These are the list of episodes of DC's Superman Unlimited.


  1. Life on Krypton - Jor-El, an Kryptonian scientist, learn of Krypton's fate and seek to make the Council to learn about the danger while also building a rocket ship for his newborn baby son, Kal-El.
  2. Adopted - Upon of arriving on Earth, young Kal-El find himself getting adopting by human couple Jonathan and Martha Kent where they soon learn that the young boy has powers those are beyond of a mortal man.
  3. Growing Pains - TBD
  4. Graduation Day - TBD
  5. Man of Steel - TBD
  6. Strange Visitor - TBD
  7. Up in the Sky... - TBD

Season 1

  1. Of Truth and Justice - TBD

Season 2

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