These are the episodes of Cartoons in the City.

Season 1

  1. The Rise of Cartoons - 02/22/2019 - The story begins with everyone's favorite cartoon characters who lived in another universe (similar to planet Earth) and interacting with one another in the big city.
  2. The Backlot Is Not Enough - 02/22/2019 - Set in May 2004, Charity Bazaar on a mission to create the fall upfront of The WB Network according to the network's mascot Michigan J. Frog at the Warner Bros. Studios backlot. So, she's telling the Warner siblings and the Kids' WB characters that Mr. Frog is in charge for a dealership to see the network's new stars in the upcoming shows.
  3. Just a Single Day - 02/22/2019 - TBD
  4. Cartoon Forecast - 02/22/2019 - TBD
  5. Time Machine Decades - 02/22/2019 - Set in March 2001, Dexter has a genius plan to go back in time, however he is possible for seeing the future years according to the cartoon geniuses (including Olga Pataki)!
  6. You Can't Do That on Toony-vision - 02/22/2019 - TBD
  7. Dawn of the Cartoon Stars - 02/22/2019 - Set in February 2008, Mandy (or better known as Numbuh 106) must to revive the MND (Mandy New Dictator) after Numbuh 1 leaves the KND in one month ago, with new operatives that included The Bow (Numbuh 89), Rudy Tabootie (Numbuh 62), Lynn Loud Jr. (Numbuh 34) and Edd (Numbuh 230).

Season 2

  1. Canadians Are (Keep It) Weird! - 9/27/2019 - TBD
  2. Music and Mayhem - 9/27/2019 - Lincoln and Luna are going to a Townsville-based record label Harada-Bridges Records (owned by Kaz Harada and Sunny Bridges), which goes jamming with more songs by Kaz and Sunny's famous talents.
  3. I'm Still Standing - 9/27/2019 - At Pop's diner, Patricia tells Marcie that she believes Dee Dee is the mysterious Racer D. Meanwhile at night, now they sneak in to Dee Dee's room at Dexter's house, alongside Officer Dibble and Mystery Inc. will solve her true identity for Dexter's upcoming racing day. This episode is set in September 2003.
  4. Go and Sponge Them - 9/27/2019 - TBD
  5. Winnie's Schemes - 9/27/2019 - Set in May 2004, Winnie has a perfect plan to being a tween rockstar werewolf, but Elsa, Phanty, Sibella and Tanis are accepted for her by a lifetime.
  6. It's Friday Night: The History of Fridays - 9/27/2019 - This mockumentary episode takes for behind the scenes of Cartoon Network's now-defunct Friday night block, so I.M. Weasel is hosted on the mockumentary (along with Hector Con Carne as the narrator), with the characters, hosts and even cameo appearances that were interviewing him. This episode is a tribute to Fridays (formerly known as Cartoon Cartoon Fridays), which aired on Cartoon Network from 1999 to 2007.
  7. Alternate Universe Much? - 9/27/2019 - When Fred and K.O. brought the portal gun (property by Rick Sanchez) at Fudd's Electronics, they teleported to an alternate universe in which all the people are look strangely different, including Plankton works at the Krusty Krab, the Greens' house is filled with the punk people and Jack works at the burger joint.

Season 3

  1. Tabby and Courtney's College Party - 3/13/2020 - The Witches of the Creek (Tabitha and Courtney) are going to middle school, so they meet the human classmates (resembling to the Elmore Junior High classmates) and teachers, just the way before to go back in Herkleston.
  2. Prohyas for Large - 3/13/2020 - When Prohyas being working at the Cartoon Network World HQ in several days, Darwin can help him for an entertainment corporation that needs more TV ratings on the network. However, he notices the company has a new plan to remove those things in the schedule according to the network's new interim president.
  3. National Costume Party Day - 3/13/2020 - It's March 7th and this time all the characters are cosplaying as the characters of video games, comics, movies and TV shows for the event called "National Costume Party Day". As a result, the Mayor announces that costumes can be made or bought for the morning, as soon the citizens are extremely ready for the convention at Townsville Park.
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