High Schoolers: The Chronicles of D.J and Friends is an American adult animated series created for Adult Swim (first 8 episodes) and TBS and Comedy Central (Starting with the ninth episode).


Season 1

  1. Stacie's Missing Book - In the series opener, Stacie gets shocked when she finds that her college book, somehow, went missing, so D.J and his friends must find her book.
  2. Lagan Has Gone Sexy - Lagan discovers that she is invited to a topless concert sponsored by Playgirl (parody of Playboy), she must prove that she can be sexy.
  3. D.J Gets Fucked - D.J's favorite phone gets broken thanks to Haley's stupidity, he suddenly becomes grumpy.
  4. The Cool Project - D.J, Haley and Lucas helps Stacie and Morgan with their project, but it goes awry when an unknown student ruined their project.
  5. Robbery at Colbert County - An unknown student steals al the snacks, so D.J and his gang must obtain them back.
  6. Topless Party -
  7. Never Piss Off a Lagan -
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