This is the list of Murder Town episodes

Season 1

  1. Welcome To Murder Town - William "Will" Storm (Thomas Sanders) moves to a corrupted town called "Murder Town" where crime and murder are legal. As a result, Will decides to solve a mystery of the great mass murder of Murder Town.
  2. Mayor May Cult - Jane and Will discovers that a mayor is selling many drugs, guns, and weapons, as a result, they decided to find a way to get the mayor to plea guilty.
  3. The No Man - Will, Fredrick, and Hannah finds a shop where there is many stuff that are a part of a gang known as the "Night Crew" who sells many dark and mysterious treasure. The leader of the The Night Crew, Mary Lenard, hires an assassin called the No Man to prevent them from uncovering the truth.
  4. No Time For Games - Jane and her father, Kyle, got kidnapped by a kidnapper named Carl Smith who wants a ransom of the grand mass fortune.
  5. Wonderland Of Horrors - Hannah goes undercover when a place called Wonderland opens. Soon Hannah discovers it is run by Mary Lenard and it is caused by horrors. As a result, Hannah starts to find a way to get the way out of Wonderland.
  6. The Grand Robbery - When Will and Lucas heard that a robbery had happened by the Night Crew, So they work together to stop the crew before they can get the secret stash.
  7. Knock Knock - A mysterious person known as Leon McCart decides to prove himself to the Night Crew by making a bank robbery
  8. Get Ready To Solve -
  9. Secrets, Secrets -
  10. Double Trouble -
  11. The Mystery Of The Old Life -
  12. Vengeance is a Girl -
  13. Ready Or Knot Death -
  14. Death is a Five Letter Word -
  15. 99 Bottles Of Mysteries -
  16. Candidates - The mayoral election is happening, so Fredrick decides to run against Geo James. But, Will discovers that Geo is planning on
  17. Let Them Eat Red Cake -
  18. Freak Stage -
  19. One Man Army -
  20. Diary of an Unstable Psychopath -
  21. Secret Exposed - When Will discovers a missing piece of his past, he has to race to find it before the Night Crew
  22. Death Run Part 1 - After Will got shunned by his own brother (Kyle), and the Van Hound Family (except Jane), he decides to leave Murder Town to hunt down a murderer who started the whole murders in Murder Town. Meanwhile, the Van Hounds are trying to find
  23. Death Run Part 2 - After

Season 2

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