This is a list of Imagination Stars episodes.

Season 1

  1. Imagination Start: Part 1 (October 2, 2004) - Olivia, Penny, and Taylor start an idol group called "Imagination Stars".
  2. Imagination Start: Part 2 (October 9, 2004) - Olivia, Penny, and Taylor encounter Tina and Joe, the girls' classmate and someone whom they haven't met yet, respectively, building The Stardom Company. Then Tina suggested to join the group. And then the new student, Alexandra Foster, comes in the school. And soon, the four girls realize that "imagination has 5 syllables", so they force the new girl to join the group.
  3. To Reach Stardom (October 16, 2004) - The five girls get a tour in The Stardom Company, and practice performing a song on the stage, along with help from Joe, Amber, Laura, Jennifer, and Pauline
  4. Pirate Treasure (October 23, 2004) - The girls receive a pirate treasure map from Captain Schnuffles to find treasure on a ship.
  5. This Is Halloween (October 30, 2004) - The girls throw a Halloween party at The Stardom Company.
  6. Jungle Hearts (November 6, 2004) - The girls have a journey through the jungle, with advice by Tarzan The Animal Guy, Tarzan The Very Strong, and Tarzan Who Doesn't Say Too Much.
  7. Race Around the World (November 13, 2004) - The girls have a race... around the world, but Alexandra is too nervous to do it, so Olivia, Penny, Taylor, and Tina help with some race training, so instead, they race... to the very end of the desert instead.
  8. Penny's Restaurant Massacree (November 20, 2004) - Penny's parents own a restaurant named The Big Dipper Diner, so the girls get to be guest bakers... only for it to be a mess.
  9. Queens and Princesses (November 27, 2004) - The girls have a play at The Stardom Company about royalty.
  10. Secret Stars (December 4, 2004) - The girls learn what it is like to be a secret agent.
  11. Horse Ridin' (December 11, 2004) - The girls have a horse race.
  12. The Yeti (December 18, 2004) - The girls have a search for the Yeti, but Tina doesn't believe in the Yeti.
  13. We Wish You a Merry Christmas (December 25, 2004) -It's Christmas in Normville, and the girls prepare a Christmas-themed show at The Stardom Company.
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