List of Ice Age: The Series ( version) episodes
Running Time 13 To 24 Min
Every Season Episodes 26 Episodes
Total Of Episodes TBA
Total Of Seasons 5
2 Part Episodes Running Time 24 Min
Double Length Episodes Running Time 42 mins
TV Movies Running Time 1hr 10 mins
Based On Ice Age (2002)

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (2006)

Ice Age 3: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (2009)

Ice Age 4: Contenttal Drift (2012)

Ice Age 5: Collision Course (2016)

Predicted By Ice Age: Collision Course

Here Is the Episodes for Ice Age: The Series

Each Season Has 26 Episodes

Seasons and Episodes

Season 1 (2017-2018)


Main article: The Sick Day/ The RunAway Egg- In this First Episode, Manny Sees that the herd is sick, he found out anti roger had a plan to make everyone sick, Sid, Diego and Manny are the only ones to stop anti roger/ Ethel has to take care of its egg, But the egg runs away! The Herd must get the egg back before it hatches. 

2.  Return Of The Pirates - The Pirates Want Revenge On The Herd!


Main article: The Lost Nut Of Scrat/ Battle Of The Bands-- Scrat Loses His Acorn. Manny, Sid, Diego And The Herd Needs To Find His Nut / The Pirates Want To Make A Band So As The Herd. 


Main article: Ice Age Games/ Sid The Game-- The Herd Is Preparing For The Games/ Sid Makes A Game. 


Main article: Light, Camera, Mammoths / The Great Save--  Manny Makes A Safety Film. When Sid Destroys The Camera. He Makes A Safety Film With His Own Camera. But It Went To Dangerous/ The Herd Get Captured By Captain Fang. Left By Peaches And Julian To Save Them.


Main article: Saber Island -- Shira And Diego Finds A Island Full Of Sabers But Soto And His Gang Gets Revenge On The Herd And DIEGO! The Herd And The New Sabers Need To Defeat Soto


Main article: A Mammoth Picnic / Chef Sid-- The Herd Goes On A Picnic/ A Statue Falls On Sid. He Becomes A Chef

8. Treasure Hunt - The Herd Finds A Treasure Map So They Need To Get It But The Pirates Want The Treasure! So Its A BATTLE To Get It! 


Main article: The Haunting/ Peaches Hatches An Egg-- There Is A Ghost In Geotopia / Peaches Finds An Egg Lost. After Its Hatches. Peaches and The Herd Needs To Take The Baby Bird Back.


Main article: An Ice Age Special: The Manny Twilight Sparkle Power Hour-- Twilight Sparkle Get teleported To GeoTopia. MeanWhile Queen Crystals Comes To GeoTopia!!


Main article: The Baby Is Coming!!!-- The Baby Is Coming! But Anti Geotopia is coming To Kidnap the kids. Soon They Kidnap Sid'Jr And Little Diego! The Herd Needs To Save Them.


Main article: Busted/ Geotopia Training Video-- In Geotopia Bank A Rober Stole Money And Exploded The Bank. The Herd Needs To Stop Them / This Is A Video Of How To Be A GeoTopein


Main article: When Dinosaurs Attack-- Dinosaurs Come To Attack Geotopia. The Herd And Buck. Should Stop The Dinosaurs.


Main article: Sleepiness In Geotopia-- The Herd Is Celebrating Halloween. But Soon A Vampire Bats Come And Turned Peaches In To A Vampire! The Herd Needs To Save Peaches

15. School Trip - The Kids Are Going On A Field Trip To A Zoo But When A Lion And Dinosaur Breaks Out Of His Exhibit They Try To Get The Lion And Dino Back In An Exhibit. Now It Turned It Into A Field Trip To An Adventure Trip!


Main article: Super-Hero Dino-Bird - Gavin wishes to be a super hero.










26. The Story Of Sid (TV Movie) - Sid Tells A Story To The Kids About Him Self

Season 2 (2018-2019)

Main article: An Ice Age Special: The Manny Twilight Sparkle Power Hour 2: Return Of The Meteor Shower- The Meteor Shower Returns And It Also Hits PonyVille!! Twilight Sparkle Returns To Geotopia To Help Manny. But The Crystals Break. Twilight Sparkle And The Herd Need To Fix The Broken Peaces. Meanwhile At The End. Brooke's Unicorns Turn Into Alacorns

2. Rudy Meets Flood - One Day Rudy Is Walking In The Forest She Meets Flood. 

Season 3 (2019-2020)

Season 4 (2020-2021) 

  1.  Rudy And Floods Kids - Flood Lays 6 Eggs. When They Hatch, She And Rudy Takes Care Of Them

Season 5 (2021-2022)

  1. An Ice Age Special: IceBob AgePants - When The Herd Crashes In An Island, They Meet SpongeBob SquarePants. But Plankton Wants His Revenge, He Will Try To Steal The Krabby Patty Formula With The Pirates And Rule The World. So The Herd Needs To Stop Plankton And The Pirates. ( Note: This Is Also An Episode From SpongeBob SquarePants. )
  2. An Ice Age Special: The League Of The Villains (TV Movie)- In This Final Episode The Villains Are Back. The Villains Like Zeke, Oscar, Soto, Captain Gutt, Nak, Marco, And Squint. Are Back To Get Revenge On The Herd. So The Herd Needs To Stop Them Once And For ALL!!!!!!!!!! Meanwhile Crash, Eddie, Louis, Buck Meet Their Love Interest. At The End They Get Married. (Series Finale)


More Coming Soon

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