List of episodes of the television series House of Animals, sorted by season.

Season 1

Episode Title Description Debuts Air Date
1 Beginnings Russell McToon and Zoe Peracchi were going to Disneyland, but Zoe found a Portal that goes to the 2nd World. So, Russell and Zoe go to Portal and they meet Harry Potter, Doraemon, Top Cat, Stuart Little, Fluttershy, Roobear Koala, Ickis and Wembley Fraggle. Summer 2016
2 A Spooky Ghost at Sesame Street
3 King Kong is Out of Control
4 The Fast and the Toonious
5 The Great Cookie Factory
6 Uni-Kitty's Candy Channel
7 Escape From The Duloc This episode marks the first appearance of the Location Duloc (from DreamWork's Shrek).
8 And Now, a Word from Fird This episode marks the first appearance of Fird (from Othello Bach's Whoever Heard of a Fird?).
9 Harry Potter And His Friends vs. The Wicked Wizard
10 Rainbow Dash's All-Stars Racing
11 Power Rangers Go!
12 Turbo Goes Turbo
13 Mrs. Doubtghost Doopliss dressed up as Mrs. Doubtghost for stealing some stuff that he wants.
14 Trapped in a Game Show
15 Skippy Squirrel or Skippy Squirrel? This episode marks the first appearances of Skippy Squirrel and Suzie Squirrel (both from the 1980's anime Maple Town).
16 The Great Zok of the Opera
17 Lord Hater's Challenge
18 Let My People Go, Mon*Star!
19 A Party at Mad Hatter's
20 The Deadpool Show
21 Lord Darkar Appears
22 Where in the Second World is Carmen Sandiego?
23 A History of the Olympics
24 The Return of Nova Part 1
25 The Return of Nova Part 2
26 The Return of Nova Part 3

Season 2

Episode Title Description Debuts Air Date
27 That's the Powerful Ghost?
28 Misunderstood Pan the Wizard Otter
29 Stone Statues of Animals
30 Team Pirates Forever!
31 Fantasia in Fantasia
32 Rise of Ultron
33 Five Nights at Gregory's Russell, Zoe and their friends were trapped in the Gregory House by Gregory (Gregory Horror Show) and the villain monsters such as Freddy Fazbear and the Killer Klowns! Will Russell and his friends escaped from the Gregory House by defeating Gregory and his allies?
34 When the Rain Begins to Fall Russell and Zoe watch Voyage of the Rock Aliens, when they dream about a world where Russell is in Jermaine Jackson's role, and Zoe is in Pia Zadora's role. But, is the Wicked Witch of the West also involved?
35 House of Villains
36 Thriller Night
37 Ant-Man VS Carmen Sandiego
38 Big Cheese's Japanland
39 40 Thieves
40 The 39 Steps
41 A Christmas Carol
42 Theatre Mishaps
43 Mission on the Moon
44 The Other Nova, Richard Rider
45 Villains's Revenge
46 Jealous?! The Green Lantern
47 Big Trouble in Little Maple Town
48 The Thief of Roses
49 The Day Gwen Stacy Perished
50 S.H.O.T.H.O.A. VS Mirrorverse
51 Monkeybone's Revenge! Part 1
52 Monkeybone's Revenge! Part 2

Season 3

Episode Title Description Debuts Air Date
53 Portal Cosmos
54 Evil Edna, The Television Witch
55 Run! It's Fazbear!
56 Marx Dies! Victory Marx perishes when he was struck by lightning. Russell and the rest celebrate!
57 S.H.O.T.H.O.A. Gets Goosebumps S.H.O.T.H.O.A. team goes to HorrorLand, then they meet Slappy the Dummy, The Masked Mutant, Mary-Ellen, Horrors, Dr. Maniac, Captain Long Ben One-Leg, The Phantom of the Auditorium, Cuddles the Hamster, Prince Khor-Ru, Will Blake, Jack O'Lanterns, Scarecrows, Lawn Gnomes, Amaz-O, The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena, The Kids of Bell Valley, The Mayor of Dead House, the Monster Blood and other villain monsters such as Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the Bunny, Chica the Chicken, Foxy the Pirate Fox, Springtrap, Killer Klowns, Gregory (Gregory Horror Show), Jason Voorhees, Gozer, Clown Doll, Freddy Krueger, Lilly D, Leatherface and Michael Myers.
58 Lazlo and the Gang meets Fanboy and Chum Chum S.H.O.T.H.O.A. team go on an adventure to meet Fanboy and Chum Chum and the cast of the titular show of the same name, Fanboy and Chum Chum!
59 Beyond the Door Beyond the door, where demonic possession lives in the form of Starscream's ghost, step inside... If you dare!
60 Meeting Strawberry Shortcake and Her Crew!
61 The Multiverse Crew Is All Here! Annabelle, Kyle and Cyro go to meet the S.H.O.T.H.O.A. to stop Serana and the evil Rippen!
62 First Humans in Zootopia Russell, Zoe, and Mr. Rich become the first humans to arrive in and stay in Zootopia for a day.
63 Maximal Island
64 Pretty Cure on the Run S.H.O.T.H.O.A. team meet the Pretty Cure gang. Cure Lemonade teams up with her gang, the whole Pretty Cure cast and S.H.O.T.H.O.A. team to destroy all evil!
65 Kneemoi and Sandiego Carmen Sandiego has her minions, Top Grunge and Sir Vile, find an alien in her garden named Kneemoi.

Season 4

Episode Title Description Debuts Air Date
66 Team Rocket! The Evil Ones
67 Lord or Lady Dominator?
68 Gatsby, Old Sport
69 Tam O'Shanter
70 Jean Grey Is The Phoenix!
71 General Woundwort's Evil Skateboarding Team
72 Russell's Treasure Hunt
73 Les Miserables, Act 1
74 Les Miserables, Act 2
75 The Haunting of the Viking Opera There is a mysterious phantom in the Opera House of Backs City! Must there be a Phantom of the Viking Opera?!?!
76 Death to Megamo!
77 My Undying Wish! The Super Sentai
78 Meeting Dr. Belljar Dr. Belljar, one of V.I.L.E.'s members, wants his leader Carmen Sandiego out of prison! What should the S.H.O.T.H.O.A. do?
79 I'm an R. B. Traitor! When one of the villains, Gru, betrays the empire of evil, Judge R. B. Traitor tries to sentence him to prison for aiding Snow White to safety!
80 Wild, Wild Onyx In Onyx, a Wild West-style planet full of monsters and evil villains, Buckle N. Bronco and Texas Pete try their best to defeat the heroes on their own!
81 Tracks of the Crystal Maze In this episode, General Mayhem has stolen some things from all four time zones! Russell, Zoe, and Mr. Rich have 60 minutes to get it back, or history will change forever!
82 Perry's Miracle With a little help from Glinda, Elizabeth Thornberry, and Dr. Doolittle, Perry the Platypus now speaks human!
83 Start Up, Heroes!
84 Russell Meets Flowey
85 Underwater KOMPLEX
86 Space Oddity The ghost of David Bowie tells Russell to avenge him.
87 The Jaguar of War The wicked Tezcatlipoca has returned! Only Russell and Quetzalcoatl can stop his plans to rule Mexico!
88 Small As Body Cells Osmosis Jones teams up with our heroes to try and stop the Thrax threat!
89 Rebel Yell!
90 Secret Wars

Season 5

Episode Title Description Debuts Air Date
91 The Chaos Emeralds All seven Chaos Emeralds have been gained by a mysterious S.H.O.T.H.O.A. agent named Gekko Kamen. No-one knows his real name, though.
92 No Bear Unturned to Flesh Mr. Rich's pet bear, Ursa Major, was turned into stone mid-attack after his collar was removed, and the heroes know why!
93 Battle Against Amatsu-Mikaboshi Set, the Egyptian God of Evil, with the help of Hades and Loki, sets free fellow evil-doing god Amatsu-Mikaboshi! Will Russell, Zoe, and Mr. Rich stop Mike J. Fined's Master Chaos?
94 Demigods Russell and Zoe find out that Mr. Rich is a demigod son of Zeus. Meanwhile, Mount Volcano erupts and Whiro escapes from his prison!
95 Hungry? Hungary... In Hungary, people are starving because of a curse put on by Fined. Will Isaac and Russell, the two Venus Earth Adepts, make the people eat?
96 The Digimon Transformers?! When Thor mistakenly strikes Agumon, Veemon, Guilmon, Agunimon, Gaomon, Shoutmon, and other Digimon, they become Maximals!!!
97 Russell's Path
98 Zoe's Path
99 Mr. Rich's Path
100 The Black, The Bad Captain Black is out of jail by the Mysterons, and only Russell and Zoe can stop him.
101 Very Cruella! Cruella De Vil kidnaps dogs and tries to destroy them! Russell must stop her!
102 The Zoo of Stone
103 Whirlpool! Great Disaster
104 A Massive Revenge in Acmetropolis
105 Leave Behind My Wuthering Heights
106 Tempt, Death, and Desire
107 The Hatter and the Ladybug The S.H.O.T.H.O.A. team up with Matt Hatter, Ladybug and Cat Noir to defeat Lord Tenoroc and Hawk Moth!
108 Gamble With The Devil, Cuphead!
109 Never Give Up, Rescue Rangers! The Rescue Rangers team up with our heroes in order to take down Megamo, Mecha-Boy, Alchemor, Queen Vampira, and Xenonair.
110 Rainicorn Reborn With Rainicorn resurrected due to a rainbow combined with a lightning storm, she and Miss Deer regain their memories. But Russell and Zoe fight against Satan, Cthulhu, and Xenu.
111 Evil Becomes Evil
112 The Return of Darkseid Darkseid returns from his prison of stone, and only the S.H.O.T.H.O.A. can put a stop to his Ouija-inspired plan to make the Second World his 1000th planet to conquer.
113 All A Dream, All Along Russell and Zoe realize their trip along the Second World is a dream all along. In order to get out of this dream, they must destroy Thanos and the Infinity Stones!
114 Infinity Gauntlet in the Second World Part 1
115 Infinity Gauntlet in the Second World Part 2
116 Infinity Gauntlet in the Second World Part 3
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