news that Jacques Schnee has escaped prison and is planning something for Team RWBY.
  7. Let the Hunt Continue - Both Ruby and Jaune are trapped together in a strange forest as Tyrian Callows reveals he is going to hunt the both of them down.
  8. Good Old Fashioned Showdown - Weiss and Nora visit an Atlas stronghold as they help fend it off from Grimm and Arthur Watts.
  9. Don't Flirt With My Mom! - Yang finally meets Weiss' mom and somewhat gets attracted to her as Weiss gets extremely uncomfortable.
  10. Chill Up My Spine - Yang gets possessed by a Grimm called a Chill as the rest of Team RWBY head to free her.
  11. Visions - Ruby is seeing visions of Beacon Academy being destroyed as she tries to find out why.
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  20. Time's Running Out - Team RWBY races to attempt to figure out what Arthur Watts is planning as while this is happening, Tyrian targets Ruby for revenge on his last defeat.
  21. The Coming - Arthur Watts has freed the God of Darkness as the being decides to possess Cinder Fall to bring an army of Grimm to invade Beacon Academy. As a result, Team RWBY and Team JNPR have to prevent the recently escaped and powered up Cinder from destroying Beacon Academy.
  22. Assault on Beacon Academy - Team RWBY and JNPR are holding their ground against the possessed Cinder.