Season 1

  1. The Story Begins - Ramona, Rachael and Rosie go on an adventure with Eleanor and her friend, Bessie to know how to become popular, like the rest of the "it girls".
  2. Zeroine to Heroine
  3. Ramona with her Friends
  4. The Lie Detecor - Rosie finds a lie detector that once belonged to Mason McCartan.
  5. May I Have This Chance?
  6. Carolyn Tucker Must Die - Rachael befriends Carolyn Tucker (voiced by Erin Fitzgerald), a girl who is still grumpy and mean-tempered, but other than that, she is nice and kind.
  7. Sister Bond of Horror - Amanda shares a terribly-done sisterly bond with Ramona.
  8. Paternal Distinct - Ramona pretends her father Hank doesn't exist for a day because she is called a "daddy's girl" when her father takes her to school after Ramona misses the bus.
  9. A Halloween With Ramona - TBA
  10. Eleanor Gets An A - Eleanor begins to brag about her report card to everybody in school.
  11. The Mocky Horror Picture Show
  12. Happy Thanksgiving, Ramona Sparks - Ramona tries to keep her family members from embarrassing her on Thanksgiving in hopes that she can become closer with them.
  13. New Earphones
  14. Carolyn the Incredibly Cute
  15. An It Girl Christmas - Ramona's wish list for Santa contains only one thing on it - popularity. When Santa brings her nothing, Ramona is confused, because what she doesn't know is that popularity has nothing to do with what you wear or own - it comes from within.
  16. Ice Ice Maybe - The girls go ice skating.
  17. I Can't Be Weak - Ramona wants to show she is strong when a bully picks on her at school.
  18. Hypno-crite

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

NOTE: This is the final season because Cartoon Network will cancel this show because it is running too long.

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