List of Crystles that appeared in The Kuaovolings.

Main Crystles

  • Cocoblu: A blue Crystle with a scruff on top. He is the pet of Tesweet.
  • Cookie: A yellow Crystle who loves to eat and sometimes take bathes. He's the pet of Crumbles.
  • Scarlett: A maroon Crystle with cat eyes. She belongs to Gobo, Nut and Meg.
  • Iggy: An orange Crystle with a bucktooth. He belongs to Jolt.
  • Barlow: A pink Crystle with 2 blue bows on her pom pom tails. She belongs to Skylark.
  • Pom-Pom: A white Crystle with purple tips on her ears and tail. She belongs to Breezie. Before her birth, Breezie was very mad that she shook the egg and threw it causing Pom-Pom to have color tips.
  • Ivy - A Crystle with a peacock coloring. He thinks his name is a girls name and is owned by Hazel.

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