• Stopwatch: A watch Annabelle uses in The Portal: Part 1.
  • Cupid's Cybernetic Bow and Arrow: TBA
  • Lipstick Lasergun: A lasergun under the guise of a lipstick which resemble an object in Totally Spies!
  • Spy Pen Camera: A camera used as a pen.
  • Night Vision Glasses: TBA
  • Stink Powder Perfume: A perfume with a very foul-smelling stench that scares away enemies when it's used by Annabelle.
  • Neckerchief Gas Mask: A filtered neckerchief that is worn over the nose and mouth in case of emergency when Annabelle notices there's odor and stench around, and when she uses stink powder perfume.
  • Mind-Control Remote Control: TBA
  • Backpack Respirator: A backpack with a breathing respirator used by Annabelle during emergencies when being in knockout gas or poisonous gas.


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