List of the episodes of the reboot of Littlest Pet Shop.


Season 1

  1. The Bear and The Mongoose - Sunil confronts the black bear at the pet shop, meanwhile, Blythe babysits Youngmee's cousin (Blythe wears a tanktop, pants, pumps and her hair is in pigtails.)
  2. Careful What You Eat - When Zoe accidentally eat rocks, Blythe must fix Zoe's teeth. (Blythe wears a white top, black skirt, pumps and her hair is in 2 buns with 2 barrettes)
  3. Uni-Kitty! - Unikitty goes to Littlest Pet Shop, but the Biskits tries to capture Unikitty. (Blythe wears the recolored version from Two Pets for Two Pests)
  4. I'm Yours! - A British Cat named Delilah Barnsley comes to the Pet Shop! But when Sunil falls in love with her, she seems to have a love interest for Captain Cuddles, making both Sunil and Pepper jealous. in the end, CAptain Cuddles cheats on Delilah Barnsley and she says "I love Sunil now." (Blythe wears a I HEART LPS Tee, Jeans, Red Pumps, and had her hair in a Bun with a Pink Flower in her hair)
  5. Blythe Gets Braces - After going to the Dentist, Blythe finds out that she has to have Braces. (For the first part of the episode, she wears a recolored version of The Longest Week EVER!. For the rest of the episode, she wore the outfit from Blythe's Big Adventure Part 2) (Blythe will have braces for this week only)
  6. TBA
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