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Looney Puffs is an American animated television series created by Lauren Faust for Cartoon Network, based on Warner Bros. Animation's series of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons. The series premiered on May 13, 2002, with 5 seasons and 76 episodes in total.

Series overview

Season Segments Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 52 18 May 13, 2002 October 22, 2002
2 46 16 November 1, 2002 March 25, 2003
3 45 15 September 26, 2003 February 9, 2004
4 45 15 August 17, 2004 February 13, 2005
5 34 12 August 13, 2005 January 16, 2006

Season 1 (2002)

No. in series No. in season Title Plot Air date
1 Bugs and the Beanstalk/Someone's in the Kitchen with Porky/Honeybee Bunny Bugs and the Beanstalk: Bugs Bunny wakes up to discover a giant beanstalk that has grown outside his hole while he was sleeping, and soon decides to climb that beanstalk to see what he could find up there.

Someone's in the Kitchen with Porky: Porky tries to get rid of a cat that has snuck into his kitchen to steal the ingredients Porky is about to use to make spaghetti.

Honeybee Bunny: Bugs' routine of picking carrots in his garden is disturbed by a swarm of bees.

May 13, 2002
2 Now You Tweet Me, Now You Don't/Duck Out of Luck/Woodchuck Season Now You Tweet Me, Now You Don't: Sylvester chases Tweety into a magic show, and is soon subjected to several painful illusions.

Duck Out of Luck: Daffy Duck accidentally breaks his mirror and is left to worry about 7 years of bad luck.

Woodchuck Season: Bugs and Daffy's usual "duck season, rabbit season" routine is intervened by a woodchuck who agrees to be Elmer's target instead of them, allowing both the rabbit and the duck to be safe.

May 23, 2002
3 Bugs and Rugs/Time and Spades/Backstage Wabbit Bugs and Rugs: Bugs squares off against a selfish storekeeper who refuses to give him a fancy-looking rug.

Time and Spades: Marvin the Martian challenges Bugs to a game of spades.

Backstage Wabbit: Bugs, who is sleeping near an opera house, gets disturbed by the loud singing of the opera singer and tries several ways to make him stop.

May 29, 2002
4 Yosemite Sam I Am/Sufferin' Spaghetti/Stop, Hook, and Listen Yosemite Sam I Am: Bugs pesters Sam into trying out red carrots and spam in a parody of the Dr. Seuss book Green Eggs and Ham.

Sufferin' Spaghetti: Sylvester follows Tweety into an Italian restaurant and attempts to find the hiding bird in the kitchen.

Stop, Hook, and Listen: Wile E. Coyote (Predatorious out-of-luckius) tries to catch Road Runner (Incrediblii Supersonicus) with a fishing rod that fell out of an ACME truck, but he keeps fishing unexpected objects like an explosive dummy of the Road Runner, a rattlesnake, a bomb, a cougar, etc.

June 12, 2002
5 Summer Bummer!/Daffy’s Worst Nightmare/Bent Outta Sheep Summer Bummer!: Bugs spent his summer vacation at the beach until Elmer invades it.

Daffy's Worst Nightmare: Daffy encounters his past nightmare he had when he was a baby.

Bent Outta Sheep: Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog, as usual, clock in for work and do their usual routine: Ralph trying to swipe some sheep and getting beaten up when he gets caught.

June 20, 2002
6 Coyote X/Cock-a-Doodle-Moo/We Scent to the Animal Fair Coyote X: When Wile E. (Super Genius Idioticus) notices his rival (Rapidus Mess-Makerus) running around and messing up his cave house, he decides to order a replica of the Chemical X made by ACME. Upon drinking it, he soon gains powers like the Powerpuff Girls and chases the bird around the desert, but even with superpowers, he still gets outsmarted by the Road Runner! Eventually, his powers wear off and he falls into the canyon and in a river, where he gets attacked and chased by a gang of sharks.

Cock-a-Doodle-Moo: After getting pranked by Barnyard Dawg, Foghorn Leghorn tries to get even with him with the help of a clever, savvy cow on his farm.

We Scent to the Animal Fair: After getting a white stripe painted on her back (again), Penelope Pussycat gets chased by the romantic Pepe Le Pew into a zoo, where she goes into various animal enclosures where she hopes the skunk will never find her.

June 27, 2002
7 I Tawt I Taw a Dirty Rat/Yosemite Ram/Daffy Rock I Tawt I Taw a Dirty Rat: Tweety befriends a rat who helps him fight off against Sylvester.

Yosemite Ram: Bugs tries to steal carrots from Sam's garden, which is being guarded by a ram.

Daffy Rock: Daffy gets rejected by a rock band when he tries to sign up as a member.

July 5, 2002
8 Bora Bora Lola/Mexicorn/Canadaffy Bora Bora Lola: Bugs and Lola's peaceful vacation in Bora Bora is disrupted by Yosemite Sam, who is also trying to take a vacation there.

Mexicorn: Speedy Gonzales tries to steal some corn from Daffy's crops for his corn festival.

Canadaffy: Daffy takes a vacation in Canada and has to square off against a stubborn lumberjack who steals his relaxing spot.

July 12, 2002
9 In the Garden of Tweety/Adventures in Duckling-Sitting/Dance of the Coyotes In the Garden of Tweety: Tweety Bird helps Granny out with picking the tomatoes from their vegetable garden. Unfortunately, Sylvester tags along and tries to eat Tweety.

Adventures in Duckling-Sitting: Daffy Duck is hired by an eldery duck to babysit her bratty infant granddaughter.

Dance of the Coyotes: Wile E. Coyote (Accidentius Pronius Rex) chases Road Runner (Fastius Foodius) into an orchestra that is playing Dance of the Comedians from The Bartered Bride.

July 19, 2002
10 Foghorn Peghorn/Beep Ahoy/Hog Wild Foghorn Peghorn: Foghorn Leghorn poses as a pirate in order to play a trick on Barnyard Dawg.

Beep Ahoy: Wile E. Coyote (Emptius Stomachus) chases Road Runner (Impossiblus to Capturus) out of the desert, into the city and onto a cruise ship.

Hog Wild: Porky and Daffy get ambushed by a ruthless biker gang who wants to torment them.

July 26, 2002
11 Alca-Taz/Attack of the 60-Foot Wabbit/Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Alca-Taz: Bugs gets locked in a maximum security prison which also happens to contain the Tasmanian Devil.

Attack of the 60-Foot Wabbit: A growth tonic brewed by Wile E. Coyote falls in the hands of Bugs Bunny, who mistakes it for an energy drink and soon becomes a giant.

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: Ralph Wolf attempts to steal sheep from Sam Sheepdog by disguising himself as a sheep, using a fishing rod, wearing an invisibility cloak, posing as a sheep herder, making himself look rabid with shaving cream, using a fog machine, and dressing up like a sheep.

July 31, 2002
12 E.Tweety/The Big Lebugski/Hare-y Potter and the Yosemite's Stone E.Tweety: In a parody of Steven Spielberg's film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Tweety befriends a green alien who protects him from Sylvester.

The Big Lebugski: A group of thugs raid Bugs' hole and he must use his usual tricks to drive them away.

Hare-y Potter and the Yosemite's Stone: Bugs (playing the role of Hare-y Potter) must battle the evil wizard Lord Voldefudd (Elmer Fudd) in order to protect the Yosemite's Stone.

August 12, 2002
13 Roach Runner/Just Another Manic Mexico Monday/Romance Raffle Roach Runner: Wile E. Coyote (Genius Arrogantis) uses some ACME Cockroaches to catch the Road Runner (Faster than-the-speed-of-lightius).

Just Another Manic Mexico Monday: When a group of bandit cats steal the things needed to throw their Mexico Monday, Speedy Gonzales must race to save their particular festivity.

Romance Raffle: Pepe Le Pew, once again mistaking Penelope for a girl skunk, chases her into a fun fair.

August 29, 2002
14 The Pig Who Cried Wolf/Fish and Chicks/Ducky Rabbit's Foot The Pig Who Cried Wolf: When Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog are unable to do their jobs due to a heavy rain, Sam just stays at home, while Ralph Wolf, holding an umbrella to avoid getting wet, visits Porky Pig.

Fish and Chicks: Foghorn Leghorn teaches some baby chicks to fish, with pretty funny results.

Ducky Rabbit's Foot: While Bugs and Daffy do their usual "duck season, rabbit season" routine, Daffy soon finds what appears to be a rabbit's foot, and believing that he will get good luck, decides to keep it in order to prevent getting shot. But it doesn't work as the duck still gets blasted, implying the rabbit's foot is actually a phony.

September 7, 2002
15 Opurra Singer/Daffy Had a Little Clam/Daffy's Bounty Opurra Singer: Sylvester keeps Elmer Fudd awake at night with his loud singing.

Daffy Had a Little Clam: Daffy tries to protect an endangered species of clam from poachers.

Daffy's Bounty: Daffy is assigned to catch the Tasmanian Devil for a reward of $900,000,000, but dealing with this vicious animal is easier said than done!

September 16, 2002
16 Bend It Like Bugs/A Game of Cat and Louse/Oh My Gold! Bend It Like Bugs: Bugs tries to sneak into a soccer stadium.

A Game of Cat and Louse: Sylvester suddenly finds himself itching from lice while trying to catch Tweety.

Oh My Gold!: Bugs and Yosemite Sam compete over mining gold.

September 25, 2002
17 Duck of the Irish/What's Up, Croc?/Speeding in the Rain Duck of the Irish: Daffy is hired to retrieve a huge pot of gold from Ireland, but Yosemite Sam has his eyes on that pot of gold too!

What's Up, Croc?: Bugs and Lola square off against a hungry crocodile who wants to eat them during their holiday in the Amazon rainforest.

Speeding in the Rain: When a huge rain strikes the desert, Wile E. Coyote (Determinus Sisyphus) attempts to catch Road Runner (Super Speedipus Avianes) using rain-based traps.

September 31, 2002
52 18 Hallo-Week On October, Daffy tries to prove to Bugs that witches, werewolves, and other Halloween beings aren't real, but soon gets more than what he bargained for when it turns out to be true!

NOTE: Halloween special

October 22, 2002

Season 2 (2002-03)

No. of segments overall No. in season Title Plot Air date
1 The Venus Flytrap/Cavern Crazy/Scent Ya Later The Venus Flytrap: Marvin plots to turn planet Earth into a cookie which he will then feed to his pet Venus flytrap Mr. Chomp. However, Bugs foils his plans.

Cavern Crazy: Wile E. Coyote (Caninus Starvingus) chases Road Runner (Lickety Splitius) into an underground cave.

Scent Ya Later: Penelope Pussycat tries futilely not to get a white stripe on her back, so as to not be chased by Pepe Le Pew.

November 1, 2002
2 Musical Hares/The Tow Duck/Lola's Cola Musical Hares: Bugs Bunny competes with Yosemite Sam on a Western-styled musical chairs game.

The Tow Duck: Daffy tries to get an ignorant tow truck driver, who can't hear him because he is listening to music on his MP3 player, to tow his broken car.

Lola's Cola: Lola opens a cola stand in a mall, but Elmer Fudd butts in and opens a cola stand of his own, resulting in a competition between the two.

November 8, 2002
3 Wile E.'s Deja Vu/Dick Spacey/Porky the Acrobat Wile E.'s Deja Vu: Wile E. Coyote (Carnivorous Idioticus) attempts to catch Road Runner (Main Coursius Dinnerus) using traps from the cartoons Fast and Furry-ous, Beep, Beep and Gee Whiz-z-z-z-z-z-z.

Dick Spacey: To ensure that his plan to destroy Earth doesn't fail, Marvin the Martian hires space hunter Dick Spacey (a parody of Dick Tracey) to prevent Bugs from foiling his plots.

Porky the Acrobat: Porky Pig is an audience member in a circus who is soon called as a volunteer for an acrobat's grand trick.

November 12, 2002
4 Love is a Dove/Game Bunny/Stealth-Vester Love is a Dove: Penelope seeks the help of a dove to prevent Pepe Le Pew from believing her as a girl skunk.

Game Bunny: Bugs Bunny discovers a Game Boy-esque console on the sidewalk and soon begins playing with it.

Stealth-Vester: Sylvester tries to become a ninja so he can catch Tweety Bird.

November 20, 2002
5 Night-Hare/Laffy Daffy/Fishing for Wabbits Night-Hare: Bugs, while sleeping, fights against an evil goblin in his dream using his tricks and wits.

Laffy Daffy: Daffy attempts to cheer up a melancholy duckling who is sitting by a pond.

Fishing for Wabbits: Bugs Bunny harrasses Elmer Fudd, who is trying to enjoy a peaceful fishing break.

November 30, 2002
6 Frozen Dozen/Desert Dessert/Snowy Gonzales Frozen Dozen: Sylvester tries to catch Tweety Bird outside the snowy street.

Desert Dessert: Giving another try at making snow, Wile E. Coyote (Pursuious Tough-Luckius) turns the desert into a winter wonderland to intercept the Road Runner (Lightningus Boltius).

Snowy Gonzales: Sylvester tricks Speedy Gonzales into believing it is snowing in Mexico so he can catch and devour him.

December 14, 2002
7 Piece of Sheep/Things that Go Beep in the Night/Counting Sheep Piece of Sheep: As they get ready for work, Ralph Wolf accidentally gets covered in wool that fell out of an ACME truck, but he soon uses it as an advantage to steal sheep from Sam Sheepdog.

Things that Go Beep in the Night: As night approaches, Wile E. Coyote (Ignorantius Rex) tries to scare Road Runner (Speedius like-a-racecarius) with a monster costume, but the brave and fearless bird somehow knows his tricks and outsmarts him.

Counting Sheep: Ralph Wolf, once again, tries to swipe some mutton from Sam Sheepdog using a Little Bo Peep disguise.

December 19, 2002
8 Bugs Funny/Daffy Drew/Confessions of a Stuttering Pig Bugs Funny: Bugs masquerades as a stand-up comedian in order to steal the show from an arrogant comedian.

Daffy Drew: Daffy stars in this Nancy Drew parody as a detective who tries to solve a mystery involving chickens from Foghorn Leghorn's farm.

Confessions of a Stuttering Pig: Porky writes about his life in his diary.

December 22, 2002
77 9 A Looney Puffs Christmas It's Christmas, and the Looney Tunes are preparing a party to make the best of the holiday. But there is just one thing missing: a Christmas tree! So Bugs, Lola, Daffy, Porky and Wile E. set off on a long journey to find one, as all the stores are closed. December 31, 2002
10 Wile E.’s Break/Singing in the Pain/Son of a Switch Wile E.'s Break: Wile takes a break off from Road Runner so that he could mess with Bugs.

Singing in the Pain: Bugs disrupts a musical of Singing in the Rain.

Son of a Switch: Bugs and Daffy have a nightmare where their usual roles are swapped to horrendous effect.

January 14, 2003
11 Wool E. Coyote/Cock-a-Doodle-Shoo Fly!/A Shot in the Duck Wool E. Coyote: When Ralph Wolf gets sick due to a fever, Wile E. Coyote temporarily becomes his replacement, but he is secretly uncomfortable with trying to steal sheep from Sam, especially when he gets caught and beaten up by him.

Cock-a-Doodle-Shoo Fly!: Foghorn Leghorn tries to remove some pesky flies from the chicken coop that are terrorizing the chickens.

A Shot in the Duck: In order to take a well-deserved break from their reverse psychology routine, Bugs and Daffy trick Elmer into believing it's pitch-black dark, driving the man into a state of insanity.

January 17, 2003
12 Bad Hare Day/Fine Swinin'/Skunk in the Trunk Bad Hare Day: Yosemite Sam hires an evil rabbit to commit crimes and blame them on Bugs. However, Bugs secretly overhears this and manipulates the vile lagomorph.

Fine Swinin': Porky Pig is invited to a formal dinner, but he notices some of the people there are not having good table manners.

Skunk in the Trunk: Penelope Pussycat, as usual, accidentally receives another white stripe and is chased by Pepe Le Pew into a huge moving truck.

January 22, 2003
13 All Aboard the Tasmanian Train/Raging Beep/Polar Lola All Aboard the Tasmanian Train: Taz follows an oblivious Bugs into an Australian train where he tries to eat him.

Raging Beep: Wile E. Coyote (Canis Stupidicus) puts together an ACME Robotic Killer Bull to hunt the Road Runner (Super Duper Speedicus).

Polar Lola: Lola tries to enjoy a peaceful vacation in the North Pole but keeps having to square off against hungry polar bears.

February 20, 2003
14 The Merry-Go-Round Beeped Down/First-Rabbit Shooter/The Ducky Joker The Merry-Go-Round Beeped Down: Wile E. Coyote (Predatorious Voracious) chases Road Runner (Fastius Fowlius) into a Six Flags-esque amusement park, where he is subjected to injuries from the merry-go-rounds, ball games, and other attractions.

First-Rabbit Shooter: Yosemite Sam runs a Western-themed arcade called "Sam's Rootin' Tootin' Arcade" that enforces a very strict rule: no rabbits allowed. When Bugs tries to enter, he is kicked out, so he declares war to get to play in the arcade.

The Ducky Joker: Daffy gets kicked out of a comedy club for telling a really offensive joke.

March 11, 2003
15 Cock-a-Leekie Doo/Chupacat-bra/Banks a Lot Cock-a-Leekie Doo: Foghorn Leghorn attempts to cook a delicious soup for the hens living in his coop.

Chupacat-bra: Sylvester hires a laid-back, street-smart chupacabra to help him catch Speedy Gonzales.

Banks a Lot: Yosemite Sam's efforts to rob a bank are foiled by Bugs Bunny, who somehow works here.

March 19, 2003
16 Carrots and Parrots/I'm Just Wild About Wile E./Kitten-Garteners Carrots and Parrots: Bugs Bunny is in Jamaica, buying carrots from a market. However, on his way back to his hole, a greedy parrot steals his shopping and he must retrieve it.

I'm Just Wild About Wile E.: Wile E. Coyote (Enemius Unluckius) tries to catch Road Runner (Ignitius Roadius) using a bear trap, a guillotine, quicksand, a snake pit, a large spiky ball from a chain, a pool full of sharks, a large ceiling fan, an explosive dummy of a baby in a carriage, and a "sauna" which is actually a boiling pot.

Kitten-Garteners: Sylvester teaches some young kittens how to chase birds.

March 25, 2003

Season 3 (2003-04)

No. of segments overall No. in season Title Plot Air date
1 A Pricky Situation/Taste Makes Waste/What's Up, Fox? A Pricky Situation: Sylvester chases Tweety into a zoo and accidentally lands in an enclosure full of porcupines.

Taste Makes Waste: Porky tries unsuccessfully to serve a really complicated dish in a restauraunt, and his careless partner Daffy is of no help either.

What's Up, Fox?: While on a trip to the desert, Bugs and Lola meet a timid fennec fox who is being chased by a hungry vulture, and they protect him by playing tricks on the vulture. A cameo appearance by Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote can be spotted at the start of the episode.

September 26, 2003
2 Stranger than Taz/Wile E. Pie-yote/Arizona Antics Stranger than Taz: Wile E. Coyote decides to study what is wrong with Taz while having to avoid his attacks.

Wile E. Pie-yote: Bugs Bunny and Wile E. Coyote compete in the Annual ACME Pie-Baking Contest.

Arizona Antics: Wile E. Coyote (Digestius Avianus) tries to catch Road Runner (Tastius Preyicus) by luring him into a deadly Indiana Jones-esque temple in the desert.

September 30, 2003
3 Traffic Daffy/Elmer Flood/From Bad to Nurse Traffic Daffy: Inspired by the Pink Panther cartoon "Think Before You Pink", Daffy tries to cross an extremely long traffic rush to get to the other side of the street.

Elmer Flood: Elmer Fudd has to deal with a great big flood that has invaded every room in his house.

From Bad to Nurse: A remake of the Sylvester and Tweety cartoon "Greedy for Tweety", a chasing mishap causes Tweety and Sylvester to get injured and end up in a vet hospital. Granny is their nurse. Behind the nurse's back, Sylvester, despite being injured, attempts to eat Tweety, but is foiled every time.

October 11, 2003
4 Yankee Doodle Candy/Hoot's There?/Cock-o'-Lantern Yankee Doodle Candy: Bugs and Yosemite Sam compete in candy selling.

Hoot's There?: Tweety teams up with an owl to fight against Sylvester.

Cock-o'-Lantern: Foghorn Leghorn crafts a really scary jack-o'-lantern which he then torments Barnyard Dawg with.

October 23, 2003
5 Beep or Treat/Go Fly a Fright/Bedbugs Bunny Beep or Treat: Wile E. Coyote (Famishius Hooliganius) tries to trick the Road Runner (Birdius Yummius) by making him trick or treat at "houses" that are actually caves with lots of rattlesnakes. Unbeknownst to Wile E. however, since roadrunners eat snakes, the Road Runner manages to defeat the snakes and bombards the Coyote with lots of candy.

Go Fly a Fright: Porky's kite gets caught on the wind vane of Witch Hazel's bungalow and he must retrieve it without letting her see him.

Bedbugs Bunny: Bugs Bunny gets fed up with being bitten by a group of bedbugs and declares war against them.

October 30, 2003
6 Lettuce Have It!/Garden Warden/Fall of the Wild Lettuce Have It!: Bugs and Lola try to outsmart a pesky gopher who is stealing the lettuce in Bugs' garden.

Garden Warden: Yosemite Sam guards his veggie garden from Bugs.

Fall of the Wild: Wile E. Coyote (Overzealous Idioticus) tries to capture Road Runner (Electricus Speedicus) using a jetpack, a hot-air balloon that shoots missiles, a snowboard, grease on the road, a hang glider and a scooter, all of which, of course, backfire and send him falling off a cliff (hence the name of the segment).

November 7, 2003
7 Technolo-Jeepers/Pork Delivering a Baby/Get Well Moon Technolo-Jeepers: Wile E. Coyote tasks Bugs and Lola with guarding his Blueprint Bot 9000, which he intends to showcase at the ACME Science Convention this night. However, the Blueprint Bot rolls away and the two rabbits have to run after it before it crashes into something!

Pork Delivering a Baby: Porky finds an abandoned baby crying on his lawn and he has to care for it while trying to find the baby's parent(s).

Get Well Moon: Bugs torments Marvin the Martian, who is on the moon trying to search for unidentified rocks.

November 14, 2003
8 What's Up, Crook?/Canary Carriage/You Shall Not Baa What's Up, Crook?: Bugs gets mistaken for a notorious rabbit criminal that looks nearly identical to him and is thrown in prison.

Canary Carriage: In a park, Tweety Bird disguises himself as a baby while in an area full of mothers and baby carriages to hide from the hungry Sylvester.

You Shall Not Baa: Ralph Wolf disguises himself as a Gandalf-like wizard to steal sheep from Sam Sheepdog.

November 22, 2003
9 Tasmanian Deviled Eggs/Rooster Booster/Fire in the Rabbit Hole! Tasmanian Deviled Eggs: Taz follows Bugs into an egg factory.

Rooster Booster: Foghorn Leghorn and Barnyard Dawg compete in a race.

Fire in the Rabbit Hole!: Bugs Bunny, trying to take a nap, discovers a great army outside his hole, which is violently battling a rival army. When he politely asks them to be quiet, the armies refuse to grant his request and blast him until he's covered in ash. "Of course you realize, this means war!", says Bugs.

November 29, 2003
10 Mice Skating/Christmas Tweet/Deck the Caws Mice Skating: Speedy and his friends are skating with glee at an ice rink until Sylvester intervenes.

Christmas Tweet: Sylvester chases Tweety into a store that has a huge deal on Christmas trees.

Deck the Caws: Foghorn Leghorn decorates the farm for Christmas, but Barnyard Dawg butts in and puts his own additions to the decorations.

December 19, 2003
11 Santa Claws/Silent Fight/Gift-Wrapped Bunny Santa Claws: Sylvester pretends to be Santa Claus in order to catch Tweety.

Silent Fight: Daffy competes with Bugs over giving their homes the best Christmas look.

Gift-Wrapped Bunny: Lola volunteers as an elf at Santa's workshop.

December 29, 2003
12 Down by the Hay/The Skunkyard/Hugs Bunny Down by the Hay: Foghorn Leghorn gets trapped in a bale of hay courtesy of a baler mishap and soon has to deal with Barnyard Dawg tormenting him.

The Skunkyard: Pepe Le Pew follows Penelope into a junkyard.

Hugs Bunny: In a plot similar to the cartoon "The Abominable Snow Rabbit", Bugs burrows to China in another attempt to travel to Albuquerque and ends up getting adopted by a nice yet not-so-gentle panda.

January 8, 2004
13 Penelope Juicy-Cat/The Bird is the Word/Steel-Vester Penelope Juicy-Cat: Penelope and Lola start a lemonade stand, but nobody seems to like the taste of their lemonade, especially their first customers; Bugs Bunny and Wile E. Coyote.

The Bird is the Word: Tweety teaches some canary chicks about the alphabet, but Sylvester is outside trying to get them.

Steel-Vester: Sylvester gets put to sleep by Tweety via sleeping gas and has a dream where he is a supervillain named "Steel-Vester", trying to defeat Terrific Tweety, a superhero alter-ego of Tweety.

January 15, 2004
14 Rock-a-Doodle Doo!/Warehouse Coyote/Duck and Ducker Rock-a-Doodle Doo!: Foghorn Leghorn keeps listening to his favorite rock song, which Barnyard Dawg finds annoying.

Warehouse Coyote: Wile E. Coyote (Greatlii Famishius) pursues Road Runner (Never Exhaustius) into an ACME warehouse, where he uses every ACME product there imaginable to try to kill him.

Duck and Ducker: Daffy has to deal with his new visitors; an insufferable Lloyd and Harry-esque duo of ducks named Troy and Terry.

January 23, 2004
15 Bookshelf Bunny/Sunny Bunny/Runny Bunny Bookshelf Bunny: Bugs Bunny orders a DIY bookshelf from ACME and tries, with mixed results, to put it all together.

Sunny Bunny: Bugs tries to keep himself cool on the hottest day of the year.

Runny Bunny: Lola has to look after Bugs when he catches a cold.

February 9, 2004

Season 4 (2004-05)

No. of segments overall No. in season Title Plot Air date
1 Gettin' Beepy with It/Hare Today, Duck Tomorrow/Trapple Pie Gettin' Beepy with It: Wile E. Coyote (Predatorious Slobbius) tries to capture Road Runner (Speedius Beepus) using a ravenous, omnivorous bird inspired by The Crunch Bird.

Hare Today, Duck Tomorrow: While Bugs and Daffy are being chased by Elmer Fudd, they accidentally fall off a cliff and end up in the hospital. Soon, this depresses Elmer, who cannot help but think of the glory days trying to hunt the duck and rabbit.

Trapple Pie: Tweety tries to escape when Sylvester traps him in an apple pie that has not been baked yet and intends to bake the canary.

August 17, 2004
2 Rock n' Roll Kitty/Tamale Rally/Pepe Le Stew Rock n' Roll Kitty: Sylvester disturbs Elmer at night by playing in a rock band composed of other cats.

Tamale Rally: Speedy Gonzales competes with his friends in a tamale-making contest.

Pepe Le Stew: Penelope Pussycat, once again with a white stripe down her back, hides in a restaurant to avoid Pepe Le Pew.

August 24, 2004
3 Coyote for a Day/Beef Porky/Fowl-Tempered Taz Coyote for a Day: Wile E.'s recent attempt to catch his supersonic prey ends with him getting injured so badly that he has to go to the hospital. He hires Yosemite Sam to fill in for him, but the short-tempered cowboy is even more incompetent at capturing Road Runner than Wile E. is!

Beef Porky: Porky is hired by Foghorn Leghorn to look after the cows on his farm while the rooster leaves for a short vacation.

Fowl-Tempered Taz: Taz tries to steal the chickens from Foghorn Leghorn's farm, but the talkative rooster outsmarts him with his wits and blabbering.

September 9, 2004
4 The Day the Wabbit Stood Still/Lola the Doctor/Duck Sucker The Day the Wabbit Stood Still: A dark eclipse occurs and makes everything dark. Bugs then has to do what he can to survive the long eclipse.

Lola the Doctor: Lola volunteers at a hospital but soon regrets it when she is given tons of patients to care of.

Duck Sucker: Daffy is called to a wrestling match to fight The Crusher. Unfortunate consequences occur as the brutish wrestler pounds and beats up the duck with enjoyment.

September 19, 2004
5 Lice to Meet You/Cocks Away/Taz-Tanic Lice to Meet You: This time for Penelope Pussycat, she is not only given yet another white stripe, but also receives lice and fleas, making her escaping from Pepe Le Pew difficult.

Cocks Away: Foghorn Leghorn pesters Barnyard Dawg with a remote-controlled toy helicopter.

Taz-Tanic: Taz terrorizes the people in a Titanic-like ship.

September 26, 2004
6 Transyl-Pain-Ia/Halloweenies/I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Bat Transyl-Pain-Ia: Bugs Bunny tries to protect a friendly, misunderstood vampire from Yosemite Sam, here in his monster-hunter alter-ego "Sam Helsing", a parody of Van Helsing. This is inspired by the Tom and Jerry Tales episode "Sasquashed".

Halloweenies: On Halloween, Bugs is a vendor of a Halloween-themed hotdog stand called "Halloweenies". However, Yosemite Sam competes by opening a Halloween-themed food stand of his own called "Trick or Meat".

I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Bat: Sylvester disguises himself as a bat in another attempt to catch and devour Tweety.

October 20, 2004
7 Trick or Scream/Friday the Thirth-Beep/Cock-a-Doodle Boo! Trick or Scream: While trick-or-treating, Lola and Penelope suddenly find themselves pursued by Gossamer.

Friday the Thirth-Beep: Wile E. Coyote (Digestious Roadrunnerus) disguises himself as Jason Voorhees to catch the Road Runner (Speedipus Escapius).

Cock-a-Doodle Boo!: Barnyard Dawg scares a sleeping Foghorn Leghorn during a red night with some wildlife sounds. Eventually, Foghorn decides he's had enough and fights fire with fire.

October 29, 2004
8 Pooligans/Girls Just Wanna Have Nun/The Atrocious Artist Pooligans: Daffy has his duck pond taken from him by a bully duck. Reluctantly, he seeks help from Bugs to help him stand up to the foul mallard.

Girls Just Wanna Have Nun: Lola and Penelope help a nun recover the donations for an orphanage, which are stolen by Yosemite Sam.

The Atrocious Artist: Just like in Duck Amuck, Daffy once again finds himself being tormented by a wicked animator, except this time it's not Bugs...

November 8, 2004
9 Tweety's Robot/Martian Moonhunter/A Sheep to the Past Tweety's Robot: Tweety invents a robot in the likeness of himself, and when he sets it out, Sylvester mistakes it for the real Tweety and is soon subjected to it's incredible attacks.

Martian Moonhunter: Marvin plans to use the Moon as a gigantic cannonball which he will then blast towards Earth, destroying it. When Bugs learns of the scheme, he springs to the rescue and battles against Marvin.

A Sheep to the Past: Ralph Wolf attempts to steal sheep from Sam Sheepdog using plans from Don't Give Up the Sheep, Steal Wool and A Sheep in the Deep.

November 17, 2004
10 Cat of the Wild/War and Fleece/Tough Cluck Cat of the Wild: Lovestruck Pepe Le Pew chases Penelope into a tiger reserve.

War and Fleece: Ralph Wolf's attempts to swipe sheep from Sam Sheepdog include an ACME Grass Costume, metal flakes which he sprinkles onto the sheep's grass, strap-on eagle wings, pretending to be a magician using the disappearing trick, hauling a solid blanket over Sam, a billboard painted with sheep and knockout pills which he tricks Sam into eating.

Tough Cluck: Foghorn Leghorn is met by a passing black cat and is soon given lots of bad luck, much to Barnyard Dawg's delight.

November 26, 2004
11 Bugs of the Jungle/Flight of the Bumblebunny/Fruitcake Follies Bugs of the Jungle: Bugs Bunny burrows into a jungle and soon becomes prisoner to a pack of gorillas.

Flight of the Bumblebunny: Set to Flight of the Bumblebee, Bugs Bunny squares off against some honeybees while trying to pick some honey.

Fruitcake Follies: Bugs Bunny gets around town selling fruitcake. However, one box of fruitcake falls out of his scooter and rolls away, so he has to get it back before it's gone forever.

December 29, 2004
12 New Year Tweety/The Baseball Wabbit/I See a Road Runner In Your Future New Year Tweety: Sylvester chases Tweety around the house while Granny prepares a New Year's party.

The Baseball Wabbit: Bugs Bunny is an audience member in a baseball game, who suddenly gets hit on the head by the baseball, apparently thrown by the pitcher Elmer Fudd. At first, Bugs tries to ignore it, but after getting bonked by the baseball two more times he decides he's had enough and retaliates against the thrower of the ball, Elmer.

I See a Road Runner In Your Future: Wile E. Coyote (Canis Slobbius) masquerades as several types of fortune tellers to fool the Road Runner (Quickius as-a-cheeticus).

January 16, 2005
13 Penelola/Gettin' Froggy with It/Skunk Ahead! Penelola: Lola Bunny accidentally gets mixed up with her best friend Penelope Pussycat by one of Wile E. Coyote's inventions, turning them into a cabbit... sort of. Now they have to deal with the entire ordeal.

Gettin' Froggy with It: Penelope and Lola protect some young frogs from a bully toad by using Bugs Bunny-esque tricks.

Skunk Ahead!: Lola has to hide her best friend Penelope from the lovestricken Pepe Le Pew.

January 20, 2005
14 Pin the Tail on the Bunny/Devil Duck/Cheese of the Century Pin the Tail on the Bunny: Bugs Bunny helps a little girl plan a party for her friends.

Devil Duck: When the Tasmanian Devil escapes from Tasmania, Daffy disguises himself as a female Tasmanian Devil to trick him into returning to his homeplace.

Cheese of the Century: Speedy Gonzales discovers a 100-year old box of cheese and plans to put it in his own personal museum. However, Sylvester and some bandit cats are plotting to steal the old (and rotten) cheeses, so Speedy has to protect the cheeses at all costs.

January 27, 2005
15 Wirehaired Hare/Chip Off the Ol' Flock/Slam Duck Wirehaired Hare: Bugs Bunny plays tricks on a dopey German Wirehaired Pointer who plans to cook and eat him accompanied by his equally dopey American Wirehair partner.

Chip Off the Ol' Flock: Ralph Wolf masquerades as an adorable lamb to trick Sam while he attempts to steal the sheep.

Slam Duck: Daffy Duck competes with an abrasive basketball team in a game of basketball.

February 13, 2005

Season 5 (2005-06)

No. of segments overall No. in season Title Plot Air date
1 Who Let the Rabbits Out?/Skunky Rhythm/Mugs Bunny Who Let the Rabbits Out?: Bugs Bunny learns that Yosemite Sam has a prison for rabbits right in the basement of his house, so Bugs breaks into Sam's house to save the lagomorphs.

Skunky Rhythm: Penelope hides in a French nightclub to hide from Pepe Le Pew.

Mugs Bunny: Bugs Bunny plays tricks on a crook who is trying to mug him.

August 13, 2005
2 I'm Just Wild About Porky/Elmer Fudd, Professional Therapist/Road Runner Bummer I'm Just Wild About Porky: Daffy and Porky are in a mall, trying to buy a certain item Porky likes. However, there are too many people in the mall.

Elmer Fudd, Professional Therapist: Elmer Fudd is a psychologist who writes whatever problems the other Looney Tunes have in their minds. Unfortunately, his next patient, Bugs Bunny, pretends to have a problem so he can mess with Elmer.

Road Runner Bummer: Wile E. Coyote's (Starvingus-Starvingus) latest attempts to capture the Road Runner (High Frictionus Speedipus) include an explosive xylophone (from the Bugs Bunny cartoon Show Biz Bugs), tacks on the road, an ACME Wild Panther, some traps from the cartoon Ready, Set, Zoom!, a huge mechanical foot reminiscent of the foot from Monty Python's Flying Circus, an ACME Giant Butterfly Net, and a detour.

August 20, 2005
3 Rabbit for Fire/Sylvester the Tiger/Two Cats and a Birdy Rabbit for Fire: Daffy tries to remove every indication of duck season so that he won't get shot. It works and Bugs is the only one facing off against Elmer, with unexpected consequences.

Sylvester the Tiger: When Tweety watches on the news that a tiger has escaped from the ACME Zoo, Sylvester overhears it and takes advantage of it by dressing up as a tiger to catch Tweety. Things seem to go pretty well for Sylvester until the real tiger appears!

Two Cats and a Birdy: Sylvester and an unnamed cat fight over Tweety.

September 17, 2005
4 The Duck Stops Here/Magician Wabbit/Pain-Droid The Duck Stops Here: In a parody of Green Eggs and Ham, Daffy Duck tries to convince Elmer to hunt something else instead of duck.

Magician Wabbit: Bugs takes revenge on an overconfident magician after one of his magic tricks causes Bugs to be mixed up.

Pain-Droid: Bugs helps Wile E. Coyote with making repairs on a robot that can make toast.

September 23, 2005
5 Never Bug a Bunny/Dancing with the Wabbits/Slugs Bunny Never Bug a Bunny: Bugs Bunny fights off against Yosemite Sam, who is trying to hunt an endangered species of butterfly.

Dancing with the Wabbits: Bugs and Lola compete in a dance-off with Yosemite Sam.

Slugs Bunny: When Bugs Bunny gets evicted from Yosemite Sam's garden trying to steal a carrot, Bugs retaliates by infesting his garden with slugs.

October 9, 2005
6 Trash-Manian Devil/Last Pig Standing/101 Coyotes Trash-Manian Devil: In Australia, Bugs gets chased by Taz into a junkyard.

Last Pig Standing: Porky and Foghorn Leghorn compete in a game of paintball.

101 Coyotes: Wile E. Coyote (Hungrii like-a-hogius) makes several clones of himself using an ACME Cloning Machine to try to catch the Road Runner (Blazingus Zoomingus).

October 16, 2005
7 Bugs' Guide to Outsmarting Bad Guys/Road Beepin'/Bleat from the Past Bugs' Guide to Outsmarting Bad Guys: Bugs gives us tips on how to defeat our enemies.

Road Beepin': Wile E. Coyote (Genius Perplexius) tries to get to the Road Runner (Delicious Dinnerus), who is on the other side of a wide road filled with heavy traffic.

Bleat from the Past: Ralph Wolf's attempts to steal sheep from Sam Sheepdog include some schemes from the cartoons Don't Give Up the Sheep, Ready, Woolen and Able and Double or Mutton.

October 24, 2005
8 Crying for Alps/A Really Pig Problem/Bats What I Was Thinking! Crying for Alps: Daffy and Porky attempt to climb a really high mountain, but Daffy's antics make this a challenge for them.

A Really Pig Problem: Porky Pig accidentally gets increased in size by Wile E. Coyote's Growth Ray.

Bats What I Was Thinking!: Wile E. Coyote (Intellectius not-so-brightius) puts together an ACME Do-It-Yourself Batman Suit to help him in hunting the Road Runner (Supersonicus blue-and-purpleus).

November 20, 2005
9 The Rooster Who Laid a Golden Egg/Voodoo You Think You Are?/My Ducky Lies Over the Ocean The Rooster Who Laid a Golden Egg: Barnyard Dawg plays a trick on Foghorn Leghorn by placing a gold-painted egg underneath him while he is sleeping. When Foghorn wakes up, he believes he laid a golden egg and things start getting out of control from there.

Voodoo You Think You Are?: Marvin the Martian orders an ACME Earth Voodoo Doll and tries to destroy Earth by harming the voodoo doll. However, Bugs Bunny butts in and fights off using a voodoo doll of Marvin.

My Ducky Lies Over the Ocean: Daffy gets lost on an island and tries to contact help. To make matters worse, the Tasmanian Devil is on that island and tries to eat him.

December 12, 2005
10 Beepy Friday/Spoon and Pork/Against the Cock Beepy Friday: Wile E. Coyote engages in a virtual-reality game where the roles are reversed; he is the prey and the Road Runner is his predator.

Spoon and Pork: Porky tries to prepare dinner as Foghorn Leghorn is coming tonight.

Against the Cock: Barnyard Dawg tricks Foghorn Leghorn into thinking it's morning (when it's actually still night) and waking up. Soon however, the canine's karma slowly comes to him when Foghorn discovers the ruse and gets even with him.

December 27, 2005
11 Dinner is Reserved/A Ducker for Love/Sewin' Along Dinner is Reserved: A hungry Sylvester tries to steal some meat from a meat museum.

A Ducker for Love: Daffy tries to woo several female ducks in his pond, with little to no success.

Sewin' Along: Lola Bunny and Elmer Fudd compete in a sewing contest.

January 10, 2006
221 12 Looney Puffs: Attack of the Instant Martians Marvin's Instant Martians are brainwashed by an evil space overlord named Lord Doombringer who plots to take over the planet Earth. As the Instant Martians turn on their now-former master, Marvin has no other option but to fly to Earth and seek the help of Bugs and the other Looney Tunes to defeat the overlord and restore the Instant Martians. Can they save the day before the Earth becomes a planet of evil Instant Martians?

NOTE: Made-for-TV movie and series finale.

January 16, 2006
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