Below is a list of episodes of the web series Myrcella and the Fictionals.

Before the Animation Style Update ("Myrcella Fixes")

Number  Episode Name Plot Main Characters Main Antagonist(s)
1 I Got The Magic Phantasie giifts the magic pencil to Myrcella believing she'll use it for serious things. Myrcella (debut), Phantasie (debut) None
2 Give Puffball a Serious Plot! Myrcella tries to draw a more serious storyline for a Kirby game. Myrcella, Phantasie, Kirby (debut), Meta Knight (debut), King Dedede (debut), Badanna Waddle Dee (debut) None
3 Erazing 06' Myrcella tries to find a way to erase the infamous Sonic 06 from existence despite Phantasie's warnings. Myrcella, Phantasie, Sonic the Hedgehog (debut) None
4 There's No NiGHTS Myrcella tries to give a new game to her favorite character ever, NiGHTS. Myrcella, NiGHTS (debut), Reala (debut), Wizeman (debut) None
5 Gravity Universe Myrcella deduces with a unwilling Phantasie how it would be if she was a Gravity Falls and Steven Universe writter. Myrcella, Phantasie None


Spooky-Spaghetti Myrcella brings a certain popular Creepypasta to life with her pencil. Myrcella, Phantasie Slenderman (debut)

After the Animation Style Update

Part 1


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