Here are the Enchatria Girls (2020 TV series) episodes.

Season 1 (2020-2021)

  1. Jondaks Brothers (May 6, 2020): The girls make a video to persuade the Jondaks Brothers to play at Enchatria High's homecoming.
  2. Dance Party (May 6, 2020) : Judy pulls a nasty spotlight stunt to make herself look better than Rachel.
  3. Cheer Squad (May 6, 2020) : Cheerleading squad captain, Judy, gets annoyed when Wendy shows her dance moves.
  4. Substitube Teacher (May 11, 2020): A new sub at Enchatria High tries to take Keith's sunglasses off, claiming that they are a distraction but end up dismissing everyone from class.
  5. Party Planners (May 15, 2020): Wendy tries to plan a sweet 16th for Lori, while Lori is planning a sweet 16 days for Wendy but no one wants to come and end up throwing a party for both of them.
  6. Gina's Crush (May 22, 2020): Gina draws a dreamy picture of her australian crush, then loses her notebook.
  7. Rachel Aptitude (May 29, 2020): When Rachel forgets to study for the Aptitude Test, she sits next to Judy, ready to cheat.
  8. A Hot Boy (June 5, 2020): Lori is crushing on the hottest guy in school, so Judy gives her a scary makeover. Will it work?
  9. Bad Dare Day (June 12, 2020): When Wendy accidentally puts her magnet on backwards, she causes havoc.
  10. Photo Finish (June 19, 2020): The girls try to look their best on picture day.
  11. Cyrano de Elsa (July 8, 2020): Elsa has a crush on a weird breathing guy named Brainy, so the girls try to help her win his heart with their own advice.
  12. Bad Situation (July 15, 2020): The new sugar guball gives Wendy a zit.
  13. Audition (July 22, 2020): Rachel and Judy get in a tussle over the lead for the school play, but an unexpected girl takes the part.
  14. Freedom Fight (July 29, 2020): Gina fights to free the science lab frogs and finds them a surprising new home.

TV Special

  1. Enchatria Girls: A New Girl in School (October 25, 2020):
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