This is a list of episodes for Gumball's Amazing World.

Season 1

  1. How It All Started - The pilot episode. Gumball accidentally sends a video of Darwin trying to skateboard on the Internet. This incident inspires him to make his own webshow, and he allows his family and friends to contribute to it.
  2. More Viewers, Please! - Gumball, Darwin, Penny, and Tobias all compete to see who can draw more viewers to Gumball's Amazing World.
  3. Our Favorite Show - Gumball and Darwin attempt to save their favorite TV show from being cancelled.
  4. Dance Fever
  5. Gumball vs. The Goat - Gumball tries to get rid of a pygmy goat that somehow found its way into the Watterson household.
  6. Rumor Control
  7. Robot Wars
  8. Noisy Neighbors - Gumball and Darwin get sick of hearing their annoying musician neighbor's loud music, so they try to get them to turn down the volume.
  9. Game Time
  10. The Greatest Prank Ever - Gumball and Darwin attempt to beat Tobias's prank with one of their own.
  11. Awesome Dating Tips -
  12. I'll Ask You Later
  13. Gumball's Amazing Record - Gumball and Darwin want to break a world record for the longest webcast, currently set at 24 hours and 8 minutes. Meanwhile, Leslie builds a sculpture out of trash stored in crates.
  14. Worst Day Ever
  15. The Ladies' Man
  16. The New Car
  17. Gumball the Champion
  18. Spelling Bee Freakout
  19. Attack of the Loony Fan - Lori Pop, a huge fan of Gumball's Amazing World, begins following Gumball and Darwin incessantly and refuses to leave them alone, which annoys the brothers, so they try to find out how to get her to stop.
  20. Tobias's Insults
  21. Runaway Chicks
  22. The Third Wheel
  23. Spot the Difference
  24. The Bus Incident
  25. How to Get Detention
  26. The Safe - Gumball discovers a safe in his bedroom closet, and attempts to crack it.
  27. Doll Disaster
  28. The Magic Money Machine
  29. Weirdos in Our Neighborhood
  30. One Flew Over the Wattersons' Nest
  31. The Gift of Happiness
  32. A Day in the Life of Penny Fitzgerald
  33. Brain Drain
  34. NRG Obsession - Gumball and Darwin find out that Elmore Middle School has banned NRG Fitness Water, an energy drink that most kids in school are obsessed with.
  35. Our Psycho Sister
  36. Gumball the Matchmaker
  37. The Rejection Letter
  38. How to Speak Robot-ese
  39. Mathematic Love

Season 2

  1. I Saw Her First - Darwin and Tobias decide to compete with each other for a relationship with Carrie.
  2. Hoedown Showdown
  3. Gumball Writes a Blog
  4. The Secret Recipe
  5. The Imposters -
  6. Popcorn
  7. Shipwrecked
  8. Keeping a Secret
  9. Rachel's Party
  10. The Double Dare
  11. Gumbot - Bobert builds a robot replica of Gumball.
  12. Earthling Day
  13. Gumball Gets Hacked
  14. Cake Madness
  15. Height Difference
  16. The Status Quo Test
  17. The Sister Trap
  18. Share Your Candy
  19. The Trampoline
  20. The Diary Swap
  21. Are You a Penny or a Carrie?
  22. Krazy for Kat
  23. Techno Geek
  24. Truth or Dare
  25. Odd One Out

Season 3

  1. An Update
  2. Recipe for Disaster
  3. Gossip of The Week
  4. The Gumball Awards
  5. Brawl of the Teachers
  6. Movin' On Out
  7. Contest Obsession
  8. As Told by Anais
  9. What's In My Bag of Talents?
  10. Art is Better Than Sports
  11. The World's Gone Nya-Nya!
  12. Gumball's Amazing Bloopers
  13. We Won't Cancel The Series
  14. Joe's Bodyguards - Tina and Jamie decide to help Joe toughen up, but Gumball thinks that they're making him too tough.
  15. Jocks vs. Nerds
  16. School House Rush - Elmore Middle School becomes flooded, so it's up to Gumball and Darwin to save Mrs. Simian, along with their fellow classmates, and solve the case of the mysterious flash flood.
  17. The Rule of Cool
  18. Did You Hear What She Did?
  19. Go Figure
  20. Richard the Oaf
  21. Camp Gumball
  22. The Haunted House
  23. On The Job
  24. Lucky Penny
  25. A Good Kind of Special

Season 4

  1. My Crazy Sister
  2. Dangerous Times
  3. How Anais Ruined Our Trip
  4. Fan Wars
  5. The Rival's Viral Video
  6. Small Love
  7. Tech Time
  8. The Future According to Molly
  9. Changing My Answers
  10. The Knowledge Test
  11. Crazy Secrets
  12. Ghosts Have Legs - Darwin finds out that Carrie has her own human form, but he doesn't want to tell anyone about it.
  13. Personal Assistant Wanted
  14. The Small Competition
  15. Spot the Differences: The Second Round
  16. Double Date
  17. Elmore Plus
  18. Card Tricks

Season 5

  1. Pranks for Nothing
  2. Makeover Madness
  3. Gumball vs. Kiki
  4. Talent Show Trouble
  5. Gumball the Ninja
  6. The New Neighbor
  7. Why I Love Him
  8. Our Song
  9. I'll Ask You Later
  10. Strange Things
  11. Teacher for A Day
  12. The Chair
  13. To Catch A Thief
  14. That's A Wrap
  15. The Temporary Voyage-The Gumball unwittingly finds a time machine that goes from the future to the past, and goes to the year 2749 and remains for 8 years writing down all the details and returns to the year 2018 and the Family gets confused as the gumball gets old and tries to make it back to normal.
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