Persona 6 is a role-playing video game published by Atlus that follows a group of high school students who discover a conspiracy involving some of the most important people in their area.



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Green is the main protagonist of the game. The player is able to pick their real name and control most things in their life. They are intentionally androgynous and are only ever referred to by gender-neutral terms (they/them) in-game. Like the other main characters, they sometimes speak during battles and cutscenes, but this is extremely rare.

They are a transfer student who was forced to move to Tokyo after their father gets a new job, leaving all of their friends behind in their home town. This is the cause of their tendency to not speak, with a big part of the game being about them coming out of their shell.

They have the ability to switch Personas and, if they are good enough friends with someone, can change theirs too. Their initial Persona is a Bless skill Persona named Ezekiel and they later gain their Ultimate Persona, Dynamis. In Emerald, they also gain a third-tier Persona called Dhu al-Kifl. In both the English and Japanese versions, they are voiced by a woman doing a boyish voice.

The whole of the people they meet is their Fool Arcana, as throughout the game slowly raise their reputation and gain more allies and friends. With every big event, their reputation rises and so does their Fool Arcana.

In Japan, they are voiced by Kana Hanazawa and in English, they are voiced by Cherami Leigh.

Eiji Ishimura

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The first student who Green meets in the game. He is a rather happy and friendly person, though this chipper nature hides a much darker and more anger-prone side that he has kept hidden for years. Eiji's Shadow is actually the first boss encountered in the game and, upon its defeat, Eiji awakens his persona: Don Quixote, a Fire skill Persona based on the titular character of the same name. If their Confidant is maxed out they gain their Ultimate Persona, Cu Chulainn. In Emerald, he also gains a third-tier Persona called Alonso. He is the Magician Arcana of the game. 

In Japan, he's voiced by Yoshitaka Yamaya and in English, he's voiced by Billy Kametz.

Kaori Fujio

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The second person to join Green's party and also the school's student body president. She is the type to constantly try to keep up an intellectual outer personality, though she often breaks it without realizing when she sees something she finds cute or is incredibly frightened. At the beginning of the game, her ego was so out of control she developed a Shadow, which was powerful enough to have its own Databank (the first of the game). After its defeat, she unlocks her persona: Morgause, a Wind skill Persona based on the sister of Morgan le Fey and mother of Mordred from Arthurian Legend. If their Confidant is maxed out, they gain their Ultimate Persona, Titania. In Emerald, she gains the third-tier Persona Orcades. She is the Empress Arcana of the game.

In Japan, she's voiced by Chiwa Saito and in English, she's voiced by Colleen Clinkenbeard.


Main article: Seth (Persona)

The mascot character of the game who is a tiny clown-like creature (though he doesn't like being called a clown). Throughout the game, they constantly present themselves as either borderline rude to some characters and innocent to the point of forcing it to others, such as his crush Eiko Kumada. Throughout the game, more and more is slowly revealed of their past and what they are. They are first encountered during the player's first visit to .New where they serve as a tutorial to the game's combat. During this, it's revealed their Persona is an Ice skill called Canio, based on the sad clown from the play of the same name. When their Confidant is maxed out, they gain their Ultimate Persona, Matador. In Emerald, he gains the third-tier Persona Pagliaccio. After Shadow Kaori's defeat, Seth is able to communicate with the party outside of .New through text messages. He is the Hanged Man Arcana of the game.

In Japan, he's voiced by Aya Hirano and in English, he's voiced by Erica Mendez.

Beatrice von Housen

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A woman from the Velvet Room who is hired by the mysterious Igor to help the protagonist on their journey. She is very attached to Igor and her fellow attendants, Walter and Jenine, who she refers to as "papa" and "little sister" respectively. The only other place that Beatrice is found is inside of Green's room, where she can be seen sitting on Green's desk whenever they're not using it. Beatrice usually stays inside of the Velvet Room and doesn't enjoy leaving. Due to this, she mainly helps the group by buffing/healing them in combat from inside of the Velvet Room. Another reason she helps from a distance is due to her Persona, Tripitaka, only being a support Persona with no physical capabilities. If their Confidant is maxed out, they gain their Ultimate Persona, Brigid. In Emerald, she gains the third-tier Persona Sanzang. She is the Strength Arcana of the game.

In Japan, she's voiced by Ai Kayano and in English, she's voiced by Brina Palencia.

Goro Masuya

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A delinquent at Green's school who used to constantly pick on Eiji for unknown reasons. However, Goro himself was being constantly put down and mocked by his own brother and, despite being far stronger than him, Goro did nothing to try and stop him. This created a deep rage within Goro and, upon finding out about the world of .New, asked to make his brother the group's next target. Goro unlocks his Persona, the Nuclear/Gun Skill Heck Thomas, just before a mini-boss within his brother's Databank. if their Confidant is maxed out, they gain their Ultimate Persona, Yoshitsune. In Emerald, he gains the third-tier Persona Henry Andrew. He is the Chariot Arcana of the game.

In Japan, he's voiced by Mamoru Miyano and in English, he's voiced by Clifford Chapin.

Kazumi Oshio

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Another former delinquent and a friend of Goro's who enjoys cross-dressing (though they identify as male). This fact causes their mother to constantly deride him, causing their rebellious nature at school. One night, they encounter Eiji while crossdressing, with Eiji proceeding to flirt with him before discovering the truth. Upon finding out, they confess their plights and are helped by the party with him discovering their secret, becoming a member of the group and unlocking their Persona, the Psychokinesis skill Mulan. If their Confidant is maxed out, they gain their Ultimate Persona, Jeanne D'Arc. In Emerald, he gains the third-tier Persona Hua. He is the Fortune Arcana of the game.

In Japan, he's voiced by Sora Amamiya and in English, he's voiced by Leah Clark.

Eiko Kumada

Main article: Eiko Kumada (Persona)

A pop idol with tanned skin and blonde dyed hair, resembling a Japanese "gal." Despite her fame, she despises her life as a pop idol and is verbally abused and emotionally manipulated by her father. Due to this, Green and their friends decide to step in and help her, though Eiko ends up finding out about .New and starts accompanying them. After a confrontation with her father's Shadow, she unlocks her Persona, Ching Shih, an Electric skill based on the legendary female pirate of the same name. If their Confidant is maxed out, they gain their Ultimate Persona, Anat. In Emerald, she gains the third-tier Persona Cheng I Sao. She is the Lovers Arcana of the game.

In Japan, she's voiced by Emiri Kato and in English, she's voiced by Caitlin Glass.

Rio Kasamatsu

A new party member introduced in Persona 6 Emerald who is introduced after the main game is completed. She is a mysterious new student that joins Tenko Academy after The Great Father's defeat and reveals to the protagonist they are aware they are the one responsible for taking down the conspiracy and requests to join their team. She eventually forces her way into the group and quickly takes to the rest of the party. She also appears to have a poorly hidden crush on the protagonist and is referred to as a "fangirl" by Eiji. She is fairly short and looks younger than she is, a fact that she is very insecure about. She is one of the few characters to have their Persona from the beginning. Their Persona is known as Ban Zhao and if their Confidant is maxed out, they gain their Ultimate Persona, Hel. They can also gain a third-tier Persona called Huiban. She is The World Arcana of the game.

In Japan, she's voiced by Yui Ogura and in English, she's voiced by Kira Buckland.

Secondary Characters


A returning character from the previous installments and the grandmaster of the Velvet Room. Igor is a mysterious old man who raises more questions than he answers. Despite his permanent grin of malice and bizarre attitude, Igor seems to have good intentions for Green, who he refers to as a "lost soul".

Like in previous installments, Igor is the person who reveals what Personas are to the protagonist and introduces them to most of the game's concepts when it comes to Personas.

Due to the previous voice actor's death, Igor's Japanese voice actor was replaced with famous Japanese voice actor Toshio Furukawa, with Kirk Thornton returning as the character for the English dub.

Yuuki Mishima & Alibaba

Near the end of the game, the characters visit another school that was "affecting with a similar problem as them" in order to find out how to deal with Kazuya. The school is eventually revealed to be Shujin Academy, the setting of the previous game. In order to contact the people who encountered these similar circumstances, Green and their friends speak to their ally Yuuki Mishima, who gives them the phone number of Alibaba.

Alibaba (the alias of the Persona 5 character Futaba Sakura) speaks exclusively through text and speaks for the rest of their group, sometimes commenting on their friends' statements. Every so often, however, another one of their friends takes Alibaba's phone and speaks themselves.

Mishima's Japanese and English voice actors (Daisuke Sakaguchi and Sean Chiplock) both return to voice the character in Persona 6.

The Butterfly

Throughout the game, a blue butterfly is seen floating around characters, usually when they first unleash their Personas. The butterfly is never identified though the ending of the game heavily implies it is the character Philemon, last seen in person in Persona 2. The butterfly never speaks out loud and only ever speaks telepathically, using the protagonist's voice to communicate with people. This raises some questions whether or not the butterfly is, in fact, Philemon, though the fact that The Great Father recognizes them implies that it is.

As mentioned before, they speak using the protagonist's voice, meaning they are also voiced by Kana Hanazawa/Chermai Leigh.


Shadow Eiji & Kaori

The Shadow forms of both Eiji and Kaori. Shadow Eiji speaks incredibly bluntly and only ever says hurtful things while Shadow Kaori dresses like a Victorian queen and speaks with a thick and exaggerated English accent. Only Kaori is powerful enough to create her own Databank and the pair are the only Shadows who upon their defeat do not have their actions shown to the public.

Both are voiced by their original voice actors in English and Japanese.

Daizo Masuya

Daizo is the brother of Goro Masuya, who he bullies on the regular. In spite of being much larger than him, Goro doesn't defend himself due to Daizo being his brother. Due to this, Goro requests Green and their friends to help him. After standing up to his brother, Goro agrees to travel to the world of .New and expose his brother's manipulation and actions that he's kept hidden from even his fellow gang members.

His Databank includes both himself and his delinquent gang, depicting him as a general and his gang as his subordinates.  The Databank itself resembles a massive training ground for soldiers. Shadow Daizo's demon form has him transform into a large behemoth-like beast with an army hat on it. Upon his defeat, Daizo's actions are leaked to the public online thanks to footage that was taken by what Eiji dubs "magic cameras".

In Japan, he is voiced by Yuki Kaji and in English, he is voiced by Daman Mills.

Itsuko Oshio

Itsuko is the emotionally and occasionally physically abusive mother of Kazumi, who they attempt to force to stop crossdressing due to thinking it threatens her place in her father's will. She attempts to keep up a good reputation with the public and is actually quite famous and known to be a very kind woman. This combined with her abuse causes Green and the others to agree to help Kazumi and take Itusko down.

Her Databank resembles an incredibly large mansion with gilded hallways and many puppet-like butlers. Shadow Itsuko wears a large hat that blocks out her eyes and an expensive-looking dress. There is also a Shadow Kazumi that follows Itsuko and in both English and Japanese they are voiced by a man unlike the actual Kazumi. Itsuko's demon form has her transform into a massive tree-like beast.

In Japan, she is voiced by Megumi Toyoguchi and in English, she is voiced by Teri Rogers.

Kaji Kumada

Kaji is the father of Eiko Kumada, who he gaslights, manipulates, and verbally abuses into continuing her career as a pop idol in spite of the fact she despises it. Kaji also uses the death of Eiko's mother to emotionally manipulate her by bringing it up and claiming that if Eiko left he'd have no one left.

His Databank is a large club that has a doll version of Eiko constantly singing while Shadow Kaji himself is a very flamboyant and over-the-top character in a fuzzy coat, golden sunglasses, and a lot of jewelry. Shadow Kaji's demon form is a large cockroach-like monster that speaks very erratically and fidgets quite a bit.

In Japan, he is voiced by Kenta Miyake and in English, he is voiced by Matthew Mercer.

Mutsuo Fuyuki

Mutsuo is the corrupt chief of police who attempts to get Kaji out of prison under the request of the conspiracy. Due to this, the group decides to target him next. Mutsuo abuses his power by verbally and sometimes physically abusing his fellow officers and is infamous for taking bribes and allowing criminals to walk free if they help him. The only reason he is still free is thanks to the conspiracy.

His Databank is modeled after an old fashioned Western, right down to Western music playing in the background. Shadow Mutsuo resembles a sheriff in a black outfit and has a personality based on Dirty Harry. This persona slowly disappears the more his men are defeated the more unhinged he becomes until he runs up and tries to attack the player. He suddenly stops and begins slightly floating, revealing his demon form has him become a puppet whose strings are being pulled by an actual, much larger, puppet peaking into the room.

In Japan, he is voiced by Kazuya Nakai and in English, he is voiced by Keith Silverstein.

Kazutoki Iwami

Kazutoki is an infamous Yakuza boss who keeps weaseling his way out of being arrested. Kazutoki and his men have been accused of many horrifying crimes, the most common accusation thrown at him being human trafficking. After Mutsuo Fuyuki is murdered, the group begins investigating and discovers Kazutoki may have had Mutsuo murdered due to him agreeing to talk in order to get a shorter sentence. Upon meeting him, Kazutoki realizes the group are the internet vigilantes and threatens their members (particularly the women) if they go after him.

In spite of these threats, the group goes after him and enters his Databank, which is modeled after a strip club and has several Yakuza symbols littered across it and women (who are only ever servers or strippers) in happy masks. Shadow Kazutoki is a shirtless man in a jacket that's covered in tattoos, even across his face. He is constantly smoking an unidentified drug and speaks very calmly to the player. His demon form is a large imp with its tongue constantly out that's kneeling on top of two cages that have women pole dancing inside.

In Japan, he is voiced by Takaya Kuroda and in English, he is voiced by Christopher Bevins. His Japanese voice actor is a bit of a joke, as Kuroda is most known for his role as Kazuma Kiryu from the Yakuza series.

Junji Idoki

Junji Idoki appears to be a simple accountant who is found slightly odd by his peers due to his emotionless nature. In reality, Idoki is a sadistic serial killer and a member of the conspiracy. He is the one responsible for Mutsuo's death and is often hired by the conspiracy to murder those who discover their existence. The group decides to investigate him after Shadow Kazutoki says his name before disappearing. Idoki demonstrates the ability to be able to tell what happens to his Shadow and discovers the identity of the group due to this, threatening them when he does.

His Databank itself is incredibly well-kept. It is a large filing facility with filing cabinets that go on for miles. All of the Shadows inside do nothing but put away files, all of which are memories of Idoki's. Shadow Idoki himself is a businessman with slicked-back hair and is the first to have a personality fairly similar to their real-world counterpart. Shadow Idoki's demon form has him grow into a large monster with claws and spikes coming out of its back. It is always in silhouette and its full body is only shown by lightning strikes.

In Japan, he is voiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino and in English, he is voiced by Jerry Jewell.

Muneo Kaku

Muneo Kaku is the mayor of the protagonist's town. After allowing Kazuya Kitazawa, the leader of the conspiracy, to use the protagonist's street as his base of operations and kicking the protagonist and the Asai family out, they become the group's next target. When first introduced, Muneo acts very cold and calculating but after coming face to face with Kazuya, he begins to question his actions and becomes incredibly afraid of him. He also possesses the ability to tell what happens to his Shadow.

His Databank is based on black and white Universal films. The Shadows inside work under and are incredibly afraid of a man they refer to as "the doctor". The doctor himself actually turns out to be a Frankenstein-esque Shadow Kazuya, while Shadow Muneo is modeled after the Frankenstein monster and is only able to make grunting noises. Shadow Muneo's demon form resembles the Frankenstein monster even more and is surging with electricity.

In Japan, he is voiced by Ryōtarō Okiayu and in English, he is voiced by Joe Ochman.

Junko Katagami

Junko Katagami is the bodyguard and partner of Kazuya Kitazawa. She rarely speaks throughout the game and can mostly be seen behind Kazuya with a faint smile on her face. She becomes important after it's revealed she can travel to people's Databanks and travels to Muneo's in order to shoot his Shadow and kill his real-world version in order to prevent his crimes being leaked and thus exposing the conspiracy. This action is what causes the group to target her.

Her Databank reveals a lot about her personality, as it is a large circus that is filled with nothing but Shadow versions of Kazuya, all of which are obsessed with her. Shadow Junko is incredibly unhinged and is incredibly obsessed with Kazuya, to the point her room in the circus is filled with pictures of him. She repeatedly claims to love him, to the point it's her final words before turning into a demon. Her demon form is a levitating version of her with a broken body and a large hole where her heart should be.

In Japan, she is voiced by Saori Hayami and in English, she is voiced by Laura Post.

Kazuya Kitazawa

Kazuya Kitazawa is the main antagonist through a good chunk of the game. Kazuya is a weapons manufacturer and is responsible for burning down the protagonist's first school and framing them for it. Burning down the school was actually the first part of their conspiracy, as they needed a way of raising their reputation in the world and burned down the school only to donate money for repairs. Kazuya and the protagonist would then come face to face again years later after the protagonist had taken down most of the conspiracy.

Kazuya would visit the protagonist's school as a special guest during a lesson on war and the two would instantly begin to suspect the other. Due to this, Kazuya has Muneo give him the protagonist's street as a base of operations in order to keep an eye on them. Kazuya's Databank is blocked off at first but after shooting Shadow Junko, Junko breaks open the wall to his Databank as payback.

After the player can finally enter his Databank, it is revealed to be an Olympus-like heavenly world populated by Shadow versions of the other members of the conspiracy, all of which wear clothes based on ancient Greece. Shadow Kazuya himself is spoken of like a god and is worshipped by the other Shadows. His demon form resembles that of a seraph and has his entire body turn white and begin glowing.

In Japan, he is voiced by Jun Fukuyama and in English, he is voiced by Brad Swaile.

The Great Father

The Great Father is the true mastermind behind the conspiracy. He is a godly entity who manipulates the mind of Kazuya and made him form the conspiracy all those years ago. After Kazuya is exposed, he begins running from police until he is confronted by The Great Father, who offers him a way out of his situation. He is lying, however, as he instead possesses Kazuya's body, completely destroying Kazuya's mortal form and taking it over.

After this, The Great Father becomes the new villain of the game and they begin corrupting the human world using monsters known as "Crawling Chaos". Upon confronting him for the first time, he takes the protagonist and their friends to the .New world and breaks all of their Personas, rendering them husks that are unable to do anything but moan and grunt. The protagonist is the only one to break out of this, thanks to the help of Igor, and sets out to save their friends and the newly corrupted world from The Great Father.

Igor also revealed The Great Father is actually the main antagonist of the Megami Tensei series, Nyarlathotep, last seen in the Persona series back in Persona 2, once again attempting to win a bet with Philemon that man's technology would eventually destroy itself. In order to win this bet, Nyarlathotep manipulated Kazuya into wanting to start World War II while Philemon created the .New world, which can only be accessed with technology.

The Great Father has four forms: A rematch fight with Kazuya, who is now possessed by The Great Father and is emitting a light that sucks the color from everything around him. His next form is The Great Father himself, which is a large black creature in white armor and is his second most powerful form. His third form is Nyarlathotep, who takes the form of a massive black monster with bat-like wings. Upon Nyarlathotep's defeat, he becomes his weakest form, simply called "No One of Concern", who is able to be defeat with a single attack.

In Japan, he is voiced by Go Inoue and in English, he is voiced by Patrick Seitz.

Shadow Madoka, Hiroto & Fusako


Shadow Mahiro & Etsuko


Shadow Dad


The Worm/You



Mahiro Asai

The Emperor Arcana of the game, Mahiro is a man who is always trying to stay positive, though his chipper nature hides a deep depression he is suffering after the death of his wife, which he blames himself for. He is Green's neighbor, with Green more or less living with him due to their own father being neglectful.

In Japan, he is voiced by Daisuke Ono and in English, he is voiced by Kyle Hebert.

Etsuko Asai

The Hermit Arcana of the game, Etsuko is Mahiro's estranged daughter who, due to the death of her mother, usually leaves the house very early as to avoid speaking with her father, as she doesn't want to confront the death of her mother. She is fairly out-going and free-spirited with a love of nature but is just as torn up about the death of her mother as her father is.

In Japan, she is voiced by Izumi Kitta and in English, she is voiced by Cristina Valenzuela.

Megu Hokari

The Devil Arcana of the game, Megu is a former pop idol like Eiko, though her contract was dropped the moment she started showing signs of aging. She currently runs a diner and has become the total opposite of her former self, smoking cigarettes, constantly drinking alcohol, and much more. She also sells the player items that recover SP and HP.

In Japan, she is voiced by Shizuka Itō and in English, she is voiced by Debi Mae West.


The Hierophant Arcana of the game, Wolf is actually a very large, scruffy dog that Eiji mistakes as a wolf when first spotting it. Wolf comes off as incredibly menacing, though they slowly warm up to Green if Green continued to play with them. Eventually, it is revealed Wolf hangs out in the park due to it being the resting place of their deceased owner.

Wolf has no voice actor in either English or Japanese.

Madoka Hayano

The Moon Arcana of the game, Madoka is the head of the school literature club. She has a great love for books, especially the science fiction genre. She is attempting to write a book of her own but constantly puts it off due to a fear of new people. In spite of this, it is possible to join her club in the game. She is fairly energetic and likes meeting people but is incredibly anxious when making first impressions.

In Japan, she is voiced by Arai Satomi and in English, she is voiced by Dorothy Elias-Fahn.

Hiroto Furuyama

The Star Arcana of the game, Hiroto is the head of the school drama club. He has a fairly large ego and has a love of beautiful things. He is incredibly vocal about his physical attraction towards most of the female characters in the game and is often shot down by them and punched in one way or another for his efforts. His club is joinable in the game.

In Japan, he is voiced by Jun Fukuyama and in English, he is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal.

Fusako Iwaki

The Sun Arcana of the game, Fusako is considered the school outcast due to her shy nature that causes her to mumble many of her words. Due to this status, she is a frequent target of bullying and her school club, the art club, has only two members: herself and a cat that sometimes comes by the club window. Her club is the last of the joinable clubs in the game.

In Japan, she is voiced by Mamiko Noto and in English, she is voiced by Stephanie Sheh.

Itsumi Mitsurugi

The Justice Arcana of the game, Itsumi is an online conspiracy theorist and computer hacker under the alias "Sinbad". Currently, they have become obsessed with the recent wave of people being exposed and wants to find out who is responsible. Online, she acts very serious and stern but in-person she is easily flustered and is paranoid about most things. She only really likes to talk about her conspiracies.

In Japan, she is voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi and in English, she is voiced by Xanthe Huygh.

Walter & Jenine

The Temperance Arcana of the game, Walter and Jenine are Igor's assistants in the Velvet Room. Walter is a much older man who appears to be Jenine and Beatrice's grandfather. Both remain rather mysterious throughout the game, though they occasionally hire Green to do things for them, such as finding a certain item, creating a certain Persona, so on and so forth. In Persona 6 Emerald, Walter becomes fightable and challenges the player in New Game+.

In Japan, they are voiced by Yutaka Aoyama and Ayane Sakura and in English, they are voiced by Cam Clarke and Janice Kawaye.

Tadaaki Okimoto

The Tower Arcana of the game, Tadaaki is an underground weapons dealer that sells items he isn't technically allowed to, such as kendo sticks and realistic-looking plastic guns. Most characters in the game are off-put by him due to his happy-go-lucky nature in spite of his shady dealings and the fact he is being investigated by police. Green themself is able to buy weapons from Tadaaki.

In Japan, he is voiced by Hiro Shimono and in English, he is voiced by Benjamin Diskin.

Yamato Fujita

The Death Arcana of the game, Yamato is a younger man that normally hangs around cemeteries. Due to this and his tendency to observe people from a distance many have become afraid of him, with some believing he is a serial killer. In reality, Yamato is a simple mortician with a flare for the dramatics and a tendency to speak in poems. By speaking to him, the player is able to buy several medicinal herbs that he claims can heal all wounds. Surprisingly enough, he seems to be telling the truth.

In Japan, he is voiced by Masaya Matsukaze and in English, he is voiced by Kyle McCarley.


"Dad", who is never given an actual name, is the father of the protagonist. Throughout most of the game, he doesn't appear in person and the only way to communicate with him is either through letters or over the phone. He appears to be quite neglectful, forgetting to unlock the door for Green on their first day at the new house and allowing Green to sleep at Fujio's house almost every night. In spite of this, the player can choose to grow closer to their father over the course of the game.

In Japan, he is voiced by Akio Ōtsuka and in English, he is voiced by Troy Baker.

The player's father is the Judgement Arcana, which is the most powerful arcana in the game.

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