Season 1 (2015

DVD/VHS releases: ✔️ = Yes ✖️ = No

Noisy Neighbors - The babies struggle to keep Lilly quite so as not to awaken their neighbor, a police guard who works on night shift. ✔️

Song: Sleep Rockin'

Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Dark? - The babies help Theodore conquer his fear of the darkness. ✔️

Song: Good Things Can Happen in the Dark

Dental Hyjinks - The babies try to pull out Theodore's loose tooth so he won't have to go to the dentist. ✔️

Song: Loose Tooth Boogie

Raiders of the Lost Puppy - While playing hide-and-seek, Lilly vanishes and the babies search the house for him. ✔️

Song: Best Friends

Simon's Hidden Talent - The other babies all have special talents, but Simon can't figure out his. ✖️

Song: Dream Your Inspiration

The Case of the Missing Bear - Theodore panics when his teddy bear, Teddy, goes missing. ✔️

Song: Teddy

Six Take-Away One Equals Panic - Panic ensures in the nursery when the babies overhear Dave saying that he needs to get rid of one of them. ✔️

Song: Table For One

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? - Alvin struggles to find out what he wants to be when he grows up. ✔️

Song: It's Up to You

Close Encounters of the Chipmunk Kind - The Chipmunks Aunt Vinny comes to visit. ✖️

Song: Practice Makes Perfect

First appearance of The Chipmunks Aunt Vinny.

Alvin's Video Show - The babies make their own movies using Lulu's video camera. ✔️

Song: I Can't Help Being A Star

Fun Park Fantasies - The babies try to sleep while thinking about the next day at the amusement park and what it would be like. ✔️

Song: Merry Go Round

From the Galaxy Far, Far Away - The babies conclude a alien to come into the nursery and try to return her back to Neptune. ✖️

Song: Rocket to the Stars

Good, Clean Fun - After breaking a lamp, the babies try to make it up to Dave, but by making more messes in the process. This is the last episode in Season 1. ✔️

Song: Keep Your Puppy Clean

Season 2

Once Upon An Egg Timer - When Jeanette loses her voice, the babies tell stories in search for it. ✔️

Song: Show Us the Real You

Brittany's Hyper-Activity Book - The babies amuse themselves while working though an activity book. ✖️

Song: Music is Everywhere

Alvin's Last Prank - Alvin considers giving up comedy. ✖️

Song: Got Ya!

The Great Cookie Robbery - While Alvin secretly munches on a box of Cookies, the babies try to tell stories to keep their minds off their growling stomachs. ✖️

Song: Railroad Tracking

Out-of-This-World History - The babies wonder though the history in one of Lulu's books. ✖️

Song: Yankee Doodle Rock

Snow White and the 6 Munks - The babies put on their own version of Snow White, but Brittany is frustrated when is dousen't get the lead role. ✔️

Song: Snow White Blues

I Want My Chipmunk TV! - After the TV breaks, the babies create their own programs. ✖️

Song: TV Maniacs

Chipmunk Authors - When Jeanette enters a Young Writers Contest, it inspires the rest to try out writing stories. ✔️

Song: Writing is Fun!

What's New at the Zoo? - Dave and Lulu take the babies to the Zoo to learn more about animals. ✖️

Song: Animals are my Favorite People

The Great Chipmunk Cartoon Show - The babies make their own cartoon shows. ✔️

Song: We Love Cartoons

The Chipmunk Museum of Art - When Eleanor breaks her ankle on one of Brittany's roler skates, the babies create artwork for her. Meanwhile, Brittany deals with her guilty conscience, and blames Eleanor's injury on Alvin. ✖️

Song: Art is for Your Heart

Theo for your Laughs - Alvin tries out insult comedy, but ends up hurting Theodore's feelings, so Lalu tries to teach Alvin how bad it is to hurt someone. ✔️

Song: It's Hurtful, I'm Sorry

Green Isn't your Color - Brittany gets jealous of Jeanette getting all of the attention, so she changes her personality and looks to get attention. ✔️

Song: Look at me Now, Be Yourself

Season 3

Brittrella - Brittany gets in punishment for Alvin's mess, making her imagin herself as Cinderella. ✔️

Song: Check Me Out

No More Color - After Jeanette accidentally breaks Eleanor's box of crayons, Eleanor vows never to talk to Jeanette again. ✔️

Song: I'm Not Talking

First Day of Preschool - It's the Chipmunks and the Chipettes first day of preschool, but Alvin dousen't want to go to school, but then learns that school is fun! ✔️

Song: I Love School

Jeanette and the Other Klutz - Jeanette meets a new girl at preschool named Christine (Isabella Acres) who is a klutz just like her, but learns that she's trying to bully her! ✔️

Song: The New Chick in School

Simon For President - The babies run for class president, but Alvin gets jealous when Simon wins the privilege. ✔️

Song: Presenidensy

Vacationing Dave - Dave desides to take a vacation to Hawaii, while the babies are sad to hear him leave. ✔️

Song: Why Hawaii?, The Chipmunk Hula

Pardon my Fighting! - Alvin and Brittany get into a fight on the playground, so the others try to get them to be friends again. ✔️

Song: Fight Night

Babysitter Love (Valentine's Day special) - Because of her going to the mall with Dave, Lalu hires a woman named Mia (Christen Cheniwith) to babysit the kids, but Alvin develops a crush on her. ✔️

Song: She's Beauty

To Win or Not to Win - While playing a big game of corn hole, Alvin gets frustrated when he can't win a single game. ✔️

Song: I Need to Win

Twinkle Toe Chipmunks - The babies try to teach Eleanor how to dance, but Alvin and Brittany fight over whether or not to dance beautifully or do it for fun. ✔️

Song: Dance the Dance (Give it a Chance)

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