The following is a list of episodes for the show Muppet Babies (2017 show).

Series Overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
Unaired Pilot 1 Unaired
1 17 June 3, 2017
2 13 2018
3 16 2019

Unaired Pilot (2016)

Episode Title Description Debuts Songs Air Date Code Number
0 "Muppet Hats!" "It's Hats Time!" Unaired (Created in April 25, 2016) 100

Season 1

Episode Title Description Debuts Songs Air Date Code Number
1 "Pilot" The Babies
"This is the Muppet Babies Show!" June 3, 2017 101
2 "Bad Hair Day" Piggy tries to fix the horriable haircut she gave to Rowlf while the other babies pressure Skeeter into becoming a famous gymnast. None "My Hair Is Very Very Bad!" TBA 102
3 "Piggy For Your Laughs" Fozzie tries his hand at insult Comedy, much to Piggy's chagrin while Scooter earns a heroine's shallow gratitude right after saving him from a giant shrub. Tiffany, the heroine "He's a Bully, I'm Sorry, My Friend" TBA 103
4 "Mean Isn't Your Color" Piggy get worked up over the dress Nanny made for her to the Muppet Ball and the others try to calm her down. None TBA 104
5 "Muppetin' Up Some Fun" In pressure to loosen up, Kermit creates an alter ego "Fun Frog". Melanie "Fun to Be A Frog" TBA 105
6 "Gonzo's Land" Gonzo makes up his own land called "Weirdoland", but turns out to be a disaster. Meanwhile, a teenage girl named Sally comes to babysit them while Nanny is out grocery shopping, and Gonzo becomes interested in her. Sally, Gonzo's human crush. "Weirdoland, Oh Sally" TBA 106
7 "Dumb Door" Piggy leads the other babies on a mission after Gonzo, Rowlf, Fozzie, and Skeeter get trapped in the Nursery. Thog, "Don't Leave Us Behind" TBA 107
8 "Eve of Destruction" Piggy and Scooter try to teach Gonzo how to be normal while Nanny and Sally try to keep peace between Rowlf and his old rival Billy Joe when he comes to visit. Billy Joe "Get your Head in the Game" TBA 108
9 "Books and Covers" The Babies suspect a visiting baby spying on Nanny. Janice None TBA 109
10 "The Twin Fight" Scooter and Skeeter get into a fight after suspecting one of them to knock down a tower of blocks, so the others try to get them to be friends again. Meanwhile, Piggy gets mad at Gonzo for messing up her hair and playing with her beauty supplies. None "What Kind of Weirdo Am I?" TBA 110
11 "That's What a Weirdo Outta Be!" Gonzo starts to think of himself as unhelpful, so he takes a nap, and realizes that being weird isn't too bad while the babies, Nanny, and Sally try to make him feel better. None "Your Our Weirdo, Gonzo!" TBA 111
12 "A Skeeter is a Skeeter" Skeeter breaks her leg while doing a tumble, and ends up in the hospital, so the other babies go visit her. After going home, Gonzo thinks he did it! None "It's Not your Fault" TBA 112
13 "Muppet Vanilli" Rowlf invites Scooter to join his choir as lead vocalist after hearing his amazing hidden singing talent, but Scooter is too scared to go onstage, so the other babies try to make him feel confident. Bean Bunny "Music in the Nursery, Find the Music in you" TBA 113
14 "All the President's Muppets" Nanny takes the babies on a trip to the White House, and the babies' imaginations run wild! Donald Trump "Kermit for President" TBA 114
15 "Magic, Magic Piggy" Piggy decides to perform magic tricks in order to impress Kermit. Meanwhile, Animal takes Gonzo on a mysterious adventure through the woods. None "Abra-Cadabra!", "Lost!" TBA 115
16 "Beaker's World of Crayons" After Beaker gets lost in a coloring book, the babies must jump into the book and try to get him back! None "We Love to Color!" TBA 116
17 "Mission: Diaper" The babies must help Animal overcome the fear of the potty. None "When You've Gotta Go" TBA 117

Season 2

Episode Title Description Debuts Songs Air Date Code Number
18 "Where's a Fish Toy?" The babies find a stray kitten outside and decide to secretly keep it, but when the kitten begins to want a chew toy, the babies try to find a toy for it without Nanny knowing. Lily, the Kitten "Where Can We Find a Toy?" TBA 201
19 "Kermit vs. Kermit" Another baby comes to the nursery! And he looks just like Kermit! Will the babies reject the real Kermit for the Kermit look-alike? Hermit, the Kermit doppelgänger "Do You Guys Still Love Me?" TBA 202
20 "Hats Adventures" The babies have imaginative fun with Nanny's hats. None "It's Hats Time!" TBA 203
21 "Snow White and the Seven Muppets" The babies decide to put on a play for Nanny entitled "Snow White and the Seven Muppets", but Piggy and Skeeter fight over the part of Snow White. Meanwhile, Sally decides to be in the play, which causes Gonzo to try anything to land the part of the prince in order to kiss her, but it turns out that she didn't get the part of Snow White, making Gonzo upset. None "Snow White Blues", "Be My Snow White" TBA 204
22 "The Muppetrix" TBA 205
23 "My Big Fat Muppet Wedding" The babies believe that Nanny is getting married, so they begin to fantasize about what it would be like having a male caretaker in the house. Dave, Nanny's boyfriend "Daddy?" TBA 206
24 "Pignie" Piggy begins to go through a beauty crisis after she earns a scar on her face from roller skating. Meanwhile, Rowlf practices for his big piano recital. None "Beauty's Piglet", "Just the Way You Are (Rowlf's piano piece)" TBA 207
25 "Brave Tales of Gonzo" Gonzo tells many tales about how brave he can be. Meanwhile, Piggy begins to fall in love with Scooter after he stands up for her, much to Scooter's dismay. None "The Brave Gonzilla", "My Hero" TBA 208
26 "Nanny's Record Collection" TBA 209
27 "A Muppet Babies Christmas" (1 hour special) TBA 210
28 "Change My Mind" TBA 211
29 "Muppet Network" The babies create their own television network. None "TV Crazy!" TBA 212
30 "When We Grow Up" TBA 213

Season 3

Episode Title Description Debuts Songs Air Date Code Number
31 "A New Muppet in Town" Baby Summer TBA 301
32 "Bookland!" TBA 302
33 "Nanny is Sick" TBA 303
34 "Beyond the Toybox" TBA 304
35 "Wash Out Your Beaker" TBA 305
36 "Muppet Entertainment System" TBA 306
37 "Kermit and the Beanstalk" TBA 307
38 "Sir Fozzie the Funny" TBA 308
39 "Animal Day" TBA 309
40 "Out of This World Adventure" TBA 310
41 "Gonzo-Os" TBA 311
42 "Danger Zone" TBA 312
43 "The Doctor is In" TBA 313
44 "Sally's Boyfriend" Brad TBA 314
45 "X Marks the Spot" TBA 315
46 "Muppet Roundup" TBA 316

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

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