The list of episodes of Marvel's Spider-Man (2017 TV series) (Billy2009's version).

Season One

  1. An Amazing Fantasy - Following of gaining powers and the death of his beloved uncle, young teenager Peter Parker decide to use his great powers as his great responsibility as the masked crime-fighting arachnid-themed superhero know as Spider-Man where he than soon faced against his first supervillain, the Vulture, whom happen to be a former businessman and inventor who lost his company, thanks to Justin Hammer, where Spider-Man must save Hammer from the vengeful Vulture.
  2. Follow the White Rabbit - As Peter begin struggling of trying to balance his life as both a ordinary high school student and a crime-fighting superhero, he than encounter a thief know as the White Rabbit, who learn that he stealing the money from the riches and give it to the poor, while only to get use most of the money for herself.
  3. Terrible as a Tinkerer - While working with helping Aunt May with the bills, finding a hangout spot for him and Harry and being a tutor to Gwen Stacy, Peter think that he has his full as Peter Parker. But, not has his hand as full as Spider-Man when he begin facing some thugs with some seemingly advanced tech which soon led him to the terrible Tinkerer himself.
  4. Rematch - Ever since his lost his fight with Spider-Man, former wrestler Maxwell Markham lost his fame and glory, feeling nothing but revenge. Maxwell don on a Grizzly Bear costume where he seek a rematch with Spider-Man, only for him to be humiliated and defeated again. Feeling vengeful, Maxwell than met up with the Tinkerer, whom he give him a Grizzly Bear-like exo-suit where he use to unfold his vengeance on the web-head. While that, Peter TBD
  5. Crime Wave -
  6. Working Stiff -
  7. Framed -
  8. Slayed -
  9. The Spider and the Jackal -
  10. Spider-Man Lived! -
  11. The Rise of Dr. Octopus -
  12. Six - Feeling revenge on the one who beat them, Dr. Octopus, Vulture,

Season Two

  1. Kickin' into Overdrive -
  2. Vendetta -

Season Three

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