Justice League: Brave and the Bold is an American computer-animated television series based on the Justice League. The series is 26 episodes long.

Season 1 (2020–2021)

No. # Title Directed by Written by U.S. Original airdate Prod. code
1 1 "We Are Doom" Bruce Timm Greg Weisman March 7, 2020 101
July 4: Lex Luthor escapes from prison after the Invasion of Darkseid. Just as he was about to be captured once again by the police, Lex was rescued by Doctor Polaris and Key. He was then brought to a secret headquarters in a swamp along with Ra's al Gahl and Vandal Savage. There, Gorilla Grodd introduces his new secret society, the Legion of Doom.

July 5: Back in the city, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman help investigate Luthor's escape. Federal agent King Faraday re-appears, now as official liaison between the United Nations and the Justice League, and declared that the League was not informed of Luthor's transfer because he was not deemed a threat.

July 7: Later, the League was contacted by Chuck Sirianni and were told that there was a break-in at Blackhawk Island. So, they along with the last surviving Blackhawk tried to stop the thieves. There, they found out the identities: Lex Luthor, Key, Doctor Polaris, and a fourth... General Zahl, an old enemy of the Blackhawks. Despite the efforts of Ice, Martian Manhunter, Hawkwoman, and Chuck, Lex and his teammates accomplished in stealing the Spear of Longinus for Grodd, causing Savage to like his new partner and organization.

July 7: As the sun sets, Chuck salutes to his fallen comrades at the Blackhawk Statue along with Hawkwoman. 

2 2 "Seven Colors, Seven Emotions" Bruce Timm Greg Weisman March 14, 2020 102

July 8: The planet Oa has been under attack by the Red, Orange, and Yellow Lanter Corps lead and united by Sinestro. Desperate to save their planet, Green Lantern Kilowog send out a signal to Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and Guy Gardner, fellow Green Lanterns and members of the Justice League. 

July 9: As the GLs of Earth got the message, John convince his teammates to help his fellow GLs against Sinestro. Unfortunately, by the time the GLs arrived with Hawkwoman, Superman, and Martian Manhunter to Oa, they found out in shock that the entire planet has been under control by Sinestro, Larfleeze, and Atrocitus.

July 9: Despite the planet under siege, Green Lantern and his teammates infiltrate Oa to rendezvous with fellow GLs Kyle Rayner and Kilowog. There, they discuss on how to free the other GLs and the rest of Oa from Sinestro and the other Lantern Corps. After understanding the plan, the GLs and the League members initiate their operation while Kilowog was ordered to get reinforcement unnoticed. When arriving at the prison cell, the Red and Orange Lanterns suddenly appeared out of nowhere and the GLs realized it was all a trap.

July 9: Taken away to the Green Lantern Hall, they are approached by none other than Sinestro. Sinestro mocked the GLs for failing the Corps and declared that their willpower is completely destroyed. John, however, refused to give up because he stated that as long as there is hope, compassion, and love; there is always willpower. Suddenly, a green light starts to glow very bright from John's ring and shoots out a signal outside Oa. Sinestro declared it as a meaning of nothingness and begins to destroy him when explosions came out of nowhere.

July 9: Suddenly, the Indigo Tribe, the Star Sapphires (led by Star Sapphire (Carol Ferris)), and the Blue Lantern Corps (led by Saint Walker), arrived to free the GLs and fight against the Red, Orange, and Yellow Lanterns.

3 3 "Robotics" Bruce Timm Greg Weisman March 21, 2020 103
4 4 "Weather Problems" Bruce Timm Greg Weisman March 28, 2020 104
5 5 "Flash Bloodlines" Bruce Timm Greg Weisman April 5, 2020 105
6 6 "Infiltration" Bruce Timm Greg Weisman April 12, 2020 106
7 7 "Where The Magic Begins" Bruce Timm Greg Weisman April 19, 2020 107
8 8 "Atlantis Under Siege" Bruce Timm Greg Weisman April 26, 2020 108
9 9 "Hive Mind" Bruce Timm Greg Weisman May 2, 2020 109
10 10 "Bloodlines" Bruce Timm Greg Weisman May 9, 2020 110
11 11 "Halftime" Bruce Timm Greg Weisman May 16, 2020 111

November 21: The Legion of Doom leaders argue on preparing for their next line of attack on the Justice League. While having a dispute between missions, Devastation and Icicle, Jr., decided that it's time to cause some trouble on the League's covert team, the Teen Titans. Icicle, Jr. said that four members are at a football game playing.

12 12 "Trios" Bruce Timm Greg Weisman May 23, 2020 112
13 13 "OMAC Attacks" Bruce Timm Greg Weisman May 30, 2020 113
14 14 "Enter The Terror Titans" Bruce Timm Greg Weisman June 6, 2020 114
15 15 "Task Force X" Bruce Timm Greg Weisman June 13, 2020 115
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