Mystery, Inc. is a TV show that airs on the CW and is a darker and horror-inspired take on the Scooby Doo franchise. The series follows the gang who, in this take, are freelance mystery solvers that specialize in the supernatural, though they do take regular mystery cases as well. Their members include Fred Jones, who is known for being very strange, Shaggy Rogers, who is a very big coward, Daphne Blake, who is quite fond of the excitement she feels while on the team, and Velma Dinkley, who is far more sceptical than the rest of the members.



  • Alex Pettyfer as Frederick "Fred" Jones (S1-?)
  • Kevin McHale as Norville "Shaggy" Rogers (S1-?)
  • Karen Gillan as Daphne Blake (S1-?)
  • Mae Whitman as Velma Dinkley (S1-?)


  • Zack Ward as Patrick Jones (S1-?)
  • Christina Hendricks as Lina Blake (S1-?)
  • Frank Welker as the voice of the Coolsville Leaper


Season One

Overall No. Episode No. Title First Aired Viewership (millions)
1 1 Pilot October 31, 2019. 3.30
The mysterious Fred Jones begins attending Coolsville College. While there he meets Shaggy Rogers, Daphne Blake and Velma Dinkley and reveals just how odd he is, as he is obsessed with the supernatural and believes it all to be true, claiming that he actually saw something supernatural when he was a child. At first, everyone thinks he's crazy, but they quickly realize he is right when a man in black, named the White-Eyed Devil, shows up and begins kidnapping children for unknown purposes. After finding this out, they turn to Fred for help.
2 2 Calvin November 7, 2019. 2.12
Velma Dinkley was the only one of Fred's new found friends who didn't encounter the White-Eyed Devil so she is still not convinced the supernatural is real. Luckily for Velma, her mind is taken off of the situation when her niece shows up. But it is quickly put back on the subject when her niece claims her imaginary friend from when she was three, Calvin, has returned to her. At first, Velma thinks nothing of it, but when Calvin begins affecting the real world she begins to get very disturbed and off-put.
3 3 You're Wearing Pink, Right? November 14, 2019. 2.30
The gang get their first mystery when a woman reveals a strange man called her and began describing what she was wearing, implying he was watching her. The man, who Shaggy dubs "Peeping Tom", becomes a big problem for the gang, as he is so good at what he does they don't even realize he's watching until he calls them.
4 4 The Mask of Charles Crimson, Jr. November 21, 2019. 2.30
An agent is haunted by the ghost of his former client Charles Crimson, Jr. who promises he won't stop until he kills the agent and all of his friends. Because of this, he calls up Fred and hires them to find out who this is, not realizing that, more than likely, Charles Crimson has actually come back from the dead to terrorize him.
5 5 The Disappearance of Patrick Jones November 28, 2019. 2.34
Fred thinks he's finally found a lead on who took his father and where he is when he dreams of a strange, black-skinned, red-eyed demon holding his father in its hands. The demon turns out to be real, as he reads about people seeing it late that night. The demon has been dubbed the Coolsville Leaper, due to the fact it can jump abnormally high, and it isn't friendly, as it attacks many people for seemingly no reason. Word has spread fast about Fred and his friend's mystery gang and the students at his College want them to solve the mystery, as the police have come up empty.
6 6 The Red Witch December 5, 2019. 2.43
In the 16th century, a woman named Pamela Alard was burnt at the stake for being a witch. However, unlike most witch burnings, Pamela turned out to be real and cast a spell to make sure she'd return. Many years later, this curse has come true. Pamela begins seeking for her revenge, specifically targetting the descendants of her killers, including Daphne, who is the descendant of Lewis Elvet, the founder of Coolsville.
7 7 Wish Maker December 12, 2019. 2.43
Daphne gains a powerful servant in the form of Abdel, a Djinn who can grant her as many wishes as she pleases with no limited. She wishes for everything she wants in her life and everything seems to be going swimmingly. That is until she finds out from Velma that in most genie stories there is a catch to the wishes and that the main point of most stories is that genies can't be trusted.
8 8 Krampus December 19, 2019. 2.55
It's Christmas time in Coolsville and everything is going great. Fred is celebrating with Shaggy's family, Daphne's full family is in town and Velma is doing what she does best: lock herself in her room with her studies. However, not even Christmas is safe from ghouls as a horrifying beast begins kidnapping children all over Coolsville. The beast carries a sack around its waist, wears a red cloth over its body and has chains wrapped around its neck, arm and legs. Because of its appearance many claims it to be Krampus, a Slavic creature that takes away naughty children.
9 9 Of Shadows and Night December 26, 2019. 2.35
In just a few days it'll be New Year's and everyone is getting ready to celebrate. Everyone except Fred, who has a terrible feeling he can't shake. Fred ends up going to sleep to try and shake it off at the suggestion of the gang. However, this turns out to be an extremely terrible idea as Fred once again dreams of the Coolsville Leaper, but this time Fred isn't the one in control of the dream, the Leaper is. And he is going to keep Fred here for as long as he pleases.
10 10 Ouroboros January 2, 2020. 2.39
After everything he's done and all the villains he's defeated, the Secret Order of the Never Ending Ouroboros decides it's time to let Fred join their ranks. The Order reveals that Fred's father was actually a member of theirs. And not just that, he was very high ranking. Fred, thinking he can learn more about his father from them, decides to do as he's told and start his five trials to become a member.
11 11 Skin January 9, 2020. 2.39
The gang face another enemy that they can physically hurt in the form of a jewel thief named Skinner. At first, this may seem like their easiest case yet, but it becomes clear that Skinner is far more powerful than he looks. Skinner is a mutant, a human whose biology is so different from our own they become something else altogether. In Skinner's case, his body itself is a weapon, as every single part of him is alive. Meaning he is able to control his own flesh and blood like a limb.
12 12 Beginning of the End January 17, 2020. 2.55
All of the gang's biggest mysteries, Patrick, the Order, the Leaper and so on all come together when the Leaper attempts to open a proverbial Pandora's Box by unleashing all of his home world's people on to Earth, which would turn Earth into a wasteland populated by nothing but demons, ghosts and monsters that would kill all of humanity.
13 13 End of the Beginning January 23, 2020. 3.02
Total chaos is about to break loose as the Coolsville Leaper is about to let out all of the world's most dangerous creatures. In this pulse-pounding season finale, the gang find out the origin of the Leaper to try and find a way to stop it, revealing that the Leaper has been around for thousands of years and has many ties and connections to Coolsville. In fact, he was there when Coolsville first opened all those years ago.
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