The list of characters from the CGI television series, Captain Heroic: The Heroic Avenger.

Main Characters

  • Victor Payne/Captain Heroic: The series' main character, an 18 (later 19) year old college student who's the youngest of the family and tired of his family always fighting each other and had enough and left one day, thus finding the Captain Heroic mask and become a superhero himself, which he dream of being a superhero. He's cool, responsibly, smart, sometimes a goofball, and sometimes a little bit hyperactive (when its come of being a superhero and fighting villains), he's always willing saving peoples and even help his family from times to times. Voiced by Seth Green.

Recurring Characters

  • Payne Family
    • Miranda Payne: Victor's older sister and the oldest member of the Payne Family,
    • Brenda "Bren" Payne: Victor's eldest sister and the second oldest member of the family,
    • Po Payne: Victor's middlist brother and the middle of family,
    • Noah Payne: Victor's brother and mid-middle member of the family,
    • Julie Payne: Noah's twin sister and second mid-middle member of the family,
  • Charles "Charlie" Cunningham: Victor's best friend and roommate who's the only one who know his secret,



Main Antagonists

  • /Captain Darkness: The series' main antagonist and Captain Heroic's arch-enemy, ruthless, shameless, deadliest, power-hungry, obsession, and pure evil. He has something to due with Victor's parents. But, refuse to tell him what he did to them, he also seek to kills Captain Heroic while also both stealing the Captain Heroic mask and either destroy, conquer, or take over Earth in the process. Voiced by Keith David.
  • Keri Goldberg/Pink Wasp: Captain Heroic's old ex-girlfriend back in his teenager years, Voiced by Danielle Judovits.
  • Dr. Dwayne Blitzowski/Dr. Chimera: An mad scientist crime boss who obsess with during sick and twisted experiments from animals. Than, when Captain Heroic arrives and defeat almost of his criminal empire, he become a test subject himself where he transforms into any human/animal-like hybrids. Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

Recurring Antagonists

  • Di'Skrull: An intergalactic villain who seek to find his own personally prefect rival. After encountering and being defeated by Captain Heroic, he vow to destroy him, along Earth with it on his neverending quest of defeating him, thus leaving him having a mad obsession of defeating his prefect "rival". Voiced by Clancy Brown.
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