Season 1

  1. A Cold Open - In the season 1 beginner, Mandy becomes the leader of the Crossover Kids, a group where kids under the ages of 13 (mostly ages 5-12) will join the group. Fictional character kids will prevent the world from the most evil adults, teenagers and senior citizens. It is based on Codename: Kids Next Door.
  2. Crossover Ever After - The other crossover kids are sent to Ever After High universe where Holly O'Hair becomes the babysitter of the kids.
  3. Tak is Back (And She's Out of Attacks) - After the events of Tak: the Hideous New Girl, Tak, the gothic girl from Invader Zim returns and she wants to learn the other kids a lesson, just by giving them a taste of their own "medicine" with horrific and deadly ways.
  4. So Noodle I'm a Rockstar - Noodle's episode debut. When a band member of Gorillaz, Noodle who wants to come. She enjoys being with the band along with Yumi Yoshimura, Ophelia Ramirez and many other fictional characters who are rockers.
  5. Hanson-Aoyama Manor - The kids are invited to a manor which belongs to Zoey and Mark along with their kids, Shea, Evardo and Leocadia.
  6. The Kids and the Titans - The Teen Titans are visited by kids, who don't pester them for good.
  7. Halloween Bashed - The kids know what to dress for Halloween so they decide to go trick-or-treating, with a mind of its own.
  8. Princess Fever
  9. Crossover Teens (episode)

Season 2

Season 3

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