The Plants

Green Shadow-0

Green Shadow

The shy, but determined Peashooter, who is the leader of LEAF. Green Shadow starts out a bit nervous to lead nine other heroes that each have their own little quirk to make them unique. She is apparently sometimes shown to have a small frenemy relationship with Dr. Zomboss.

She is voiced by Tara Strong.

In later seasons, Green Shadow is shown to have a crush on Grass Knuckles, and is constantly seen in multiple episodes, trying to find her parents.

In the last episode, after the Gnome King is defeated, she becomes an approved leader after Citron and Rose get married, and retire from LEAF so they can live together peacefully. Meanwhile, she runs off into the unknown, only to find her parents, who have only been hiding from the explosion since the beginning, but got lost afterwards.

Solar Flare-0

Solar Flare

The plucky, simple-minded Sunflower, constantly filled with pure joy and wholesomeness. Even from the start, you can tell she has a huge crush on Nightcap. Being almost polar opposites, this is a bit difficult. May or may not have a thing for Nightcap's...feet?

She is voiced by Hynden Walch.

In later seasons, especially 2 and 4, Solar Flare is seen taking Nightcap on a few dates. Nightcap, however, doesn't seem like he's enjoying it, constantly blushing and hiding behind his hat and scarf.

In the last episode, Solar Flare takes a blow that nearly kills her. When she gets healed back up by Rose, she and Nightcap finally get back together, and have their first kiss.



The silent, but deadly Fume Shroom. He's constantly seen distanced from the team, wanting to meditate, and lurk in the shadows. Solar Flare has a crush on him, which he isn't willing to admit that he likes her back.

He is voiced by Dan Green.

In later seasons, mainly 2 and 4, he's seen on dates with Solar Flare, not showing a lot of emotion for Solar Flare. However, he's only just too shy to admit it.

In the last episode, when Solar Flare gets hit with a near-death blow, Nightcap finally lets his emotions get the best of him, and defeat the Gnome King in a love-filled rage. When Solar Flare gets healed by Rose, Nightcap finally lets his emotions out to Solar Flare, making their first kiss.



The gentle giant Potato Mine, who loves everyone, even the Zombies. He likes hugging everyone, however, those that touch the light on his head are in for a nasty explosion.

He is voiced by Frank Welker.

In later seasons, Spudow learns to control his explosive power, and become even more social and loved by his fellow teammates. Even though he has no love interests, he does always leave gifts at the Zombies' door as a "secret admirer".

In the last episode, he gets the chance to finally hug Dr. Zomboss, and does so with all his love. Dr. Zomboss, however, doesn't enjoy how tight it is.



The brave, and protective Walnut, whose only objective is to provide protection to his team. His braveness and loyalty are the main two things that fuel him, and he's not afraid of losing.

He is voiced by Scott Menville.

In later seasons, it's revealed that he actually looks up to Crazy Dave, and wants to be like him. As strange as it sounds, it's because Crazy Dave never gives up on his dreams, especially when he traveled back in time just to eat a taco again.

In the last episode, he finally tells Dave his big secret of being inspired by him, and is now being taught and cared for by him.



The two Gargantuar tall Chomper, who has a huge appetite for zombies, and is sometimes a total brag. Being the biggest of the plant heroes, her biggest weakness is her awareness, sometimes stepping over someone.

She is voiced by Kari Wahlgren.

In later seasons, Chompzilla is noticeably more laid-back, and is around the girls more. She also finds a lonely baby Chomper in Season 4 that she takes care of.

In the last episode, Chompzilla finds the little Chomper's parents, and returns him to them, knowing she can be as good a mom as she can a friend.



One of the three agents of LEAF. Rose has changed over the course of time, being more about seduction and love than royalty. She uses this to charm zombies instead of just turning them into goats. Better spoken words than "baaa"s.

She is voiced by Grey DeLisle.

In later seasons, she reveals that she's been dating Citron for a while, and often fights alongside him very skillfully as proof. She also hangs out with the girls, mostly trying to make Chompzilla feel comfortable about her size.

In the last episode, Rose gets proposed to by Citron, which she replies by offering a ring she also happened to have too. The two get married, and Rose and Citron put their faith in Green Shadow, and retire from LEAF so they can live together peacefully.



One of the three agents of LEAF. Citron is always trying to look his best, easily becoming every woman's dream. Being an agent of LEAF, his arsenal has improved over time, and he still tries even today.

He is voiced by Kevin Micheal Richardson.

In later seasons, Citron reveals he's been dating Rose, who has always admired him ever since they first teamed up as agents. He and Rose both keep each other company, but Citron does try to hang out with the dudes from time to time.

In the last episode, he proposes to Rose, which Rose happily agrees, having a ring of her own. When they got married, they retired from LEAF to live peacefully, but before that, they put their trust in Green Shadow to keep LEAF alive and strong.

Grass Knuckles

Grass Knuckles

The energetic Bonk Choy trainee with a thirst for competition. Grass Knuckles spends most of his day training, but inevitably, there's always someone stronger than him, but that's why he keeps going.

He is voiced by Roger Craig Smith.

In later seasons, he looks to Captain Combustible, who is willing to give him more intense training to really push him to his limits. In return, he becomes stronger and faster than he normally was.

In the last episode, Grass Knuckles finishes his training Captain Combustible, as he is given his title, and watches his trainer leave the team, in search for a new life. Grass Knuckles then becomes Green Shadow's sidekick, and become the best allies.

Captain Combustible

Captain Combustible

The loud and commanding Torchwood drill sergeant. His main job is training plants, and making them more capable of combat. He puts them through lots of strength and endurance tests, making sure they get the most out of their training.

He is voiced by J.K. Simmons.

In later seasons, Captain Combustible recruits Grass Knuckles, who he puts through the most training he's ever put on a single plant. The training not only makes Grass Knuckles stronger, but makes Captain Combustible strong as well.

In the last episode, Captain Combustible finishes his last training session with Grass Knuckles. After he got knocked out by him, he gave his title to Grass Knuckles, and left the team to find a job that'll have him at peace.


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