A list of issues for DC Revisioned.

Arc 1

  1. World's Finnest Sisters - In their first night as superheroines, Batwoman and Supergirl battle crime together as they recall their past, on which Barbara Gordon and her mother had found Kara-El's ship after it crashed on Gotham's beach.
  2. Princess of Themyscira - When the young pilot Steve Trevor arrives on Themyscira, the young princess decides to join him on his voyage to man's world.
  3. World's Fastest Man - Set two months before World's Finest Sisters, Barry Allen gets struck by lightning and deals with the criminal known as Weather Wizard.
  4. Air Steel - Set at the same period of previous issue, Hal Jordan suffers an accident which critically wounds his body, forcing him to have his mind transfered into a new body. And it is not just any body...
  5. In Brightest Day - Set one year before the first issue, Kyle Rayner wakes up in Oa to discover he has become the newest member of the Green Lantern Corps.
  6. Stars of Starfire - During the first issue, Koriand'r lands on Earth and becomes a vigilante fighting against the criminal known as Major Disaster.
  7. One Shot - TBD
  8. Brave and the Bold - TBD
  9. [something involving Hal/Superman]
  10. Family Bonding - TBD
  11. Justice For All - TBD

Arc 2

  1. A New Start - Six years have passed following the Justice League's first public victory and the heroes have resumed their lives anew, as done by Barbara Gordon and Kory Anders, who are now married and raising their daughter Emily, and Hal Jordan, whose cybernetic components have evolved, allowing him to change back to his old true form at will. The same, however, is not said about the supervillains, especially the Joker, who still plans to cause as much chaos and death like the old times.
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