List of episodes

Season 1

  1. Haunting 101 - Helen being at a human school to learn how to make human friends, which means that Helen has to keep her ghostly self a secret.
  2. Living Human School?! - Helen, Abigail and Samuel disguise as humans to fit in at school, but their human friends, TBA and TBA discover that they are the only one who can see ghosts as a gift, but they discover that their human disguises are both invisible and visible to others.
  3. Spooked - Helen tries so hard to frighten obnoxious bullies out of her house, but ends up failing miserably when she noticed that she is invisible to people who don't know her. Mrs. Boollum helps Helen and so does Samuel and Abigail.
  4. The Haunt Moanitor - Helen works for the haunt moanitor for school.
  5. Hauntoween - It is Halloween, and Helen and her friends didn't decide which Halloween party they can throw. It may be either the high school Halloween Bash or the Hauntsberg Halloween Dance.
  6. Adventures in Ghostsitting - Evelyn helps Helen and her ghost friends babysit a little ghost girl who died from being stabbed in the kidney.
  7. Out of Sight! - Samuel accidentally lost control of his invisibility powers in his human disguise.
  8. Possession Obsession - Helen was taught how to possess humans by taking over their bodies, so she possessed a corpse of a teen to turn into a living copy of Helen. But when a ghostly teen wanted their body back, then she have to give the body back from the teen before it was too late!
  9. A Hauntmas Carol - Jonah hates Christmas, so three ghosts give him the true meaning of Christmas.
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