Dungeons & Dragons Chronicles is an American fantasy TV series that airs on Netflix and is based on the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. The series features quite a few things from D&D while making some of it up.

Cast & Characters


  • Yuri Lowenthal as Jasper Redsteady, a Half-Elf Fighter
  • Grey DeLisle as Tifla Hedworthy, a Gnome Thief
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Korg The Mighty, a Goliath Barbarian
  • Nolan North as Seisel Ulyntine, a Lizardfolk Ranger
  • Jim Cummings as Greatback Hall, a Human Wizard


  • Kari Wahlgren as Eleanor Redsteady, Jasper's mother.
  • Rob Paulsen as General Alexander Redsteady, Jasper's deceased father.
  • Tara Strong as Princess Harriet Worthvery, an Elven princess.
  • Jennifer Hale as Captain Agatha Fortho, an Elven captain.
  • Steven Blum as Commander Lewis Stoneheis, Tabatha's brother.
  • Laura Bailey as Brim Witroth, the main antagonist of the second campaign.
  • Travis Willingham as The Mask King Elzon, the main antagonist of the first campaign.


Campaign One

Title Episode No. Overall No.
Session One 1 1
A Half-Elf, known as Jasper Redsteady, is forced into a rather large journey when a group of knights destroys his homeland.
Session Two 2 2
Jasper meets a Goliath named Korg, who is allowing himself to be pushed around by the knights despite obviously being able to take them.
Session Three 3 3
After their money is stolen by a gnome thief, Jasper and Korg work together to get it back.
Session Four 4 4
The group meets a Dragonborn ranger named Seisel, who seems rather nice. Or at least he does at first.
Session Five 5 5
Jasper encounters a wizard, who reveals quite a bit about the Masked King Elzon and his past, which terrifies Jasper.
Session Six 6 6
Elzon and the team have their final battle when Elzon becomes a living god and begins destroying and conquering everything he sees.

Campaign Two

Title Episode No. Overall No.
Campaign Two: Session One 1 7
Jasper meets his uncle, Commander Lewis Stoneheis, and goes on a quest with him. Meanwhile, Korg accidentally gets engaged to Princess Harriet.
Campaign Two: Session Two 2 8
Jasper is heartbroken when he overhears a conversation between his mother and uncle, so he sets out to defeat a manticore in the area.
Campaign Two: Session Three 3 9
Korg continues his attempts to get out of his engagement to Harriet. Jasper begins training with his uncle. Greatback has an encounter with a group of Ghouls.
Campaign Two: Session Four 4 10
Greatback has gone missing, so Jasper and Lewis go out to find him. While they are gone, the group are forced to defend the castle from Ghouls.
Campaign Two: Session Five 5 10
Jasper and Lewis have an encounter with the leader of the Ghouls, a Ghast named Brim who is breeding more Ghouls using a mysterious magic.
Campaign Three: Session Six 6 11
The group finds out that Seisel was bitten by a Ghoul, meaning he is slowly dying and is turning into one of them. They set out on a quest to defeat Brim, who is the only one with a cure.
Campaign Three: Session Seven 7 12
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