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Here are a list of Johnny Bravo: Adult Animated Show episodes.


Season 1

  1. Busty Beauty - A woman named Jessa follows up to meet Johnny Bravo, who is some sort of hunky guy revealing that she was wearing a sexy outfit.
  2. At Victoria's Secret - Johnny Bravo meets up with a Victoria's Secret model, Hallie, who is having a hard time being a model.
  3. Kiss 'n' Make Up - A girl named Audrie, who broke up with another man meets up with Johnny Bravo, who she befriended him with sexual and dire results.
  4. The Sexy Teenager - Johnny Bravo meets the sexiest 17-year-old girl in a bikini outfit.
  5. Five Drugs and Pieces of Alcohol - Johnny Bravo meets up with a girl smoking cigarettes and she couldn't stop. Johnny goes to a party to give her painkillers.
  6. Performing the Fellatio - Johnny discovers that he finds out that Carl and his girlfriend performed Fellatio. Johnny and his girlfriend wanted to do that too.
  7. Nice Daisy Dukes, Daisy Dukington - Bunny warns Johnny not to try eye contact to women so he decided to have sex with a porn model, Daisy Dukington.
  8. Hey Girl, Can I Have the Pizza Please? - Johnny meets a pizza woman.
  9. Painkillers Shall Take - Suzy thinks Johnny might be taking painkillers after a party with a girl named Autumn Phillips, who is a con artist and a sexy paparazzi model.
  10. Johnny Bravo meets Oprah - Johnny Bravo goes to his favorite show, Oprah where he talks about sex. Meanwhile, he decided to have sex with another girl who is in love with him.
  11. Telling Misfortune - Johnny Bravo was feeling sexually attracted to all of the girls after a visitation to a fortune teller who turns out to be a sexy woman.
  12. Johnny Bravo's Sexual Day Off - In this parody of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Johnny Bravo goes on a day off harmlessly having sex and smoking marijuana with a 32-year-old girl who works at Walmart and is on a day off, too.
  13. The Night Shifted - TBA
  14. Nice Sexy Tight Pants, Baby - TBA
  15. Getting Laid with Autumn Phillips - TBA

Season 2

  1. Bad News Blair - Blair Rial is encountered by Johnny Bravo.
  2. Parties That Made Me Feeling Like That I Don't Give a Fuck - TBA
  3. Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Having Sex - Suzy is babysitted by a sexy teenager.
  4. Fuckboy Johnny
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