This is a List of Glitter Force Star☆Twinkle Episodes


A Star is Born

We Call For Milkyway!

Taurus Star Pen is Found!

Sunrise has Arrived on the Scene!

Lady Moonglow is Here.

A Dark Time

Time for Rocket Repair!

Planet of the Dogs!

Let’s Have Star Donuts!

Bad Luck for Aries.

Aid of the Southern Cross

Alien Movie Magic

Luna’s First Day

Hola! Daisy’s Family Meetup

The Mysterious Blue Kitty.

Mabel’s Archerry Tournament

The Blue Kitty and The Treasure!

Comic Book Troubles

Meowna's Secret!

Yay for Glitter Cosmic!

Glitter Cosmic's Power

A Family Reunion!

A Musical Melody.

Sabrina’s Star Festival

A Sleepover Mystery

Mermaid Land

Teamwork with the Flaming Heart

Welcome Home, Luna.

Luna's Accusion!

The Last Princess Pen!

The Ultimate Power

Fluffy Lends a Hand

Daisy and the Cactus

The Vote Contest!

The Return of Blue Kitty!

The Halloween Costume Competition!

Sabrina's Power

Daisy's Speech Trap

Luna's Identity Feelings!

The Power Within Mabel

Daisy's Future Choice!

Daisy Unlocks Her Power

A Christmas Mission!

Helen's Power

Battle at the Princess Palace!

Rescue Fluffy!

The Final Battle!

Draw My Own Constellations!

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